Natchez, MS


City, seat of justice of Adams Co, MS, situated on the east bank of the Mississippi river, 292 miles from New Orleans and 1,110 miles from Washington.  Along the river, at the foot of the bluff, which rises 200 feet from the water, there are stores, warehouses, and other buildings, but the more respectable part of the city occupies the top of the elevation, which affords fine sites for residences, and from its heights a beautiful view of the river and its banks.  Broad streets divide pleasant mansions; which indicate the wealth and taste of their owners.  Rich and varied trees lend their charms to the other attractions of the city.  Natchez is the mart of the interior of Mississippi, receiving the vast quantities of cotton and other staples, which are conveyed by numerous steamboats to New Orleans and other towns on the river.  There is a railroad, 30 miles long from Natchez to Malcom.

Population: in 1810 was 1,511; in 1820 was 2,184; in 1830 was 2,789; in 1840 was 4,800 and in 1850 was 14,201.