1850 Atlas

Name What Place Pop Other
Greene T Kennebec Co, ME 1,348 water by Androscoggin river
Greene T Sussex Co, NJ 823  
Greene PO Lancaster Co, PA    
Greene PT Franklin Co, PA 3,154  
Greene T Greene Co, PA 667 water by Whitely creek
Greene T Pike Co, PA 357  
Greene T Indiana Co, PA   water by Two Lick, Yellow & Cushion creeks
Greene T Beaver Co, PA 1,923 water by Ohio river & Mill creek
Greene T Franklin Co, PA 3,154 water by east branch of  Conecocheague creek
Greene PT Hamilton Co, OH 3,948  
Greene T Harrison Co, OH 1,527  
Greene T Adams Co, OH 1,520  
Greene T Brown Co, OH 632  
Greene PT Clark Co, OH 1,230 water by east fork & Todd's fork of Miami river
Greene T Clinton Co, OH 2,026  
Greene T Columbiana Co, OH    
Greene T Gallia Co, OH 1,276  
Greene T Hocking Co, OH 1,290 water by Hocking river
Greene T Fayette Co, OH 951 water by Rattlesnake fork of Paint river
Greene PT Monroe Co, OH    
Greene T Shelby Co, OH 1,078  
Greene PT Scioto Co, OH 2,345  
Greene PT Ross Co, OH 1,658  
Greene T Richland Co, OH    
Greene PT Wayne Co, OH 2,060  
Greene PT Summit Co, OH 1,928  
Greene T Trumbull Co, OH 958  
Greene T Randolph Co, IN    
Greene PO Cape Girardeau Co, MO   water by Crooked creek
Greene T Iowa Co, WI    
Greene T Hancock Co, IN    
Greene T Polk Co, MO    
Greene T Livingston Co, MO    
Greene PO Polk Co, TX    
Greene Corner PO Kennebec Co, ME    
Greene Depot PO Kennebec Co, ME    
Greene Grove PO Conway Co, AR    
Greene Garden PO Will Co, IL    
Greene's Store PO Lawrence Co, OH    
Greenfield PT Hancock Co, ME 694  
Greenfield PT Hillsborough Co, NH 716 water by Contoocook river
Greenfield PT, CH Franklin CO, MA 2,580 seat of justice, water by Connecticut river
Greenfield PT Saratoga Co, NY 2,890 water by Kayaderosseros creek
Greenfield PT Erie Co, PA 731 water by north branch of French creek
Greenfield B Washington Co, PA 380  
Greenfield T Luzerne Co, PA 869 water by Susquehanna river
Greenfield PV Madison twp, Highland Co, OH   water by Paint creek
Greenfield T Bedford Co, PA   water by Bob's & Dunning's creeks, and Frankstown branch of Juniata river
Greenfield T Fairfield Co, OH 2,113  
Greenfield T Gallia Co, OH 952  
Greenfield T Huron Co, OH 1,332  
Greenfield PV Nelson Co, VA    
Greenfield PV, CH Hancock Co, IN   water by Brandywine creek
Greenfield T La Grange Co, IN    
Greenfield T Orange Co, IN 725  
Greenfield PV Greene Co, IL 237  
Greenfield PV Sullivan Co, TN    
Greenfield V Shelby Co, MO   near Fabius river
Greenfield PV Dade Co, MO   seat of justice
Greenfield T Wayne Co, MI 1,674  
Greenfield PV Milwaukee Co, WI    
Greenfield T Poinsett Co, AR 967  
Greenfield PT Saratoga Co, NY 2,890  
Greenfield Hill PO Fairfield Co, CT    
Greenfield Mills PO Frederick Co, MD    
Greenford PO Green twp, Mahoning Co, OH    
Greenland PT Rockingham Co, NH    
Greenland Depo PO Rockingham Co, NH    
Greenleaf PO DeSoto Co, WI    
Greenport T Columbia Co, NY 1,300 water by Hudson river
Greenport PV Southold twp, Suffolk Co, Long Island, NY   water by Peconic bay
Greenport PO Cedar Co, MO    
Green's Bluff PO Jefferson Co, TX    
Greensborough PT Orleans Co, VT 1,008 water by head waters of Lamoille & Caspian lake outlet
Greensborough PV Greene Co, PA 667  
Greensborough PV Caroline Co, MD    
Greensborough PV, CH Greene Co, KY   seat of justice
Greensborough PV Guilford Co, NC   water by north & south brnaches of Buckhorn creek
Greensborough PV, CH Greene Co, GA   seat of justice
Greensborough PV Greene Co, AL    
