1850 Atlas


Name What Place Pop Other
Mill T Tuscarawas Co, OH 1,510  
Mill Ark PO Fulton Co, IN    
Mill Bend PO Hawkins Co, TN    
Mill Brook PO Litchfield Co, CT    
Mill Brook PO Warren Co, NJ    
Mill Brook PV Clinton twp, Wayne Co, OH    
Mill Creek PO Huntington Co, PA    
Mill Creek hundred PT Newcastle Co, DE 3,317  
Mill Creek T Erie Co, PA 2,064  
Mill Creek PO Berkley Co, VA    
Mill Creek T Coshocton Co, OH 872  
Mill Creek T Hamilton Co, OH 6,287  
Mill Creek T Union Co, OH 726  
Mill Creek T Williams Co, OH 408  
Mill Creek PO Pulaski Co, IL    
Mill Creek PO Ripley Co, MO    
Mill Creek PO Fulton Co, OH    
Mill Creek PO Sabine parish, LA    
Mill Creek PO Bowie Co, TX    
Mill Dam PO Madison Co, MO    
Mill Green PO Harford Co, MD    
Mill Grove PO Sumter dist, SC    
Mill Grove PO Cobb Co, GA    
Mill Grove PO Owen Co, IN    
Mill Grove T Steuben Co, IN 523  
Mill Grove PO Erie Co, NY    
Mill Hall PO Clinton Co, PA    
Mill Haven PV Seriven Co, GA    
Mill Hill PO Cabarras Co, NC    
Mill Housen PO Decatur Co, IN    
Mill Plain PV Fairfield Co, CT    
Mill Point PO Sullivan Co, TN    
Mill Point PV Pocahontas Co, VA    
Mill Point PO Ottawa Co, MI    
Mill Ray PO Bullock Co, GA    
Mill Ridge PO St Francis Co, AR    
Mill River PO Berkshire Co, MA    
Mill River PO Henderson Co, NC    
Mill Spring PO Jefferson Co, TN    
Mill Spring PO Wayne Co, KY    
Name What Place Pop Other
Millan PO Pike Co, MS    
Millard PO Jackson Co, VA    
Millard PO Walworth Co, WI    
Millard PO Jefferson Co, IN    
Millardsville PV Susquehanna Co, PA    
Millbach PO Lebanon Co, PA    
Millborough Springs PO Bath Co, VA    
Millbridge PO Washington Co, ME    
Millburn PO Ballard Co, KY    
Millburn PO Lake Co, IL    
Millburne PO Columbia Co, NY    
Millbury PT Worcester Co, MA 2,167 water by tributaries of Blackstone river & canal
Milldale PO Defiance Co, OH    
Milldale PV Warren Co, MS    
Milldale PO Warren Co, VA    
Milledgeville PV Montgomery Co, NC    
Milledgeville City, CH Baldwin Co, GA 2,216 seat of justice, State Capital, on Oconee river
Milledgeville PO Carroll Co, IL    
Milledgeville PO Lincoln Co, KY    
Millen's Bay PO Jefferson Co, NY    
Miller T Dearborn Co, IN    
Miller T Scotland Co, MO 666  
Miller T Polk Co, MO    
Miller T Knox Co, OH 1,064  
Miller's PO Fayette Co, TX    
Miller's Creek PO Estill Co, KY    
Miller's Mill PO Christian Co, KY    
Miller's Mill PO Bath Co, VA    
Miller's Place PV Brookhaven twp, Suffolk Co, Long Island, NY    
Miller's Tavern PO Essex Co, VA    
Millersburgh PV Upper Paxton twp, Dauphin Co, PA   water by Susquehanna river at confluence of Wiconisco creek
Millersburgh PV Bourbon Co, KY    
Millersburgh PV Rutherford Co, TN    
Millersburgh PV, CH Hardy twp, Holmes Co, OH   seat of justice, water by Killbuck creek
Millersburgh PV, CH Mercer Co, IL   seat of justice
Millersburgh PV Callaway Co, MO    
Millersport PV Walnut twp, Fairfield Co, OH    
Millertown PV Greenwood twp, Perry Co, PA 389  
Millertown PV Champaign Co, OH    
Millertown PV Grayson Co, KY    
Millersville PV Lancaster Co, PA 498  
Millersville PV Marion Co, IN    
Millersville PO Anne Arundel Co, MD    
Millersville PO Adair Co, KY    
Millersville PO Barnwell dist, SC    
Millfield PV Dover twp, Athens Co, OH   water by Sunday creek
Millford Mills PO Price William Co, VA    
Millheim PV Hains twp, Centre Co, PA    
Millican PO Brazos Co, TX    
Milliken's Bend PO Madison parish, LA    
Millin PO Burke Co, GA    
Millington PV East Haddam twp, Middlesex Co, CT    
Millington PO Somerset Co, NJ    
Millington PV Kent Co, MD   water by Chester river
Millington PO Albermarle Co, VA    
Millport PT Veteran twp, Chemung Co, NY   water by Catharine's creek
Millport PV Potter Co, PA    
Millport PO Fayette Co, AL    
Millport PO Washington Co, IN    
Millsborough PO Washington Co, PA    
Millsborough PV Sussex Co, DE    
Mills' Bridge PO Pike Co, GA    
Mills' Corners PO Broadalbin twp, Fulton Co, PA    
Mills' Gap PO Rutherford Co, NC    
Mills' Mills PO Alleghany Co, NY    
Mills' Point V Hickman Co, KY   water by Mississippi river
Mills' Prairie PO Edwards Co, IL    
Millsfield T Coos Co, NH 682  
Millsford T Ashtabula Co, OH    
Millsford T Steuben Co, IN    
Millstadt PO St Clair Co, IL    
Millstone PV Hillsborough twp, Somerset Co, NJ   water by Millstone river
Millstone PO Oglethrope Co, GA    
Milltown PO Washington Co, ME    
Milltown PV Kent twp, Putnam Co, NY    
Milltown PV Crawford Co, IN    
Milltown PO Chester Co, PA    
Millview PV Fauquier Co, VA    
Millview PO Sullivan Co, PA    
Millville PV Worcester Co, MA    
Millville PV Shelby twp, Orleans Co, NY    
Millville PT Cumberland Co, NJ 2,332 water by Maurice river
Millville PO Columbia Co, PA    
Millville PO King George Co, VA    
Millville PV Sartanburgh dist, SC    
Millville PO Lincoln Co, TN    
Millville PV Ross twp, Butler Co, OH   water by Indian creek
Millville PV Butler Co, AL    
Millville PO Jo-Daviess Co, IL    
Millville PO Clayton Co, IA    
Millville PO Cherokee Co, GA    
Millville PO Ray Co, MO    
Millwees PO Anderson dist, SC    
Millwood PO Dooly Co, GA    
Millwood PV Clarke Co, VA    
Millwood PO Knox Co, OH    
Millwood T Guernsey Co, OH 1,624  
Millwood PO Lincoln Co, MO    
Millwood PO Jackson Co, FL    
Millwood PO Collin Co, TX    
Milner PO Pike Co, GA    
Milnersville PO Monroe twp, Guernsey Co, OH