Montpelier, VT


Montpelier, seat of justice of Washington Co and Capital of the state of VT, is pleasantly situated amid rugged hills, 160 miles northwest of Boston and 516 miles from Washington.  Watered by Onion river and tributaries.  It is the thoroughfare and centre of an extensive trade from Boston and other points.  The dwellings are neat and handsome, and the architecture of the state capital is admired for its purity and beauty. The edifice is built of dark granite, in the form of a cross, and is of Doric order.  The centre is 72 feet wide, and 100 feet deep; the two wings are each 39 feet wide and 50 feet deep; the top of the dome is 36 feet above the ridge and 100 feet from the ground.  Montpelier is connected by railway with Burlington and Boston, and the intermediate places.

Population: in 1810 was 1,877; in 1820 was blank; in 1830 was 1,792; in 1840 was 3,725 and in 1850 was 3,210.