Galena, IL

Galena, a thriving city, the seat of justice of Jo-Daviess Co, IL, is situated on both sides of Fevre or Bean river, six miles above its entrance into the Mississippi, and the largest boats ascend to this point at all stages of the water.   The city's mostly built on the west side of the river, yet it is rapidly extending on the opposite side, with which it is connected by three substantial bridges.  This is the centre of the great lead region, which occupies the northwestern portion of Illinois, and the southwestern corner of Wisconsin, together with a strip of a few miles in width on the opposite side of the Mississippi in Iowa, equal to a surface of nearly 3000 square miles.  In riding over the country from Galena to the Wisconsin river, the most remarkable feature presented is the numerous "diggings."  Its trade with the surrounding country is extensive, embracing a circuit of 30 to 100 miles.  The town presents a very metallic appearance, inasmuch as its wharves, for quite a distance, are lined with piles of pig-lead.  It is estimated by those whose knowledge and experience render them competent to judge, that if the mines already opened were well worked, they are capable of producing 150,000,000 pounds annually for ages to come.  The population in 1850 was 6,004