1850 Atlas

Name What Place Pop Other
Lubec PT Washington Co, ME 2,814 water by Passamaquoddy bay
Lubec Mills PO Lubec twp, Washington Co, ME    
Lucas PO Richland Co, OH    
Lucasville PV Jefferson twp, Scioto Co, OH    
Lucerne PO Washtenaw Co, MI    
Lucerne PO Knox Co, OH    
Lucinda Furnace PO Clarion Co, PA    
Lucky Hit PO Limestone Co, AL    
Luda PO Wachita Co, AR    
Ludlow PT Windsor Co, VT 1,619 water by Black river
Ludlow PT Hampden Co, MA 1,186 water by Chickapee river
Ludlow PO Scott Co, MS    
Ludlow T Washington Co, OH 1,051  
Ludlow PO Dubois Co, IN    
Ludlowville PV Lansing twp, Tompkins Co, NY   water by Salmon creek
Lumber T Clinton Co, PA 1,182  
Lumber City PV Telfair Co, GA    
Lumberland PT Sullivan Co, NY 2,635 water by Mongoup river
Lumberport PV Harrison Co, VA    
Lumberton PV Clinton Co, OH    
Lumberton PV, CH Robeson Co, NC   seat of justice, water by Lumber river
Lumberton PO Burlington Co, NJ    
Lumberville PV Solebury twp, Bucks Co, PA   water by Delaware river
Lumpkin PV Stewart Co, GA   seat of justice, water by Hannahatchie creek
Lunenburgh PT Essex Co, VT 1,123 water by Connecticut river
Lunenburgh PT Worcester Co, MA 1,249 water by tributaries of Nashua river
Lunenburgh PV, CH Lunenburgh Co, VA   seat of justice
Luney's Creek PO Hardy Co, VA    
Luray PV, CH Page Co, VA   seat of justice, water by Hawksill creek
Luray PV Henry Co, IN    
Lurgan T Franklin Co, PA 1,228 water by branches of Conedogwinnet creek
Luthersburgh PV Clearfield Co, PA    
Luthersville PV Meriwether Co, GA    
Luzerne PT Fayette Co, PA 1,869 water by Dunlap's creek
Luzerne PT Warren Co, NY 1,300 water by Hudson river
Luzerne PO Fond du Lac Co, WI    
Lycoming T Lycoming Co, PA 1,275 water by Lycoming creek
Lycoming Creek PO Lycoming Co, PA    
Lycurgus PO Allamakee Co, IA    
Lyell's Store PO Richmond Co, VA    
Lykens T Dauphin Co, PA 1,371 water by Wisconisco river & Little Mahantango creek
Lykins T Crawford Co, OH 1,185  
Lyman PT York Co, ME 1,376 water by tributaries of Saco & Kennebunk rivers
Lyman PT Grafton Co, NH 1,442 water by Connecticut, Burnham's & Ammonoosuck rivers
Lyman Centre PO Lyman twp, York Co, ME    
Lymansville PV Potter Co, PA    
Lyme PT Grafton Co, NH 1,617 water by Connecticut river
Lyme PT New London Co, CT 2,668 water by Connecticut river
Lyme T Jefferson Co, NY 2,119 water by Chaumont & St Lawrence rivers, Lake Ontario
Lyme PT Huron Co, OH    
Lynchburgh PV Campbell Co, VA 8,071 water by James river
Lynchburgh PV Lincoln Co, TN   water by tributary of Elk river
Lynchburgh PV Dobson twp, Highland Co, OH   water by East fork of Little Miami river
Lynchburgh PO Sumter dist, SC    
Lynchburgh PO Coosa Co, AL    
Lynch's Creek PV Marion dist, SC   water by Lynch's creek
Lynch's Lake PO Williamsburgh dist, SC    
Lynchwood PV Kershaw dist, SC    
Lynderborough PT Hillsbourgh Co, NH 968 water by tributaries of Souhegan river
Lyndon PV Whiteside Co, IL    
Lyndon PT Caledonia Co, VT 1,752 water by Pasumpsic river
Lyndon T Cattaraugus Co, NY 1,092 water by Ischua & Oil creeks
Lyndon V Yates twp, Orleans Co, NY    
Lyndon Centre PO Lyndon twp, Caledonia Co, VT    
Lyndonville PO Lyndon twp, Orleans Co, NY    
Lynesville PV Granville Co, NC    
Lynn PT Essex Co, MA 14,257 water by Saugus river, Lynn bay & Atlantic ocean, embracing the romantic & rocky peninsula od Nahant
Lynn PO Susquehanna Co, PA    
Lynn T Lehigh Co, PA 1,997  
Lynn T Posey Co, IN 1,227  
Lynn PO Randolph Co, IN    
Lynn PO Calumet Co, WI    
Lynn Camp PO Knox Co, KY    
Lynnfield PT Essex Co, MA 1,723 water by Ipswich river &  several ponds
Lynnfield Centre PO Lynnfield twp, Essex Co, MA    
Lynnville PO Lynn twp, Lehigh Co, PA    
Lynnville PV Warrick Co, IN   water by head branches of Great Pigeon creek
Lynnville PV Giles Co, TN   water by Richland creek
Lynnville PV Morgan Co, IL    
Lynnville PV Jasper Co, IA    
Lyon T Oakland Co, MI    
Lyons PT, CH Wayne Co, NY 4,925 seat of justice, water by Clyde river at confluence of Mud creed & Canandagua outlet & Erie canal
Lyons PO Fulton Co, OH    
Lyons PT Ionia Co, MI 850 water by Grand river, at the head of steamboat navigation
Lyons PO Clinton Co, IA    
Lyons PO Cook Co, IL    
Lyons PO Walworth Co, WI    
Lyons PO Fayette Co, TX    
Lyonsdale PO Greig twp, Lewis Co, NY    
Lyon's Hollow PO Steuben Co, NY    
Lyon's Landing PO Bladen Co, NC    
Lyon's Store PO Hawkins Co, TN    
Lyra PO Scioto Co, OH    
Lysander PT Onondaga Co, NY 5,833 water by Seneca river
Lythonia PO De Kalb Co, GA    
Lyylesville PO McLean Co, IL