Oregon City


Clackamas Co, the principal settlement in the territory, and from its favorable position in the fertile valley of Willamette, or Multnomah river, 30 miles from its entrance into the Columbia, will probably become the business and political metropolis of the territory.  It is in latitude 4520' north and longitude 4545' west of Washington at the head of navigation, below the falls of the Willamette, which furnish a most valuable water power.  From Ft Vancouver, on the Columbia, it is 20 miles south, from Astoria, 100 miles southeast, and 2,171 miles northwest of Independence, on the Missouri river, which is 1,072 miles west of Washington.  Most of the settlers are Americans, and the swift tide of migration toward California, has contributed considerably to its growth.  There are a number of stores, dwellings, mill, schools &c. which are receiving accessions.

The population in 1848 was from 200 to 300; in 1850 was 702.