City, and seat of justice of Escambia county, FL, situated on the bay of the same name, in Escambia Co, about 16 miles from the gulf of Mexico, 242 miles west of Tallahassee, and 1,042 miles from Washington, is the principal port of entry and city on Florida.  The site is a low sandy plain, extending into the harbor, making it too shallow near the town for large vessels, which are obliged to anchor at a distance.  The entrance to the port is deeper than any other on the north coast of the gulf.  Five miles above the mouth, is one of the United States navy yards.  The city is parallelogram with regular streets and public squares.  It was among the earliest settlements in Florida having been founded in 1699, by a Spanish officer.

The population in 1830 was about 2,000; in 1840 was about 2,000 and in 1850 was 3,164