Milledgeville, GA

City, seat of justice of Baldwin Co and capital of the state of Georgia, situated at the head of steamboat navigation on Oconee river, and is 300 miles from the sea; from Washington 648 miles.  The city is built on elevated and somewhat uneven ground, in the midst of a rich and populous cotton producing region, and is laid out with broad streets and pleasant squares.  The statehouse is a fine edifice of Gothic architecture, surmounted by a Cupola, and containing in its halls portraits of General Oglethorpe and other eminent men of early times.  Among the other prominent buildings are banks, a market house, governor's house, state arsenal, and churches.  A bridge extends to the west bank of the river.

Population: in 1810 was 1,256; in 1820 was blank; in 1830 was 1,599; in 1840 was 2,095 and in 1850 was 2,216