1850 Atlas

Name What Place Pop Other
Mabbettsville PO Washington twp, Dutchess Co, NY    
Mabee's PO Jackson Co, OH    
Macedon PO Mercer Co, OH    
Macedon PT Wayne Co, NY 2,384 water by Mud creek
Macedon Centre PO Macedon twp, Wayne Co, NY    
Macedonia PV Carroll Co, TN    
Macedonia PO Montgomery Co, NC    
Macedonia PO Potawatamie Co, IA    
Machias PT, CH Washington Co, ME 1,590 seat of justice, water by west branch of Machias river
Machias PT Cattaraugus Co, NY 1,242 water by Ishua crerk & Lime lake outlet
Machias Port PO Washington Co, ME   water by Machias river
Mackerel Corner PO Carroll Co, NH    
Mackesville PO Clark Co, MS    
Mackinac PV, CH Michilimackinac Co, MI   on an island of the same name, near the straits of Mackinaw
Mackinaw PO Tazewell Co, IL    
Macksburgh PO Giles Co, VA    
Mack's Place PO St Clair Co, MI    
Macksville PV Randolph Co, IN    
Mackville PV Washington Co, KY    
Macomb PV, CH McDonough Co, IL    
Macomb PT Macomb Co, MI 757 water by Clinton river
Macomb PO St Lawrence Co, NY    
Macon PO Powhattan Co, VA    
Macon City Bibb Co, GA   seat of justice, water by Ocmulgee river at head of steam navigation
Macon PV Marengo Co, AL    
Macon PV, CH Noxubee Co, MS   seat of justice, water by Noxubee river
Macon PT Lenawee Co, MI 1,030 water by south branch of Raisin river
Macon PV Fayette Co, TN    
Madon Depot PO Warren Co, NC    
Macopin PO Passaic Co, NJ    
Macungie PT Lehigh Co, PA   water by Jordan & Little Lehigh creeks
Madawaska T Aroostook Co, ME 1,276 water by St John's river
Madbury T Strafford Co, NH 483 water by Bellamy river
Mad River T Clark Co, OH 1,496  
Mad River T Champaign Co, OH 1,907 water by head branches of Mad river
Maddenville PO Huntingdon Co, PA    
Maddox PO Hanover Co, VA    
Madison PV Morris Co, NJ    
Madison PT Somerset Co, ME 1,769 water by Kennebec river
Madison PT New Haven Co, CT 1,729 water by Long Island sound
Madison PT Madison Co, NY 2,405 water by head branches of Chenango river, Oriskany creek & Chenango canal
Madison PO Westmoreland Co, PA    
Madison T Columbia Co, PA 712 water by Little Fishing & Mahoning creeks
Madison T Armstrong Co, PA 1,151  
Madison T Perry Co, PA 1,292  
Madison PT Lake Co, OH 2,986 water by Grand river
Madison T Clark Co, OH 949  
Madison PT Columbiana Co, OH 1,406  
Madison T Butler Co, OH 2,242  
Madison T Fayette Co, OH 865  
Madison T Franklin Co, OH 2,480 water by Alum, Big Walnut & Black Lick creeks
Madison T Fairfield Co, OH 1,164  
Madison T Guernsey Co, OH 1,519  
Madison T Jackson Co, OH 1,515 water by Symmes' creek
Madison T Licking Co, OH 1,027 water by Licking river & Ohio canal
Madison T Highland Co, OH 1,163  
Madison PT Montgomery Co, OH 1,668  
Madison PT Muskingum Co, OH 1,047  
Madison T Pickaway Co, OH 886  
Madison T Perry Co, OH 988  
Madison PT Richland Co, OH 1,732  
Madison T Sandusky Co, OH 389  
Madison T Scioto Co, OH 1,367  
Madison PV Rockingham Co, NC    
Madison PV, CH Morgan Co, GA   seat of justice
Madison PV, City Jefferson Co, IN 7,908 seat of justice, water by Ohio river
Madison PT Jefferson Co, IN 3,193  
Madison T Montgomery Co, IN 651  
Madison T Putnam Co, IN 1,199  
Madison T Lenawee Co, MI 2,404  
Madison T Sevier Co, AR 350  
Madison T Clarke Co, MO    
Madison T Polk Co, MO    
Madison T Livingston Co, MO    
Madison T Johnson Co, MO 668  
Madison PV Monroe Co, MO    
Madison PV, CH Madison Co, VA   seat of justice
Madison PV, CH Madison Co, FL    
Madison PV, CH Dane Co, WI 1,871 seat of justice, Capital of WI
Madison PV Livingston Co, MI    
Madisonburgh PO Wayne Co, OH    
Madisonborough PO Alachua Co, FL    
Madison Centre PO Madison twp, Somerset Co, ME    
Madison Cross Roads PO Madison Co, AL    
Madison Mills PO Madison Co, VA    
Madison Springs PV Madison Co, GA   site of salubrious mineral springs
Madisonville PV Columbia twp, Hamilton Co, OH    
Madisonville PV, CH Hopkins Co, KY    
Madisonville PV Monroe Co, TN    
Madisonville PV Ralls Co, MO    
Madisonville PV St Tammany parish, LA   water by Chefonte river
Madisonville PV Madison Co, MS    
Madrid PT Franklin Co, ME 404 water by branches of Sandy river
Madrid PT St Lawrence Co, NY 4,856 water by Grass & St Lawrence rivers