1850 Atlas

Name What Place Pop Other
Gettysburgh PB, CH Adams Co, PA 2,180 seat of justice
Gettysburgh PV Preble Co, OH    
Ghent PT Columbia CO, NY 2,293 water by Claverack creek
Ghent PV Carroll Co, KY   water by Ohio river
Goshen PV Noxubee Co, MS    
Gholsonville PV Brunswick Co, VA   water by Meherin river
Gibbon's Tavern PO Delaware Co, PA    
Gibb's Cross Roads PO Cumberland Co, NC    
Gibbsville PO Sheboygan Co, WI    
Gibsonville PO Hocking Co, OH    
Gibralter PV Brownstown twp, Wayne Co, MI   water by Detroit river, Gibralter & Clinton canals
Gibson T Clearfield Co, PA    
Gibson PT Susquehanna Co, PA 1,459 water by Taukhannock & Lackawannoc creeks
Gibson T Darke Co, OH    
Gibson PO Pike Co, OH    
Gibson PO Stueben Co, NY    
Gibson T Washington Co, IN 1,095  
Gibson T Gasconade Co, MO    
Gibson's Wells PO Gibson Co, TN    
Gibsonville PO Leicester twp, Livingston Co, NY    
Gidley's Station PO Jackson Co, MI    
Gilbertsborough PO Limestone Co, AL    
Gilbert's Mills PO Oswego Co, NY    
Gilboa PV Bromme twp, Schoharie Co, NY   water by Schoharie creek
Gilboa PO Putnam Co, OH    
Gilchrist's Bridge PO Marion dist, SC    
Gilder PO Greenville dist, SC    
Gilead PT Oxford Co, ME 1,109 water by Androscoggin river
Gilead PV Hebron twp, Tolland Co, CT    
Gilead T Marion Co, OH    
Gilead PV Weston twp, Wood Co, OH   water by Maunee river
Gilead PT Branch Co, MI 503  
Gilead PV Calhoun Co, IL 553  
Gilead PO Upshur Co, TX    
Gilead PO Miami Co, IN    
Giles PV, CH Giles Co, VA   water by New River
Gilford PT, CH Belknap Cp, NH 2,425 water by Winnipiseogee & Miles rivers, Winnipiseogee lake
Gilford Village PV Gilford twp, Belknap Co, NH   water by Winnipiseogee lake outlet
Gill PT Franklin Co, MA   water by Connecticut & Fall rivers
Gilleland Creek PV Traves Co, TX    
Gillespieville PO Ross Co, OH    
Gill Hall PO Allegany Co, PA    
Gillion's PO Baker Co, GA    
Gillisonville PO Beaufort dist, SC    
Gill's Mills PO Bath Co, KY    
Gill's Store PO Lincoln Co, TN    
Gillsville PO Hall Co, GA    
Gilman PT Hamilton Co, NY    
Gilmanton PT Belknap Co, NH 3,282 water by Suncook & Winnipiseogee rivers
Gilmanton Iron Works PV Gilmanton twp, Belknap Co, NH    
Gilmer PO Lake Co, IL    
Gilmer PO Upshur Co, TX    
Gilmer's Store PO Guilford Co, NC    
Gilopolis PO Robeson Co, NC    
Gilroy PO Santa Clara Co, CA    
Gilsum PT Cheshire Co, NH 668 water by Ashuelot river
Ginger Hill PO Washington Co, PA    
Ginseng PO Wyoming Co, VA    
Gin Town PO Irwin Co, GA    
Girard PT Branch Co, MI 934  
Girard PV Trumbull Co, OH    
Girard T Clearfield Co, PA    
Girard PT Erie Co, PA 2,843  
Girard PV Russell Co, AL   water by Chattahoochee river
Girard PO Burke Co, GA    
Gladden's Grove PO Fairfield dist, SC    
Glade Hill PO Franklin Co, VA    
Glade Mills PO Butler Co, PA    
Glade Mines PO Hall Co, GA    
Glade Run PO Armstrong Co, PA    
Glade Spring PO Harrison Co, TX    
Glade Spring PO Washington Co, VA    
Glade's Cross Roads PO Putnam Co, GA    
Gladeville PO Preston Co, VA    
Glady Creek PO Randolph Co, VA    
Glasco PV Saugerties twp, Ulster Co, NY   water by Hudson river
Glasgow PV New Castle Co, DE   water by Christiana creek
Glasgow PO Columbiana Co, OH    
Glasgow PV, CH Barren Co, KY 699 water by Beaver branch of Green river
Glasgow PV Howard Co, MO   water by Missouri river
Glasgow PO Scott Co, IL    
Glasgow PO Jefferson Co, IA    
Glassborough PV Franklin twp, Gloucester Co, NJ    
Glass Creek PO Barry Co, MI    
Glass Lake PT Jackson Co, MI 1,281  
Glass Village PO Conway Co, AR    
Glastenbury PT Hartford Co, CT 3,390 water by Connecticut river & Roaring brook
Galstenbury T Bennington Co, VT 52  
Glaze T Miller Co, MO    
Glen PO Montgomery Co, NY    
Glenalta PO Marion Co, GA    
Glen Brook PO Hart Co, KY    
Glenburn PT Penobscot Co, ME 905 water by Kenduskeag stream
Glencoe PO Gallatin Co, KY    
Glencoe PO Bolivar Co, MS    
Glen Cove PV Oyster Bay twp, Queen's Co, NY   water by Glen Cove
Glendale PO Berkshire Co, MA    
Glenfinlas PO Jefferson Co, MO    
Glenham PV Fishkill twp, Dutchess Co, NY   water by Fishkill creek & Hudson river
Glen Hope PO Clearfield Co, PA    
Glenmore PO Oneida Co, NY    
Glenmore PO Buckingham Co, VA    
Glenn PO McKean Co, PA    
Glenn Grove PO Fayette Co, GA    
Glenn's PO Clarke Co, IA    
Glenn's PO Gloucester Co, VA    
Glenn's Falls PV Queensbury twp, Warren Co, NY   water by Hudson river
Glenn Springs PO Spartanburgh dist, SC    
Glennville PO Barbour Co, AL    
Glen Rock PO York Co, PA    
Glenville PT Schenectady Co, NY 3,409 water by Mohawk river & Aelplass creek
Glenville PO Gilmer Co, VA    
Glenville PO Fairfield Co, CT    
Glen Wild PO Thompson twp, Sullivan Co, NY    
Glen Wood PO Erie Co, NY    
Globe PO Coldwell Co, NC    
Globe PO Johnson Co, MO    
Globe Village PO Worcester Co, MA    
Gloucester PT Essex Co, Cape Ann, MA 7,786 water by Atlantic Ocean
Gloucester PV, CH Gloucester Co, VA    
Gloucester T Gloucester Co, NJ 2,188 water by Big Timber & Cooper's creeks
Gloucester T Providence Co, RI 2,872 water by Chepatchet river
Gloucester PO, City Camden Co, NJ    
Gloucester Furnace PV Mullica twp, Atlantic Co, NJ    
Glover PT Orleans Co, VT 1,137  
Gloversville PV Johnstown twp, Fulton Co, NY    
Glymont PO Charles Co, MD    
Glymphville PO Newberry dist, SC