1850 Atlas


Name What Place Pop Other
Harshmansville PO Montgomery Co, OH    
Hart T Warwick Co, IN 1,434  
Hart Lot PO Onondaga Co, NY    
Hartfield PV Chautauque twp, Chautauque Co, NY    
Hartford City Hartford Co, CT 17,966 State Capital
Hartford PT Oxford Co, ME 1,293  
Hartford PT Windsor Co, VT 2,159 water by White, Waterqueechy & Connecticut rivers
Hartford T Susquehanna Co, PA 1,258  
Hartford PT Washington Co, NY 2,051 water by tributaries of Wood creek
Hartford PV, CH Ohio Co, KY   water by Rough creek
Hartford PT Trumbull Co, OH 1,258  
Hartford PT Licking Co, OH 1,426  
Hartford V Pulaski Co, GA   water Ocumulgee river
Hartford PV Ohio Co, IN    
Hartford T Van Buren Co, MI 296  
Hartford T Pike Co, MO    
Hartford PO Putnam Co, MO    
Hartford PV Knox Co, IL    
Hartford PO Forsyth Co, GA    
Hartford PO Washington Co, WI    
Harthegig PO Mercer Co, PA    
Hartland PT Somerset Co, ME 960  
Hartland PT Windsor Co, VT 2,063 water by Connecticut & Waterqueechy rivers & Lull's brook
Hartland PT Hartford Co, CT 848 water by east branch of Farmington river
Hartland PT Niagara Co, NY 3,028 water by Johnson's & Eighteen Mile creeks
Hartland PT Huron Co, OH 1,024  
Hartland PT Livingston Co, MI 996  
Hartland PV McHenry Co, IL    
Hartland PO Waukesha Co, WI    
Hartleton PV Hartley twp, Union CO, PA    
Hartley PT Union Co, PA 2,142  
Hartleyville PO Athens Co, OH    
Hart's Grove PT Ashtabula Co, OH 650  
Hart's Location PO Coos Co, NH   situated on southern part of White Mts
Hart's Mills PO Ripley Co, IN    
Hart's Village PV Washington twp, Dutchess Co, NY    
Hartshorn PO Orange Co, NC    
Hartstown PO Crawford Co, PA    
Hartsville PV Tyringham twp, Berkshire Co, MA    
Hartsville PV Manlius twp, Onondaga Co, NY    
Hartsville PV Bucks Co, PA    
Hartsville PV Sumner Co, TN   water by Cumberland river
Hartsville PV Bartholomew Co, IN    
Hartsville PO Darlington dist, SC    
Hartsville PV, CH Wright Co, WI   seat of justice, water by Wood's fork of Gasconade river
Hartsville PO Stark Co, OH    
Hartwellville PO Shiawassee Co, MI    
Hartwick PT Otsego Co, NY 2,352 water by Otsego creek & Susquehanna river
Hartwick Seminary PV Hartwick twp, Otsego Co, NY   seat of Hartwick Literary & Theological seminary
Hartwood PO Stafford Co, VA    
Hartwood PO Autauga Co, AL    
Harvard PT Worcester Co, MA 1,630 water by Stony & Nashua rivers
Harvard PO Delaware Co, NY    
Harvey's PO Greene Co, PA    
Harvey's Five Points PO Westmoreland Co, PA    
Harvey's Point PO Polk Co, IA    
Harvey's Store PO Charlotte Co, VA    
Harveysburgh PV Wayne twp, Warren Co, OH 330  
Harveysville PV Luzerne Co, PA    
Harwick PT Barnstable Co, MA   water by Herring river, Long pond & Atlantic ocean
Harwickport PO Harwick twp, Barnstable Co, MA    
Harwinton PT Litchfield twp, no co given, CT   Naugatuck & Lead Mines rivers
Hasbrouck PO Sullivan Co, NY    
Haskellville PO Lawrence Co, OH    
Haskenville PO Steubin Co, NY    
Haskinsville PV Green Co, KY    
Hastings PT Barry Co, MI   seat of justice, water by Thorn Apple river
Hastings PT Oswego Co, NY 2,920 water by Salmon creek & Oneida lake outlet
Hastings PO Richland Co, state not given    
Hastings upon Hudson PV Yonkers twp, Westchester Co, NY   water by Hudson river
Hastingsville PO Columbiana Co, OH    
Hat PO Lancaster Co, PA    
Hat Creek PO Campbell Co, VA    
Hat Creek T Taney Co, MO    
Hat Grove PO Warren Co, IL    
Hatborough PV Moreland twp, Montgomery Co, PA 601  
Hatcher's PO Talladega Co, AL    
Hatchy Turnpike PO Tippah Co, MS    
Hatfield PT Hampshire Co, MA 1,073 water by Connecticut & Mill rivers
Hatfield T Montgomery Co, PA 1,135 water by Neshaminy & Towamensing creeks