Petersburgh, VA


City, Dinwiddie Co, VA, a port of entry, on the south bank of Appomattox river, 12 miles from its entrance into the James, 23 miles south of Richmond, and 140 miles from Washington.  The houses, which are principally of brick, have risen on the ruins of about 400 less elegant ones that were destroyed by fire, in 1815.  Like Richmond it is situated at the foot of falls in the river, which afford valuable water power; while the barrier that they present to navigation has been surmounted by a canal, passing around the falls, and admitting boats to navigate the river 80 miles above.  Vessels of 100 tons anchor at Petersburgh; those of larger burden come to the City Point, at the confluence of the Appomattox with the James.  A railroad connects the two points; and the Washington and Wilmington railroad line communicates with the place.

The population in 1810 was 5,668; in 1820 was blank; in 1830 was 8,322; in 1840 was 11,136 and in 1850 was 14,010.