1850 Atlas

Name What Place Pop Other
Hanauer's Store PO Randolph Co, AR    
Hanchetteville PO Dane Co, AR    
Hancock PT Hancock Co, ME 960 water by Frenchman's bay
Hancock PT Hillsborough Co, NH 1,012 water by Contoocook river & Long pond
Hancock PT Addison Co, VT 430  
Hancock PT Berkshire Co, MA 789 water by sources of Kinderhook creek & Housatonic river
Hancock PT Delaware Co, NY 1,798 water by Delaware river & Papacton branch
Hancock PT Washington Co, MD   water by Potomac river
Hancock PO De Soto Co, MS    
Hancock's Bridge PV Lower Allaway's twp, Salem Co, NJ    
Handy PT Livingston Co, MI 484  
Honeyville PO Lycoming Co, PA    
Hanford's Landing PO Greece twp, Monroe Co, NY    
Hanging Rock PV Hampshire Co, VA    
Hanging Rock PO Kershaw dist, SC    
Hanging Rock PO Upper twp, Lawrence Co, OH    
Hannahatchie PO Stewart Co, GA    
Hanna's PO Sumner Co, TN    
Hanna's Mills PO Mahoning Co, OH    
Hannahsburgh V Butler Co, PA    
Hannegan PO Cherokee Co, AL    
Hannegan PO Atchison Co, MO    
Hannegan PO Rush Co, IN    
Hannibal PT Oswego Co, NY 2,857  
Hannibal PV Marion Co, MO   water by Mississippi river
Hannibal Centre PO Oswego Co, NY    
Hanover PT Grafton Co, NH 2,350 water by Connecticut river, seat of Dartmouth College
Hanover PT Plymouth Co, MA 1,592 water by Pembroke creek
Hanover PT Chautauque Co, NY 5,144 water by Silver creek
Hanover PT Morris Co, NJ 3,608 water by Whippany, Parsipany & Rockaway rivers
Hanover PT Jefferson Co, IN    
Hanover T Burlington Co, NJ   water by Black's & Croswick's creeks
Hanover PB Heidelberg twp, York Co, PA 1,210 water by branch of Conewago creek
Hanover T Dauphin Co, PA   water by Beaver & Manady creek & Bow run
Hanover T Lehigh Co, PA   water by Calesoque creek & Lehigh river
Hanover T Northampton Co, PA 428 water by Manokesy creek
Hanover T Beaver Co, PA 1,732 water by Big & Little Traviss creeks
Hanover T Washington Co, PA 1,803 water by Herman's & Indian creeks
Hanover T Luzerne Co, PA 1,506 water by Susquehanna river & Nanticoke & Solomon's creeks
Hanover PT Licking Co, OH   water by Licking river & Ohio canal
Hanover T Butler Co, OH 1,493  
Hanover PT Columbiana Co, OH 2,858  
Hanover T Richland Co, OH   water by branches of Mohiccan river
Hanover V North twp, Harrison Co, OH    
Hanover T Shelby Co, IN 1,061  
Hanover PT Jackson Co, MI 930  
Hanover PO Jo-Daviess Co, IL    
Hanover PV, CH Hanover Co, VA   seat of justice
Hanover PO Oxford Co, ME    
Hanover PO Coosa Co, AL    
Hanover Centre PO Hanover twp, Grafton Co, NH    
Hanover Neck PO Hanover twp, Morris Co, NJ    
Hanoverton PV Hanover twp, Columbiana Co, OH    
Hanson PT Plymouth Co, MA 1,217 water by branch of North river
Hanson PO Marion Co, MO    
Hansonville PO Russell Co, VA    
Hap Hazard PO Catahoula parish, LA    
Happy Valley PO Fairfax Co, VA    
Happy Valley PO Carter Co, TN    
Haralson PO Coweta Co, GA    
Harbor Creek PT Erie Co, PA 2,084 water by Lake Erie
Hard Money PO Stewart Co, GA    
Hardin PV, CH Turtle creek twp, Shelby Co, OH   seat of justice
Hardin PV, CH Calhoun Co, IL 596 seat of justice
Hardin T Conway Co, AR    
Hardin PO Allemakee Co, IA    
