Seat of justice of Muskingum Co, OH, situated on the east side of Muskingum river, opposite the mouth of the Licking; and one of the most enterprising and flourishing towns in the interior of the state.  It is 54 miles east of Columbus, and 359 miles from Washington.  The river is navigable to the falls near the town; and a canal, passing round this obstruction, enables boats to ascend to Coshocton, about 25 miles above and furnishes a great water power.  A number of dams and locks in the vicinity, serve to keep in operation the various manufactories of woolen, cotton and other fabrics, which contribute to Zanesville its prosperity and importance, as well as to afford means of communication with the Ohio canal and surrounding points.  On the west bank of the Muskingum, are Putnam and West Zanesville, two flourishing villages, intimately connected with the town, not only by two bridges, but also by reciprocal interests and operations.

Population in 1830 was 3,216; in 1840 was 4,766 or including the adjacent places 7,000; and in 1850 was 7,929