Bridgeport City, CT


Bridgeport City in Fairfield Co and watered by Pequinock river and Long Island sound.  The city is built on a plain, which, as it retreats from the water, rises into an elevation that affords a fine prospect of the surrounding country, and thence spreads away into undulations and hills.  It is well laid out with handsome houses.  In the last few years especially, a large number of substantial brick stores and dwellings have added much to the appearance and wealth of the place.  The Housatonic railroad, traversing the valley of the Housatonic river, meets the West Stockbridge railroad in Massachusetts, which is the connecting link between Albany and Boston,  Several vessels sail from this port, and it would probably carry on a more extensive foreign commerce, if the harbor was not obstructed by a sand-bar, 13 feet below high-water mark.  A bridge 1,125 feet long extends across the harbor, admitting vessels through a draw. 

The population in 1810 was 572; 1820 blank; in 1830 was 2,803;  in 1840 was 4,570; 1850 was 7,560