Rochester, NY


A city, seat of justice of Monroe Co, NY, situated on both sides of Genesee river, 7 miles from its entrance into Lake Ontario, 73 miles northeasterly from Buffalo, and 220 miles northwest of Albany. Three bridges, and the magnificent aqueduct of the Erie canal, span the river from the west to the east part of the city.  The public buildings are generally substantial and imposing; but the most interesting structures are the flour mills along the rapids and falls of Genesee river, where here it descends 270 feet.  Here the vast stores of wheat produced in the Genesee valley and the surrounding country, as well as the western states, are ground and prepared for market.  To its vast water power and the Erie canal, Rochester owes its prosperity and surprising growth.  Thirty years ago, the site of the city was a marshy, unhealthy wilderness; now, it is populous with men, and active with industry.

The population in 1820 was 1,502; in 1830 was 9,269; in 1840 was 20,191; and in 1850 was 36,403.