Cambridge, MA

Seat of justice, together with Concord and Lowell of Middlesex Co, MA. 3 miles northwest of Boston.  Watered by Charles river.  In the old part of the city, stands Harvard university, the most ancient and wealthy collegiate institution in America.  This includes a theological, medical and law school, and has a library of about 100,000 volumes, the largest in the Union.  Merchants and others doing business in Boston, reside in this city, and some of the dwellings are costly and splendid.  At Cambridge, were the entrenchments of the American army when besieging Boston under Washington.  Glass and other manufactures are extensively produced.  From its proximity to Boston, the railroads and other lines of travel are common, to both places.  One mile west of the college is Mount Auburn cemetery, consecrated by nature and by art to the holy purpose to which it is devoted.

The population in 1840 was 2,333: in 1820 was (blank); in 1830 was 6,071; in 1840 was 8,409; and in 1850 was 17,417