1850 Atlas


Name What Place Pop Other
Monsey PO Rockland Co, NY    
Monson PT Piscataquis Co, ME 654 water by Piscataquis river & Sebec pond
Monson PT Hampden Co, MA 2,831 water by Chickopee river
Montacute PO Polk Co, IA    
Montague PT Franklin Co, MA 1,518 water by Connecticut & Sawmill rivers
Montague PT Sussex Co, NJ 1,009 water by Delaware river
Montague PV Essex Co, VA    
Montague Canal PV Montague twp, Franklin Co, MA   water by Connecticut river
Mont Alto PV Franklin Co, PA    
Montauk PO Crawford Co, MO    
Montcalm PO Montcalm Co, MI   seat of justice (not listed as such)
Montebello PO Hancock Co, IL    
Monteithville PO Stafford Co, VA    
Montello PO Marquette Co, WI    
Monterey PV, CH Monterey Co, CA   seat of justice
Monterey PO Berkshire Co, MA    
Monterey PO Dutchess Co, NY    
Monterey PO Berks Co, PA    
Monterey PO Clermont Co, OH    
Monterey PO Highland Co, VA    
Monterey PO Abbeville dist, SC    
Monterey PO McNairy Co, TN    
Monterey PO Butler Co, AL    
Monterey PO Owen Co, KY    
Monterey PO Calhoun Co, IL    
Monterey PO Davis Co, IA    
Monterey PO Waukesha Co, WI    
Monterey PO Rankin Co, MS    
Monterey PO Red River Co, TX    
Monterey PO Pulaski Co, IN    
Monterey Landing PO Concordia parish, LA    
Montevallo PV Shelby Co, AL    
Montevideo PO Elbert Co, GA    
Montezuma PV Mentz twp, Cayuga Co, NY   at the junction of Cayuga & Seneca canal with Erie canal, water by Seneca river & Cayuga lake outlet
Montezuma PO Pike Co, IL   water by Illinois river
Montezuma PV Parke Co, IN   water by Wabash river
Montezuma PO Mercer Co, OH    
Montezuma PO Union Co, KY    
Montezuma PV McNairy Co, TN    
Montezuma PO Green Co, WI    
Montezuma PO Poweshiek Co, IA    
Montfort PO Grant Co, WI    
Montgomery PT Franklin Co, VT 1,001 water by Trout river
Montgomery PT Hampden Co, MA 393 water by Westfield river
Montgomery PT Orange Co, NY 3,933 water by Wall kill
Montgomery T Somerset Co, NJ 1,763 water by Beden's & Stony brooks
Montgomery T Franklin Co, PA 3,235 water by Conecocheague creek
Montgomery T Montgomery Co, PA 971 water by Wisahickson creek & west branch of Neshaminy creek
Montgomery T Indiana Co, PA 751  
Montgomery PV Sycamore two, Hamilton Co, OH    
Montgomery T Franklin Co, OH 1,331  
Montgomery T Marion Co, OH 643  
Montgomery PT Richland Co, OH 986  
Montgomery T Wood Co, OH 922  
Montgomery T Monroe Co, AR 317  
Montgomery T Benton Co, MO    
Montgomery PO Sumner Co, TN    
Montgomery City Montgomery Co, AL 11,937 seat of justice, Capital of Alabama
Montgomery PO Montgomery Co, TX    
Montgomery PO Jennings Co, IN    
Montgomery PT Owen Co, IN    
Montgomery Centre PO Montgomery twp, Franklin Co, VT    
Montgomery Cross Roads PO Montgomery twp, Wood Co, OH    
Montgomery's Ferry PO Perry Co, PA   on Susquehanna river
Montgomeryville PV Montgomery Co, PA 971  
Monthalia PO Panola Co, MS    
Monticello PT Aroosrook Co, ME 227  
Monticello PV, CH Thompson twp, Sullivan Co, NY   seat of justice
Monticello PV Fairfield dist, SC    
Monticello PV, CH Jasper Co, GA   seat of justice
Monticello PV, CH Jefferson Co, FL 329 seat of justice
Monticello PV Pike Co, AL   water by tributary of Pea river
Monticello PV, CH Lawrence Co, MS   seat of justice, water by Pearl river
Monticello PV, CH Wayne Co, KY   seat of justice, water by Beaver creek
Monticello PV, CH White Co, IN   seat of justice, water by Tippecanoe river
Monticello PV, CH Piatte Co, IL   seat of justice, water by Sangamon river
Monticello PV, CH Lewis Co, MO   seat of justice, water by North Fabias river
Monticello PO Drew Co, AR    
Monticello PO Jones Co, IA    
Monticello PO Guilford Co, NC    
Monticello PO Green Co, WI    
Monticello PO Carroll parish, LA    
Montour T Columbia Co, PA 409  
Montours PO Alleghany Co, PA    
Montpelier PT Washington Co, VT 3,210 seat of justice, Capital of VT, water by Onion river
Montpelier PO Hanover Co, VA    
Montpelier PV Richmond Co, NC    
Montpelier PV Marengo Co, AL    
Montpelier PV Blackford Co, IN   water by Salamanic river
Montpelier PO Adair Co, KY    
Mont Petrea PO De Witt Co, TX    
Montra PO Shelby Co, OH    
Montrose PB, CH Bridgewater twp, Susquehanna Co, PA 917 seat of justice
Montrose PT Lee Co, IA 1,722  
Montrose PO Jasper Co, MS    
Montrose PO Smith Co, TN    
Montorse PO Summit Co, OH    
Monturesville PV Lycoming Co, PA 228  
Montville PT Waldo Co, ME 1,881 water by tributaries of Sheepscot river
Montville T New London Co, CT 1,848 water by Thames & Yantic rivers
Montville PV Pequannock twp, Morris Co, NJ   on the Morris canal
Montville PT Geauga Co, OH 702  
Montville T Medina Co, OH 1,077  
Monument PV Sandwich twp, Barnstable Co, MA   water by Buzzard's bay
Monument Island PO Delaware Co, NY