Hardin's Tavern PO Albermarle Co, VA    
Hardingville PO Gloucester Co, NJ    
Hardinsburgh V Dearborn Co, IN   water by Great Miami river
Hardinsburgh PV, CH Breckenridge Co, KY   seat of justice
Hardinsburgh PV Washington Co, IN    
Hardinsburgh PO Montgomery Co, IL    
Hardinsville PV Shelby Co, KY    
Hardwick PT Worcester Co, MA 1,631 water by Ware river
Hardwick PT Caledonia Co, VT 1,402 water by Lamoille river
Hardwick T Warren Co, NJ 727 water by Paulin's kill, Beaver brook & Bear branch of Pequest creek
Hardwick V Bryan Co, GA   water by Ogeechee criver
Hardwicksville PO Nelson Co, VA    
Hardy T Holmes Co, OH 2,424  
Hardyston T Sussex Co, NJ 1,344 water by Wallkill river
Harford PT Susquehanna Co, PA 1,258 water by Martin's Partners & Van Winkle's creeks
Harford PO Virgil twp, Cortland Co, NY    
Hargrave PO Copiah Co, MS    
Hargrove's Tavern PO Nansemond Co, VA    
Harois PT Centre Co, PA 1,954  
Harlan PO, CH Harlan Co, KY   seat of justice, Mount Pleasant village, water by Clover fork of Cumberland river
Harlan PO Allen Co, IN    
Harlessville PV Marion dist, SC   water by Little Pedee river
Harlem PO Winnebago Co, IL    
Harlem T Delaware Co, OH 1,182  
Harlem PV, City Co of New York   water by Harlem river
Harlem Spring PO Carroll Co, OH    
Harlemville PO Claverack twp, Columbia Co, NY    
Harlensburgh PV Lawrence Co, PA    
Harleysville PO Montgomery Co, PA    
Harlingen PV Montgomery twp, Somerset Co, NJ    
Harmar PV Washington Co, OH 1,010 water by Muskingum river
Harmerville PO Alleghany Co, PA    
Harmonsburgh PV Sadsbury twp, Crawford Co, PA   water by Conneaut creek & Conneaut lake
Harmony PT Somerset Co, ME 1,107 water by sources of Sebasticook river
Harmony V Conequenessing twp, Butler Co, PA 441 water by Conequenessing river, founded & sold by the society of harmonites
Harmony PT Chautauque Co, NY 3,749 water by Goose & Little Broken Straw creeks
Harmony PT Warren Co, NJ 1,960  
Harmony T Susquehanna Co, PA 1,578 water by Susquehanna river
Harmony PV Halifax Co, VA    
Harmony PV York dist, SC    
Harmony PT Clark Co, OH 1,804  
Harmony T Delaware Co, OH 1,162 water by branches of Alum & Big Walnut creeks
Harmony PO Clay Co, IN    
Harmony T Van Buren Co, MO    
Harmony PV Washington Co, MO   water by Hazel creek
Harmony T Washington Co, MO 700  
Harmony PO Kent Co, MD    
Harmony PT Perry Co, IN    
Harmony PO McHenry Co, IL    
Harmony PO Elbert Co, GA    
Harmony Grove PO Jackson Co, GA    
Harmony Vale PV Hardiston twp, Sussex Co, NJ    
Harnageville PV Cherokee Co, GA    
Harnedsville PO Somerset Co, PA    
Harold PO Montgomery Co, PA    
Harper's Ferry PO Abbeville dist, SC    
Harper's Ferry PV Jefferson Co, VA 1,747 water by Shenandoah & Potomac rivers
Harper's Mills PO Pendleton Co, VA    
Harper's Valley po Raleigh Co, VA    
Harpersfield PT Delaware Co, NY 1,604 water by Charlotte & Delaware rivers
Harpersfield PT Ashtabula Co, OH 680 water by Grand river
Harpersville PV Colesville twp, Broome Co, NY   water by Susquehanna river
Harpersville PV Shelby Co, AL    
Harpeth PO Williamson Co, TN    
Harpswell T Cumberland Co, ME 1,545 water by Casco bay & consists of a promontory & islands