Greensborough PV, CH Choctaw Co, MS   seat of justice, water by head branch of Big Black river
Greensborough PT Henry Co, IN 1,190  
Greensborough PV Henry Co, IN    
Greensborough PV, CH Decatur Co, IN 1,202 seat of justice
Greensborough PV, CH St Helena parish, LA   seat of justice, water by Tickfaw river
Greensborough PO Greene Co, AR    
Greensborough Cross Roads PO Sandusky Co, OH    
Greensburgh PV Trumbull Co, OH 958  
Greensburgh PV, CH Westmoreland Co, PA   seat of justice
Greensburgh PV Green twp, Trumbull Co, IN   seat of justice
Green's Fork PO Washington twp Wayne Co, IN    
Green's Fork V Randolph Co, IN    
Green's Store PO Scott Co, KY    
Greensport PO St Clair Co, AL    
Greenton PV Lafayette Co, MO    
Greentown PV Lake twp, Stark Co, OH    
Greentown PO Howard Co, IN    
Greenup PO Cumberland Co, IL    
Greenup PV, CH Greenup Co, KY   seat of justice, water by Ohio & Little Sandy rivers, aka Greenupsburgh
Greenvale PO Jo-Daviess Co, IL    
Greenville PO Brown Co, WI    
Greenville PT Piscataquis Co, ME 326 water by Moosehead lake
Greenville PV Providence Co, RI    
Greenville PT Greene Co, NY 2,242 water by Provost & Catskill creeks
Greenville V, CH Clark Co, AR 297 seat of justice
Greenville V Green Twp, Sussex Co, NJ 823  
Greenville PT Erie Co, PA 1,542  
Greenville T Somerset Co, PA 723  
Greenville PV Augusta Co, VA   water by South river
Greenville PV, CH Pitt Co, NC 1,893 seat of justice, water byTar river
Greenville PV, CH Merriwether Co, GA   seat of justice
Greenville PV, CH Butler Co, AL   seat of justice, water by Sepulgah river
Greenville PV, CH Greene Co, TN 580 seat of justice, seat of Greenville college
Greenville PV Floyd Co, IN 1,815  
Greenville PV, CH Muhlenburgh Co, KY   seat of justice, water by branch of Green river
Greenville PV, CH Darke Co, OH 1,045 seat of justice, water by Greenville & Mud creeks
Greenville PV, CH Bond Co, IL   water by east fork of Shoal creek
Greenville PV, CH Wayne Co, MO   water by St Francis river
Greenville PV, CH Greenville dist, SC 1,305  
Greenville T Saline Co, MO    
Greenville PO Hunt Co, TX    
Greenville PV New London Co, CT    
Greenville PO Mount Calm Co, MI    
Greenville PV, CH Washington Co, MS   seat of justice
Greenwich PT Hampshire Co, MS 838 water by Swift river
Greenwich PT Fairfield Co, CT 5,036 water by Byram & Miannus rivers & Long Island sound
Greenwich PT Washington Co, NY 3,803 water by Hudson & Battenkill creeks
Greenwich T Warren Co, NJ 3,725  
Greenwich T Gloucester Co, NJ 3,067 water by Crab, Mantus, Clonmel, Raccoon, & Repaupo creeks
Greenwich PT Cumberland Co, NJ 1,158 water by Mill, Newport, Stow, Cohansey & Pine Mount creeks
Greenwich T Berks Co, PA 1,842 water by Sacony creek
Greenwich PT Huron Co, OH 1,050  
Greenwich Station PO Huron Co, OH    
Greenwich Village PV Greenwich twp, Hampshire Co, MA 838  
Greenwood PT Oxford Co, ME 1,118  
Greenwood PT Steuben Co, NY 1,185 water by Bennett's creek
Greenwood PT Columbia Co, PA 1,260 water by tributaries if Fishing creek
Greenwood T Crawford Co, PA 1,127  
Greenwood T Perry Co, PA 995  
Greenwood T Juniata Co, PA   water by Susquehanna river
Greenwood PV Abbeville dist, SC    
Greenwood PV Johnson Co, IN    
Greenwood PV Caddo parish, LA    
Greenwood PO Marquette Co, WI    
Greenwood PO De Kalb Co, AL    
Greenwood PO Doddridge Co, VA    
Greenwood PO Carroll Co, MS    
Greenwood PO McHenry Co, IL    
Greenwood PO Sumner Co, TN    
Greenwood PO Jackson Co, FL    
Greenwood Furnace PO Huntingdon Co, PA