1850 Atlas


Name What Place Pop Other
Westborough PT Worcester Co, MA 2,371 water by tributaries of Concord & Sudbury rivers
Westborough PO Clinton Co, OH    
Westbury PO Wayne Co, NY    
Westchester PV Colchester twp, New London Co, CT    
Westchester PT Westchester Co, NY 2,492 water by East & Bronx rivers
Westerloo PT Albany Co, NY 2,860 water by Provost creek
Westerly PT Washington Co, RI 2,763 water by Atlantic ocean & Pawcatuck river
Westerman's Mills PO Baltimore Co, MD    
Western PT Oneida Co, NY 2,516 water by Mohawk river
Western PO Powesheik Co, IA    
Western Ford PO Randolph Co, VA    
Westernport PV Alleghany Co, MD   water by Potomac & Savage rivers
Western Prong PO Bladen Co, NC    
Western Saratoga PO Union Co, IL    
Western Star PO Summit Co, OH    
Westernport PV Alleghany Co, MD   water by Potomac & Savage rivers
Westernville PV Western twp, Oneida Co, NY   water by Mohawk river
Westernville PO Franklin Co, OH    
Westfall T Pike Co, OH 567  
Westfield PT Orleans Co, VT 502 water by Missisque river
Westfield PT Hampden Co, MA 4,180 water by Westfield & Little rivers
Westfield PT Richmond Co, Staten Island, NY 2,943 water by New York bay & Staten Island sound
Westfield PT Chautauque Co, NY 3,100 water by Chautauque creek & Lake Erie
Westfield PT Essex Co, NJ 1,575 water by Rahway river & Green brook
Westfield PT Tioga Co, PA 1,348 water by Conwanesque creek
Westfield PT Morrow Co, OH 1,414 water by east fork of Olentangy river
Westfield T Medina Co, OH 1,122  
Westfield PO Hamilton Co, IN    
Westfield PO Clark Co, IL    
Westfield PO Marquette Co, WI    
Westfield PO Fayette Co, IA    
Westford PT Chittenden Co, VT 1,458 water by Brown's river
Westford PT Middlesex Co, MA 1,473 water by Stony river
Westford PV Windham Co, CT   water by tributary of Mount Hope river
Westford PT Otsego Co, NY 1,423 water by Cherry Valley & Elk creeks
Westland PV Halifax Co, NC    
Westland PT Guernsey Co, OH 1,126 water by Crooked creek
Westminster PT Windham Co, VT 1,721 water by Connecticut river
Westminster PT Worcester Co, MA 1,914 water by tributaries of Nashua river
Westminster PV Canterbury twp, Windham Co, CT    
Westminster PV, CH Carroll Co, MD 845 seat of justice, water by head waters of Patapaco river
Westminster PO Guilford Co, NC    
Westminster PO Allen Co, OH    
Westminster PO Shelby Co, IL    
Westminster PV Westminster twp, Windham Co, VT    
Westmore T Orleans Co, VT 152 water by Willoughby's lake
Westmoreland PT Cheshire Co, NH 1,678 water by Connecticut river
Westmoreland PT Oneida Co, NY 3,291 water by Oriskany creek
Westmoreland PV, CH Westmoreland Co, VA   seat of justice
Westmoreland PO Dallas Co, AL    
Westmorelandville PO Lauderdale Co, AL    
Weston PT Aroostook Co, ME 293 water by tributaries of Mattawamkeag river
Weston PT Windsor Co, VT 950 water by West river
Weston PT Middlesex Co, MA 1,205 water by Stony brook
Weston PT Fairfield Co, CT 1,056 water by Saugatuck & Mill rivers
Weston PO Steuben Co, NY    
Weston PV Somerset Co, NJ   water by Millstone river, Delaware & Raritan canals
Weston PV, CH Lewis Co, VA   seat of justice, water by west fork of Monongahela river
Weston PT Wood Co, OH 546 water by Maumee river
Weston PO Jo-Daviess Co, IL    
Weston PV Platte Co, MO   water by Missouri river
Westphalia PO Clinton Co, MI    
Westphalia PO Osage Co, MO    
