1850 Atlas

Name What Place Pop Other
Grape Grove T Ray Co, MO    
Grape Grove PO Greene Co, OH    
Grape Island PO Tyler Co, VA    
Grass Hills PO Carroll Co, KY    
Grass Lake PT Jackson Co, MI 1,281 water by Grass lake outlet
Grass Land PO Harrison Co, VA    
Grass Lick PO Jackson Co, VA    
Grassy Cove PO Bledsoe Co, TN    
Grassy Creek PO Russell Co, VA    
Grassy Creek PO Pendleton Co, KY    
Grassy Creek PO Yancey Co, NC    
Grassy Creek PO Livingston Co, MO    
Grassy Point V Rockland Co, NY   water by Hudson river
Grassy Pond PO Spartanburgh dist, SC    
Grassy Valley PO Harrison Co, IN    
Gratiot PV Hopewell twp, Muskingum Co, OH    
Gratiot T Muskingum Co, OH    
Gratiot PO Lafayette Co, WI    
Gratis PT Preble Co, OH 2,107  
Gratitude PO Sussex Co, NJ    
Grattan PO Kent Co, MI    
Gratz PV Lykens twp, Dauphin Co, PA    
Gratz PO Owen Co, KY    
Grave Creek PO Marshall Co, VA    
Gravel Hill PO Buckingham Co, VA    
Gravel Hill PO McNairy Co, TN    
Gravel Ridge PO Bradley Co, AR    
Gravel Run PO Washtenaw Co, MI    
Gravel Spring PO Frederick Co, VA    
Gravelly Spring PO Lauderdale Co, AL    
Graves PO Hempstead Co, AR    
Graves PO Caswell Co, NC    
Gravesend PT King's Co, Long Island, NY 1,064 water by Atlantic ocean
Grave's Mill PO Madison Co, VA    
Gravesville PO Herkimer Co, NY    
Gray T Gasconade Co, MO    
Gray Rock PO Titus Co, TX    
Gray's PY Cumberland Co, ME 1,788  
Gray's Creek PO Cumberland Co, NC    
Gray's Creek PO Monroe Co, IA    
Gray's Cross Roads PO Randolph Co, NC    
Gray's Valley PO Tioga Co, PA    
Graysburgh PO Greene Co, TN    
Grayson PV, CH Carter Co, KY   water by Little Sandy river
Grayson PV, CH Grayson Co, VA   water by New river
Grayson PO Crittenden Co, AR    
Grayson T Owen Co, IN    
Grayson Springs PO Grayson Co, KY    
Grayson's Sulphur Springs PO Carroll Co, VA    
Graysport PO Yallabusha Co, MS    
Graysport V Muskingum Co, OH    
Graysville PV Morris twp, Huntingdon Co, PA    
Graysville PO Herkimer Co, NY    
Graysville V Todd Co, KY    
Graysville PO Monroe Co, OH    
Graysville PV White Co IL    
Greasy Creek PO Floyd Co, VA    
Greasy Creek PO Polk Co, TN    
Great Barrington PT Berkshire Co, MA 3,264 water by Housatonic river
Great Bend PV Champion twp, Jefferson Co, NY   water by Black river
Great Bend PT Susquehanna Co, PA 1,150 water by Salt Lick creek & Susquehanna river
Great Bend PO Meigs Co, OH    
Great Bridge PV Norfolk Co, VA   water by Southern river
Great Crossing PV Scott Co, KY   water by Elkhorn creek, seat of Indian academy
Great Egg Harbor T Atlantic Co, NJ 2,688  
Great Falls PV Somerworth twp, Strafford Co, NH   water by Salmon Falls river
Great Mills PO St Mary's Co, MD    
Great Valley PT Cattaraugus Co, NY   water by Tunianguant & Great Valley creeks
Great Works PV Penobscot Co, ME   water by Great Works stream & Penobscot river
Greece PT Monroe Co, NY 4,219  
Green PO Wapello Co, IA    
Green Bank PO Burlington Co, NJ    
Green Bank PO Pocahontas Co, VA   water by Deer creek
Green Bay PV Brown Co, WI   water by Fox river & Green bay
Green Bottom PO Cabell Co, VA    
Green Bottom PO Shelby Co, TN    
Green Bud PO Sessex Co, VA    
Green Camp T Marion Co, OH 407  
Green Castle PV, CH Putnam Co, IN    
Green Castle PB Franklin Co, PA 1,125  
Green Castle PO Fairfield Co, OH    
Green Creek PO Sandusky Co, OH    
Green Creek PO Cape May Co, NJ    
Green Grove T Ray Co, MO    
Green Grove PO Conway Co, AR    
Green Hill PO Campbell Co, VA    
Green Hill PO Columbiana Co, OH    
Green Hill PO Wilson Co, TN    
Green Hill PO Stewart Co, GA    
Green Hill PO Lauderdale Co, AL    
Green Hill PO Rutherford Co, NC    
Green Lake PO Marquette Co, WI    
Green Lead PO Southampton Co, VA    
Green Level PO Wake Co, NC    
Green Meadow PO Washington Co, TN    
Green Mount PO Adams Co, PA    
Green Oak PO Livingston Co, MI    
Green Plains PO Northampton Co, NC   water by Mississippi river ( it has this but it can't be right)
Green Plains PO St Francis Co, AR   (I think the above should go here)
Green Point PV King's Co, NY    
Green Pond PO Union Co, NC    
Green River PO Windham Co, VT    
Green River PO Hillsdale twp, Columbia Co, NY    
Green River PO Henry Co, IL    
Green River PO Rutherford Co, NC    
Green River PO Hart Co, KY    
Green Spring PO Brown Co, WI    
Green Spring PO Seneca Co, OH    
Green Spring PO Orange Co, NC    
Green Spring PO Nevada Co, CA    
Green Spring Run PO Hampshire Co, VA    
Green Top PO Schuyler Co, MO    
Green Tree PO Alleghany Co, IN    
Green Valley PO Bath Co, VA    
Green Valley PO Lafayette Co, MS    
Green Village PV Franklin Co, PA    
Green Village V Franklin Co, ME    
Greenborough PO Oswego Co, NY    
Greenbrier PO Northumberland Co, PA    
Greenbrier T Independence Co, AR    
Greenbrier Run PO Doddridge Co, VA    
Greenbush PV Warren Co, IL    
Greenbush PT Penobscot Co, ME 457  
Greenbush PT Rennselaer Co, NY 4,945 water by Hudson river
Greenbush PO Polk Co, IA    
Greenbush PO Grant Co, IN    
Greenbush PO Clinton Co, MI    
Greenbush PO Scott Co, MS    
Greenbush PO Sheboygan Co, WI