1850 Atlas


Name What Place Pop Other
Tracy PO Huntingdon Co, IN    
Tracy's Landing PO Anne Arundel Co, MD    
Tradersville PO Madison Co, OH    
Trade's Hill PO Chatham Co, NC    
Tranquillity PO Granville Co, NC    
Tranquillity PO Sussex Co, NJ    
Tranquillity PO Adams Co, OH    
Tranquilla PO Jones Co, GA    
Transit PO Genesee Co, NY    
Transit Bridge PO Alleghany Co, NY    
Trap Hill PO Wilkes Co, NC    
Trappe PV Talbot Co, MD    
Trappe PV Upper Providence twp, Montgomery Co, PA    
Trask PO Grant Co, IN    
Traveller's Repose PO Pocahontas Co, VA    
Traveller's Repose PO Franklin Co, MO    
Traveller's Rest PO Greenville dist, SC    
Traveller's Rest PV Dolly Co, GA    
Traveller's Rest PO Coosa Co, AL    
Travis PO Austin Co, TX    
Traylersville PO Henry Co, VA    
Treadway PO Barnwell dist, SC    
Treat's Mills PO Penobscot Co, ME    
Tredypin PT Chester Co, PA 1,727  
Treibleville PO Monroe Co, PA    
Treichlersville PO Lehigh Co, PA    
Tremainville PO Lucas Co, OH    
Tremont PV, CH Tazewell Co, IL   seat of justice
Tremont T Buchanan Co, MO    
Tremont PO Schuylkill Co, PA    
Tremont PO Clark Co, OH    
Trenton PT Hancock Co, ME 1,207  
Trenton PT Oneida Co, NY 3,540 water by Nine Mile & West Canada creeks, contains a series of cascades, known as Trenton falls
Trenton City Mercer Co, NJ 6,466 seat of justice, State Capital
Trenton PV, CH Jones Co, NC   seat of justice, water by Trent river
Trenton PV Dade Co, GA   seat of justice
Trenton PV Jackson Co, AL    
Trenton PT Henry Co, IA 1,000  
Trenton PV Todd Co, KY    
Trenton PV Madison twp, Butler Co, OH    
Trenton PT Delaware Co, OH 1,238  
Trenton PV, CH Grundy Co, MO   seat of justice, water by east fork of Grand river
Trenton PO Wayne Co, MI    
Trenton PO Wachita parish, LA    
Trenton PO Randolph Co, IN    
Trenton PV, CH Gibson Co, TN   seat of justice, water by north fork of Forked Deer river
Trenton Falls PV Trenton twp, Oneida Co, NY   water by West Canada creek at Trenton falls
Trenton's Corners PO Dodge Co, WI    
Trescot PT Washington Co, ME 782 water by Cobscook bay & Atlantic ocean
Trevillian's Depot PO Louisa Co, VA    
Trevorton PO Northumberland Co, PA    
Trexlertown PV Makungy twp, Lehigh Co, PA    
Triadelphia PV Montgomery Co, MD   water by Patuxent river
Triadelphia PV Ohio Co, VA 248  
Triadelphia PO Morgan Co, OH    
Triana PV Madison Co, AL   water by Tennessee river
Triangle PT Broome Co, NY 1,728 water by Ostelic & Toughnioga rivers
Tribes Hill PO Montgomery Co, NY    
Trice's Store PO Orange Co, NC    
Trier PO Bexar Co, TX    
Trimble PT Athens Co, OH   water by Sunday creek
Trinidad PO Trinity Co, CA    
Trinity PO Catahoola parish, LA    
Trinity PO Morgan Co, AL    
Trinity Springs PO Martin Co, IN    
Trion PO Jefferson Co, TN    
Trion PO Tuscaloosa Co, AL    
Trion Factory PO Chattooga Co, GA    
Triplet PO Fleming Co, KY    
Tripoli PO Tishomingo Co, MS    
Triune PO Williamson Co, TN    
Trivoli PO Peoria Co, IL    
Trouble Hill PO Scott Co, AR    
Troublesome PV Rockingham Co, NC   water by Troublesome creek
Troublesome PO Clinch Co, GA    
Troupsburgh PT Steuben Co, NY 1,754 water by Cowanesque creek
Troupville PV, CH Lowndes Co, GA   seat of justice
Trousdale PO Warren Co, TN    
Trout Creek PO Delaware Co, NY    
Trout Creek PO St Clair Co, AL    
Trout Run PO Jackson twp, Lycoming Co, PA    
Troy PT Waldo Co, ME 1,484 water by tributaries of Sebasticook river
Troy PT Cheshire Co, NH 759 water by tributaries of Ashuelot river
Troy PT Orleans Co, VT 1,008 water by Missisque river
Troy City Rensselaer Co, NY 28,785 seat of justice, water by Hudson river
Troy PT Bradford Co, PA 1,418 water by tributaries of Susquehanna river
Troy T Crawford Co, PA 740  
Troy PV, CH Pike Co, AL   seat of justice
Troy PV Yallabusha Co, MS    
Troy PV, CH Obion Co, TN   seat of justice, water by tributary of Obion river
Troy PT, CH Miami Co, OH 1,954 seat of justice, water by Great Miami river
Troy T Athens Co, OH 1,421  
Troy T Delaware Co, OH 976  
Troy T Geauga Co, OH 1,164  
Troy T Lorain Co, OH    
Troy T Richland Co, OH 1,544  
Troy T Wood Co, OH 559  
Troy PV, CH Perry Co, IN   seat of justice, water by Ohio river
Troy PT Fountain Co, IN 1,139  
Troy PT Oakland Co, MI 1,427 water by head waters of Red river
Troy PT Walworth Co, WI    
Troy PV, CH Lincoln Co, ME   water by Cuivre river
Troy PO Cherokee Co, GA    
Troy PO Madison Co, IL    
Troy PO Montgomery Co, NC    
Troy PO Davis Co, IA    
Troy PO Freestone Co, TX    
Troy Centre PO Walworth Co, WI    
Troy Grove PO La Salle Co, IL    
Troy Lake PO Walworth Co, WI    
Troy Mills PO Fulton Co, IL    
Troy's Store PO Randolph Co, NC