Westport PT Lincoln Co, ME 761 water by Sheepscot river & bay
Westport  PV Cheshire Co, NH    
Westport  PT Bristol Co, MA 1,473 water by Atlantic ocean, Buzzard's bay & Westport river
Westport  PT Fairfield Co, CT 2,651 water by Long Island sound & Saugatuck river
Westport  PT Essex Co, NY 2,352 water by Black creek
Westport  PV Oldham Co, KY    
Westport  PV Decatur Co, IN   water by tributary of east fork of White river
Westport  PO Clinton Co, PA    
Westport  PV Jackson Co, MO    
Westport Point  PO Bristol Co, MA    
Westville PV Hampden twp, New Haven Co, CT 871 water by Wapowany river
Westville PV Westford twp, Otsego Co, NY    
Westville PT Franklin Co, NY 1,301  
Westville PV Mad River twp, Champaign Co, OH    
Westville PV, CH Simpson Co, MS   seat of justice
Westville V Smith twp, Columbiana Co, OH    
Westville V Yellow Creek twp, Columbiana Co, OH    
Westville PO Gloucester Co, NJ    
Westwood PO Woodford Co, IL    
Wetherdville PO Baltimore Co, MD    
Wetherfield PT Hartford Co, CT 2,523 water by Connecticut river
Wetherfield PT Wyoming Co, NY 1,489 water by Tonawanda & Wiskoy creeks
Wetherfield PV Henry Co, IL   water by tributary of Spoon river
Wetherfield Springs PV Wethersfield twp, Wyoming Co, NY    
Wetumpka City Coosa Co, AL   water by Coosa river, site of Harrogate Springs
Weverton PO Frederick Co, MD    
Wexford PO Alleghany Co, PA    
Wexford PO Allamakee Co, IA    
Weyauweya PO Winnebago Co, WI    
Weybridge PT Addison Co, VT 804 water by Ottor creek & Lemonfair river
Weybridge Lower Falls PO Weybridge twp, Addison Co, VT    
Weymouth PT Norfolk Co, MA 5,369 water by Weymouth, East & West rivers
Weymouth PT Atlantic Co, NJ 1,032  
Weymouth PO Medina twp, Medina Co, OH    
Whaleysville PV Worcester Co, MD    
Whallonsburgh PO Essex Co, NY    
Wharton PT Fayette Co, PA 1,853 water by Youghiogeny river
Wharton T Potter Co, PA 252 water by tributary of Sandy creek
Wharton PV, CH Wharton Co, TX   seat of justice
Wharton's PO Brookfield twp, Morgan Co, OH    
Whately PT Franklin Co, MA 1,101 water by Connecticut & Mills river
Wheatfield PT Niagara Co, NY 2,659 water by Niagara river & Tonawanda creek
Wheatfield T Perry Co, PA 678  
Wheatfield PO Ingham Co, MI    
Wheatland PT Monroe Co, NY 2,916 water by Allen's creek & Genesee river
Wheatland PO Loudoun Co, VA    
Wheatland PT Hillsdale Co, MI 1,358  
Wheatland PO Ionia Co, MI    
Wheatland PO Racine Co, WI    
Wheatland Centre PO Wheatland twp, Hillsdale Co, MI    
Wheatley PO Fauquier Co, VA    
Wheat Ridge PO Adams Co, OH    
Wheatville PO Genesee Co, NY    
Wheeler PT Steuben Co, NY 1,471 water by Five Mile creek
Wheelersburgh PV Porter twp, Scioto Co, OH    
Wheeling City Ohio Co, VA 11,391 seat of justice, water by Ohio & Wheeling rivers
Wheeling PV Holmes Co, MS   water by tributary of Big Black river
Wheeling PT Belmont Co, OH 1,218 water by Indian Wheeling creek
Wheeling T Guernsey Co, OH 1,159 water byWill's creek
Wheeling PV Delaware Co, IN   water by Mississinewa river
Wheeling PO Cook Co, IL    
Wheeling Valley PO Marshall Co, VA    
Wheelock PT Caledonia Co, VT 855 water by Passumpsic river
Wheelock PO Choctaw Nation, AR    
Wheelock PO Robertson Co, TX    
Whetstone PO Pickens dist, SC    
Whetstone PT Crawford Co, OH 1,657  
Whigville PO Noble Co, OH    
Whigville PO Lapeer Co, MI    
Whippy Swamp PO Beaufort dist, SC    
Whitcomb PO Franklin Co, IN