1850 Atlas


Name What Place Pop Other
Steuben PT Washington Co, ME 1,122 water by Dyers, Pigeon Hill & Narraguagus bays, Atlantic ocean, Goldsborough harbor & Narraguagus river
Steuben PT Oneida Co, NY 1,744 water by Cincinnati creek & tributaries of Mohawk river
Steuben PV Greenfield twp, Huron Co, OH    
Steuben T Steuben Co, IN 645  
Steuben PO Crawford Co, PA    
Steuben PO Marshall Co, IL    
Steubenville PV, CH Jefferson Co, OH 6,139 seat of justice, water by Ohio river
Steubenville PV Steuben Co, IN   now called Pleasant Lake
Stevensburgh PO Culpepper Co, VA    
Steven's Plains PO Cumberland Co, ME    
Steven's Point PO Portage Co, WI    
Stevensville PV Bradford Co, PA    
Stevensville PV King and Queen Co, VA    
Stevensville PO Sullivan Co, NY    
Stewart's Draft PO Augusta Co, VA    
Stewart's Ferry PO Davidson Co, TN    
Stewart's Run PO Venango Co, PA    
Stewart's Springs PO Polk Co, AR    
Stewartstown PT Coos Co, NH 747 water by Connecticut river, Great & Little Diamond ponds
Stewartstown PO York Co, PA    
Stewartstown PV Richmond Co, NC    
Stewartstown PO Monongalia Co, VA    
Stewartsville PV Greenwich twp, Warren Co, NJ   water by Merrit's branch of Pohatcong creek
Stewartsville PV Richmond Co, NC    
Stewartsville PO Westmoreland Co, PA    
Stice's Shoal PO Cleveland Co, NC    
Stickleyville PO Lee Co, VA    
Stikoih PO Cherokee Co, NC    
Stiles PO Davis Co, IA    
Stilesborough PO Cass CO, GA    
Still Valley PV Hendricks Co, IN    
Stillwater PV Greenwich twp, Warren Co, NJ    
Stillwater PT Saratoga Co, NY 2,967 water by Anthony's kill & Hudson river
Stillwater PT Sussex Co, NJ 1,742 water by Paulin's kill
Stillwater PO Tuscarawas Co, OH    
Stillwater PO Columbia Co, PA    
Stillwell PO Wood Co, VA    
Stillwell PO Hanover twp, Butler Co, OH    
Stip's Hill PO Franklin Co, IN    
Stittville PO Oneida Co, NY    
Stockbridge PT Windsor Co, VT 1,327 water by Housatonic river
Stockbridge PT Berkshire Co, MS 2,081 water by Oneida creek
Stockbridge PT Madison Co, NY 657  
Stockbridge PT Ingham Co, MI   water by Lake Winnebago
Stockbridge PV Calumet Co, WI    
Stockbridge PO Henry Co, GA    
Stock Creek PO Scott Co, VA    
Stockertown PO Northampton Co, PA    
Stockholm PT St Lawrence Co, NY 3,661 water by St Regis river
Stockholm PV Sussex Co, NJ   water by Pequannock creek
Stockholm Depot PO St Lawrence Co, NY    
Stockport PT Columbia Co, NY 1,655 water by Kinderhook creek & Hudson river
Stockport PV Buckingham twp, Wayne Co, PA   water by Delaware river
Stockport PO Morgan Co, OH    
Stockport Station PO Delaware Co, NY    
Stocksville PT Buncombe Co, NC    
Stockton PT Chautaugue Co, NY 164 water by Bear creek
Stockton PO Baldwin Co, AL    
Stockton PO Madison Co, FL    
Stockton PO San Joaquin Co, CA    
Stock Township T Harrison Co, OH 888  
Stoddard PT Cheshire Co, NH 1,105 water by tributaries of Connecticut & Merrimack rivers
Stoddartsville PV Covington twp, Monroe Co, PA    
Stokes PO Lee twp, Oneida Co, NY    
Stokes T Madison Co, OH 591