1850 Atlas

Name What Place Pop Other
Gregg T Centre Co, PA 1,473 water by Sinking creek
Gregory's Mill PO Granville Co, NC    
Greig PT Lewis Co, NY 1,074 water by Otter & Fish creeks & Moose river
Greigsville PO York twp, Livingston Co, NY    
Greigsville PO Preston Co, VA    
Grenada PV Yallabusha Co, MS   water by Yallabusha river
Grey Rock PO Harford Co, MD    
Greysville PO Sullivan Co, IN    
Griffin PV Pike Co, GA 2,320  
Griffin's PO Johnson Co, AR    
Griffin's Corners PO Delaware Co, NY    
Griffin's Mills PO Aurora twp, Erie Co, PA   water by Caznove creek
Griffin's Mills PO Lowndes Co, GA    
Griffinsburgh PV Culpepper Co, VA    
Griffith's PO Nicholas Co, KY    
Griffithsville PO Cabell Co, VA    
Griggs T Van Buren Co, AR    
Griggstown PV Franklin twp, Somerset Co, NJ   water by Millstone river, Delaware & Raritian Canal
Griggsville PV Pike Co, IL   water by Illinois river
Grimesville PO Grimes Co, TX    
Grimesville PO Berks Co, PA    
Grindstone Point PO De Kalb Co, MO    
Griswold PT New London Co, CT 2,065 water by Quinebaug river
Griswold PO Hamilton Co, IL    
Griswold Mills PO Fort Ann twp, Washington Co, NY    
Griswoldsville PO Jones Co, GA    
Griswoldsville PO Franklin Co, MA    
Groff's Store PO Lancaster Co, PA    
Grogansville PO Rockingham Co, NC    
Groom's Corner PO Sartoga Co, NY    
Grooverville PO Thomas Co, GA    
Grosse Isle PO Wayne Co, MI    
Gross Tete PO Iberville parish, LA    
Groton PT Grafton Co, NH 776 water by Baker's river
Groton PT Caledonia Co, VT 895 water by Well's river
Groton PT Middlesex Co, MA 2,515 water by Nashua & Squannecook rivers
Groton PT New London Co, CT 3,654 water by Thames, Mystic & Pequonnuck rivers
Groton PT Tompkins Co, NY 3,343 water by Fall creek & Owasco lake inlet
Groton PT Erie Co, OH 884 water by Pipe creek
Groton Centre PO Groton twp, Erie Co, OH    
Groton City PO Tompkins Co, NY    
Grouse PO Kane Co, IL    
Grout's Corners PO Franklin Co, MA    
Grove PT Alleghany Co, NY   water by Cashaque & Canaseraga creeks
Grove T Clinton Co, PA 258  
Grove PO Chatham Co, NC    
Grove PO Elbert Co, GA    
Grove Creek PO Jones Co, IA    
Grove Farm PO Henderson Co, IL    
Grove Hill PO Warren Co, NC    
Grove Hill PO Clark Co, AL    
Grove Hill PO Page Co, VA    
Grove Hill PO Jackson parish, LA    
Grove Level PO Franklin Co, GA    
Grove Mount PO Dyer Co, TN    
Grove Port PO Franklin Co, OH    
Groveland PT Livingston Co, NY 1,724 water by Canaseraga creek & Conesus lake
Groveland PT Oakland Co, MI 988  
Groveland PV Tazwell Co, IL    
Groveland PO Essex Co, MA    
Groveland PO Fulton Co, OH    
Groveland PO Winnebago Co, WI    
Groveland Centre PO Groveland twp, Livingston Co, NY    
Grovenor's Corner PO Schoharie Co, NY    
Groves PO Rush Co, IN    
Groveton PO Prince William CO, VA    
Groveville PO Mercer Co, NJ    
Grubb Springs PO Monroe Co, MS    
Grubb's Mills PO Putnam Co, IN    
Grundy PO Pulaski Co, KY    
Great Station PO Russell Co, VA    
Guilderland PT Albany Co, NY 3,279 water by Norman's kill
Guilderland Centre PO Guilderland twp, Albany Co, NY    
Guildhall PT, CH Essex Co, VT 501 seat of justice, water by Connecticut river
Guilford PT Piscataquis Co, ME 834 water by Piscataquis river
Guilford PT New Haven Co, CT 2,653 water by Long Island sound
Guilford PT Chenango Co, NY 2,600 water by Unadilla river
Guilford T Franklin Co, PA 3,471 water by east branch of Conechocheague creek
Guilford PT Medina Co, OH 1,800  
Guilford T Hendricks Co, IN 1,103  
Guilford V Hanover twp, Columbiana Co, OH    
Guilford PO Accomac Co, VA    
Guilford PT Windham Co, VT 1,389 water by Green river & Broad brook
Guilford PO Dearborn Co, IN    
Guilford Centre PV Guilford twp, Windham Co, VT    
Guilford Centre PO Guilford twp, Chenango Co, NY    
Guiney's PO Caroline Co, VA    
Guionville PO Dearborn Co, IN    
Gulf Mills PO Montgomery Co, PA    
Gulf Prairie PO Brazoria Co, TX    
Gulley's Store PO Johnson Co, NC    
Gullitsville V Monroe Co, GA    
Gum Branch PO Darlington dist, SC    
Gum Creek PO Dooly Co, GA    
Gum Grove PO Union Co, KY    
Gum Lake PO Barry Co, MI    
Gum Log T Pope Co, AR    
Gum Pond PO Baker Co, GA    
Gum Spring PO Louis Co, VA    
Gum Spring PO Smith Co, TX    
Gum Swamp PO Columbus Co, NC    
Gum Swamp PO Marion dist, SC    
Gum Swamp PO Pulaski Co, GA    
Gum Tree PO Chester Co, PA    
Gumborough PO Sussex Co, DE    
Gunter's Landing PO Marshall Co, AL    
Gustavus PV Trumbull Co, OH   water by branch of Beaver river
Gustavus PO Greene Co, TN    
Gustine PO Adams Co, OH    
Gurthriesville PO Chester Co, PA    
Gurthriesville PO York dist, SC    
Guttenburgh PO Clayton Co, IA    
Guyandotte PV Cabell Co, VA   water by Ohio & Guyandotte rivers
Guy's Mills PO Crawford Co, PA    
Guysville PO Athens Co, OH    
Gwinned PT Montgomery Co, PA 1,571 water by Wissahickon & Towamensing creeks
Gypsum PO Ontario Co, NY