Utica, NY


Seat of justice of Oneida Co, NY, situated south of Mohawk river, 92 miles northwest of Albany, 233 miles east of Buffalo, and 388 miles from Washington.  The city is built on a pleasant slope, facing the river; its streets are generally broad and regular, and its aspect exhibits the signs of prosperity, business activity, and successful industry.  The Erie canal and the great central chain of railroads pass through Utica, and the former is here joined by the Chenango canal, which extends to Binghamton, on the Erie railroad, and furnishing an outlet for the agricultural products of the surrounding country.  Manufactures of various kinds are extensively carried on.

The population in 1820 was 2,972; in 1830 was 8,323; in 1840 was 12,782 and in 1850 was 17,565.