1850 Atlas

Name What Place Pop Other
Marion T Greene Co, PA    
Marion PT Washington Co, ME 270  
Marion PT Wayne Co, NY 1,839 water by tributary of Mud Creek
Marion PO Franklin Co, PA    
Marion T Centre Co, PA 595  
Marion PT, CH Marion Co, OH 2,291 seat of justice
Marion T Athens Co, OH   water by Federal & Wolf creeks
Marion T Allen Co, OH 1,046  
Marion T Clinton Co, OH 468  
Marion T Fayette Co, OH 841  
Marion T Hancock Co, OH 904  
Marion T Hardin Co, OH 452  
Marion T Hocking Co, OH 1,746  
Marion PT Mercer Co, OH 1,428  
Marion PT Shelby Co, OH    
Marion T Putnam Co, IN 1,320  
Marion T Shelby Co, IN 786  
Marion PT Livingston Co, MI 883  
Marion V Scott Co, KY    
Marion PO Crittenden Co, KY    
Marion PV, CH Smyth Co, VA   seat of justice, water by Middle fork of Holston river
Marion PV McDowell Co, NC    
Marion PV, CH Twiggs Co, GA   seat of justice
Marion PV, CH Grant Co, IN 703 seat of justice, water by Missisinewa river
Marion PV, CH Williamson Co, IL   seat of justice
Marion PV, CH Perry Co, AL 1,544 seat of justice
Marion PV, CH Lauderdale Co, MS   seat of justice, water by head branches of Oktibbeha creek
Marion PV Cole Co, MO   water by Missouri river
Marion T Buchanan Co, MO 798  
Marion PV, CH Linn Co, IA   seat of justice
Marion PV, CH Crittendon Co, AR   seat of justice
Marion T Union Co, AR 169  
Marion T White Co, AR 404  
Marion T Newton Co, MO    
Marion T Livingston Co, MO    
Marion T Polk Co, MO    
Marion T Monroe Co, MO    
Marion T Ray Co, MO    
Marion T St Francis Co, MO    
Marion T Saline Co, MO    
Marion T Taney Co, MO    
Marion PO Union parish, LA    
Marion PO Angelina Co, TX    
Marion PV, CH Marion dist, SC   seat of justice, water by Catfish creek
Marion PO Hartford Co, CT    
Marion PO Kenozha Co, WI    
Marion City PV Marion Co, MO   water by Mississippi river
Marion College V Marion Co, MO   seat of Marion College
Marionsville PO Forest Co, PA    
Mariposa PO Mariposa Co, CA    
Marissa PO St Clair Co, IL    
Marits PO Morrow Co, OH    
Markesan PO Marquette Co, WI    
Marksborough PV Warren Co, NJ    
Marksville PV Page Co, VA    
Marksville PV, CH Avoyelles parish, LA    
Marlborough PT Cheshire Co, NH 887 water by tributaries of Ashuelot river
Marlborough PT Windham Co, VT 896 water by west branch of West river, Green river & Whetstone brook
Marlborough PT Middlesex Co, MA 2,941 water by tributary of Concord river
Marlborough PT Hartford Co, CT 832  
Marlborough PT Ulster Co, NY 2,869 water by Hudson river
Marlborough PO Monmouth Co, NJ    
Marlborough T Montgomery Co, PA 1,174 water by Perkiomen & Swamp creeks
Marlborough PT Stark Co, OH 2,133  
Marlborough T Delaware Co, OH 587  
Marlborough PO Chester Co, PA    
Marlbrook PO Hempstead Co, AR    
Marley's Mills PO Randolph Co, NC    
Marlin Bottom PO Pocahontas Co, VA    
Marlow PT Cheshire Co, NH 708 water by Ashuelot river
Marlton PO Burlington Co, NJ    
Marple PO Delaware Co, PA 876  
Marquette PV, CH Marquette Co, WI   water by Neenah river
Marquette PO Marquette Co, MI    
Marriottsville PO Anne Ardundel Co, MD    
Marrowbone PO Cumberland Co, KY    
Mars PO Bibb Co, AL    
Mars T Posey Co, IN 1,319  
Mars Bluff PO Marion dist, SC    
Marseilles PV Noble Co, IN    
Marseilles PV LaSalle Co, IL   on the Grand Rapids of Illinois river, and Illinois & Michigan canals
Marseilles PO Wyandott Co, OH    
Marsh PO Chester Co, PA    
Marshall PT Oneida Co, NY 2,115 water by Oriskany creek & Chenango canal
Marshall PT, CH Calhoun Co, MI 2,822 seat of justice, at the confluence of Kalamazoo river & Rice creek
Marshall PT, CH Clark Co, IL 1,341 seat of justice
Marshall PO Henry Co, IA    
Marshall PV, H Saline Co, MO    
Marshall PV Marshall Co, IN    
Marshall PO Highland Co, OH    
Marshall PO Bath Co, KY    
Marshall PO Harrison Co, TX    
Marshall's Creek PO Monroe Co, PA    
Marshall's Ferry PO Grainger Co, TN    
Marshallville PV Baughman's twp, Wayne Co, OH    
Marshallville PV Macon Co, GA    
Marshallton PV Chester Co, PA    
Marshfield PT Washington Co, VT 1,102 water by Onion river
Marshfield PT Plymouth Co, MA 1,837 water by Massachusetts bay, North & South rivers
Marshfield PO Erie Co, PA    
Marston's Mills PO Barnstable Co, MA