1850 Atlas

Name What Place Pop Other
Ellejoy PO Blount Co, TN    
Ellenborough PO Grant Co, WI    
Ellenburgh PT Clinton Co, NY 1,504 water by English river
Ellengowan PO Baltimore Co, MD    
Ellenville PV Wawarsing twp, Ulster Co, NY   water by Sand Bar & Good Beerkill creeks, Delaware & Hudson canals
Elleroy PO Stephenson Co, IL    
Ellerslie PV Susquehanna Co, PA    
Ellerslie PV Harris Co, GA    
Ellery PT Chautauque Co, NY 2,104 water by Chautauque lake
Ell Grove PO Henry Co, TN    
Ellicott T Chautauque Co, NY 3,523 water by Cassadaga creek & Chautauque lake outlet
Ellicott Creek PO Erie Co, NY    
Ellicott's Mills PV Anne Arundel Co, MD 1,083 water by Patapsco river
Ellicottville PT, CH Cattaraugus Co, NY 1,725 water by Great Valley creek
Ellington PT Tolland Co, CT 1,399  
Ellington PT Chautauque Co, NY 2,001 water by Clear creek
Ellington PO Outagamie Co, WI    
Ellingwood's Corner PO Waldo Co, ME    
Elliott PT York Co, ME 1,803 water by Salmon Fall river
Elliottburgh PO Perry Co, PA    
Elliott's Cross Roads PO Morgan Co, PA    
Elliott's Cross Roads PO Clinton Co, KY    
Elliottsville PT Piscataquis Co, ME 102  
Elliottsville PO Knox Twp, Jefferson Co, OH    
Ellisburgh PT Jefferson Co, NY 5,524 water by north & south branches of Sandy creek & Lake Ontario
Ellisburgh PV La Grange Co, IN    
Ellisburgh PO Potter Co, PA    
Ellison PO Warren Co, IL    
Elliston PO Madison Co, KY    
Elliston PO Onondaga Co, NY    
Ellistown PO Pontotoe Co, MS    
Ellisville PV Louisa Co, VA    
Ellisville PV, CH Jones Co, MS   seat of justice, water by Tallahala creek
Ellisville PV Fulton Co, IL    
Ellisville PO Columbia Co, FL    
Ellisville PO Bladen Co, NC    
Ellisville PO St Louis Co, MO    
Ellittsville PV Monroe Co, IN 74  
Ellsworth PT, CH Hancock Co, ME 4,009 seat of justice, water by Union river & Orpahn lake
Ellsworth T Grafton Co, NH 320 water by tributary of Pemigewasset river
Ellsworth PV Sharon twp, Litchfield Co, CT    
Ellsworth PT Mahoning Co, OH 954  
Ellsworth PV Texas Co, TX   water by Big Piney fork of Gasconade river
Ellwood PO Muhlenburgh Co, KY    
Elm PO Ballard Co, KY    
Elm Bluff PO Dallas Co, AL    
Elm Grove PO Marion Co, IA    
Elm Grove PO De Soto Co, MS    
Elm Grove PO Lewis C, MO    
Elm Grove PO Highland Co, IL    
Elm Hill PO Davidson Co, TN    
Elm Point PO Bond Co, IL    
Elm Springs PO Washington Co, AR    
Elm Tree PO Hancock Co, IL    
Elm Wood PO Peoria Co, IL    
Elmer PO Salem Co, NJ    
Elmira PT, CH Chemung Co, NY 8,166 seat of justice, water by Newton's creek & Chemung river
Elmira PO Fulton Co, OH    
Elmira PO Stark Co, IL      
Elmore PT Lamoille Co, VT 504 water by Lamoille river
Elmore PO Peoria Co, IL    
Elmwood PO Saline Co, MO    
Elon PO Amherst Co, VA    
Elon PO Ashley Co, AR    
Elrod PO Ripley Co, IN    
Elsinborough T Salem Co, NJ 655 water by Alloways & Salem creeks
Elton PO Cattaraugus Co, NY    
Elton PO Edgefield dist, SC    
Elwood's Bridge PO Delaware Co,, NY    
Elyria PT, CH Lorain Co, OH 2,658 seat of justice, water by Black river
Elysburgh PV Northumberland Co, PA    
Elysian Fields PO Harrison Co, TX    
Elysium PO McHenry Co, IL    
Elysville PO Anne Arundel Co, MD    
Elyton PV, CH Jefferson Co, AL   seat of justice, water by Cuttoochee or Valley crrek
Emaus PV Salisbury twp, Lehigh Co, PA    
Emaus PO Bedford Co, VA    
Embarrass Point PO Edgar Co, IL    
Embden PT Somerset Co, ME 971 water by Kennebec river & Seven Mile brook
Embden Centre PO Embden twp, Somrset Co, ME    
Embreeville PO Chester Co, PA    
Emerald Grove PO Rock Co, WI    
Emerson's Tan Yard PO Chatham Co, NC    
Emery PO Fulton Co, OH    
Emery's Mills PO York Co, ME    
Emigsville PO York Co, PA    
Eminence PO Logan Co, IL    
Eminence PO Henry Co, KY    
Eminence PO Schoharie Co, NY    
Eminence PV, CH Shannon Co, MO   seat of justice
Emlenton PO Venango Co, PA    
Emma PO White Co, IL    
Emmet PO Lake Co, IL    
Emmett PT Calhoun Co, MI 1,582  
Emmett PO Dodge Co, WI    
Emettsville PV Randolph Co, IN    
Emmitt PO Wilkinson Co, GA    
Emmittsburgh PV Frederick Co, MD 812 site of Mount St Mary's College
Emory PO Washington Co, VA    
Emory PO Holmes Co, MS    
Emory Iron Works PO Roane Co, TN    
Empire PO Whiteside Co, IL    
Empire Iron Works PO Trigg Co, KY    
Emucksfair PO Tallspoosa Co, AL    
Endor PO Will Co, IL    
Energy PO Clark Co, MS    
Enfield PT Penobscot Co, ME 396 water by Penobscot river
Enfield PT Grafton Co, NH 1,742 water by Stony brook & Mascomey pond
Enfield PT Hampshire Co, MA 1,026 water by Swift river
Enfield PT Hartford Co, CT 4,460 water by Connecticut river
Enfield PT Tompkins Co, NY 2,117 water by tributaries of Cayuga inlet
Enfield PV Halifax Co, NC    
Enfield PV King William Co, VA    
Enfield Centre PO Enfield twp, Tompkins Co, NY    
Engelville PO Schoharie Co, NY    
English Neighborhood PV Hackensack twp, Bergen Co, NJ    
English Prairie PV McHenry Co, IL    
English Settlement PO Marion Co, IA    
Englishtown PV Freehold twp, Huntingdon Co, PA   water by Standingstone creek
Enoch PT Monroe Co, OH 1,439  
Enoe Mills PO Orange Co, NC    
Enon PO Bureau Co, IL    
Enon PO Macon Co, AL    
Enon PO Clark Co, OH    
Enon Grove PO Heard Co, GA    
Enon Valley PO Lawrence Co, PA    
Enoree PO Spartanburgh dist, SC    
Enosburgh PT Franklin Co, VT 2,009 water by Messique river
Enosburgh Falls PV Enosburgh twp, Franklin Co, VT    
Enterprise PO Lancaster Co, PA    
Enterprise PO Orange Co, FL    
Enterprise PO Wayne Co, IL    
Enterprise PO Shiawassce Co, MI    
Enterprise PO McDonald Co, MO    
Enterprise PO Clark Co, MS    
Enterprise PO Preble Co, OH    
Enterprise PO Johnson Co, AR