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Williamson County, Illinois
Genealogy and History



Black Hawk War

* are men known to have lived in Williamson County

Capt West's Unit

Capt Obediah West*

1st Lt Robert West*

2nd Lt Hugh Parks*

Sgt William Henry

Sgt James Parks*

Sgt James Youngblood

Sgt Willie Scott

Cpl Martin Asbrige

Cpl Moses Odom*

Cpl Obadiah Ritch

Cpl Aaron Youngblood*

QM Lewis Herald

Pvt Washington Beasley*

Pvt Pleasant Bradley*

Pvt James Browning*

Pvt John Cane

Pvt William Finney*

Pvt Edward Franklin*

Pvt William Gibbons

Pvt Isaac Groves*

Pvt William Groves*

Pvt Augustus Henry

Pvt Jabez Hooker

Pvt Jiles Joiner

Pvt Lewis Keaster*

Pvt George Keaster*

Pvt Henry Layman

Pvt Junior Meredith*

Pvt John Murphy

Pvt William Murphy*

Pvt Andrew Parks

Pvt Samuel Parks*

Pvt Albert Provence

Pvt Thomas Pulley*

Pvt William Rau

Pvt William Rich

Pvt Seth Roper

Pvt David H Springs*

Pvt Dickson Ward*

Pvt John Ward*

Pvt Robert Watson

Pvt Jacob Welty*

Pvt Robert Worthen

Pvt Isaac Youngblood

Pvt Jonathan Youngblood

Pvt Solomon Youngblood

Pvt George Zacharias*

Capt Holeman's Unit

Capt Armstead Holeman*

1st Lt James Duncan*

2nd Lt Squire Howell*

Sgt Abraham Duncan

Sgt Joel Norris*

Sgt OH Wiley* (Oliver H)

Cpl James Norris*

Cpl John Spiller*

Cpl Willis Tiner*

Pvt Larry Boid

Pvt Alfred Chitty*

Pvt Champ T Crain*

Pvt Manuel R Crain*

Pvt Noah Crain*

Pvt Spencer Crain*

Pvt William B Crain*

Pvt Wintfrey L Crain*

Pvt Thomas Daniel*

Pvt William H Duncan*

Pvt Lewis Durock*

Pvt Solomon Fisher*

Pvt Thomas Fisher*

Pvt Isaac Gully*

Pvt Thomas Hail* (Hale)

Pvt Thomas Hancock

Pvt Reuben Herring*

Pvt William Hindman

Pvt Westley Huffman

Pvt George W Hunter

Pvt Manuel Hunter*

Pvt Thomas James

Pvt John Lastley

Pvt Isaac Lewis

Musican Thomas E Lowden*

Pvt McAlley, Archibald (?McAnally)

Pvt Ezekiel Moake

Pvt James M Nelson

Pvt Morgan Nelson

Pvt John Phenix

Pvt Harris Rawls* (Ralls)

Pvt William Rawls (Ralls)

Pvt William Rowland* (Roland)

Pvt James S Russell*

Pvt Phillip J Russell*

Pvt Byrd T Ryburn (also listed as QM)

Pvt John B Spiller

Pvt Martin B Spiller

Pvt John Stacks*

Pvt Daniel Stroud*

Pvt Levi Stroud*

Pvt William H Tarpley

Pvt Isham Tiner*

Pvt Joshua Tiner*

Pvt James Tippy*

Pvt David Williams

Pvt Tippo S Williams

Pvt Hiram Yancy*

Pvt William R Yancy*

Williamson County men in other Units

Capt George P Bowyer's Unit

Pvt Thomas Beavers*
Pvt Jesse Cleveland*
Pvt Archibald M Daniel*
Pvt James Summers*
Pvt Noah Summers*

Capt William J Stephenson

Sgt Anderson P Corder*
1st Lt James G Corder*
Pvt Robert Garrett*
Pvt William Gasaway*

Others in Regiment

Col John Ewing
Major John Dement
Major Johnson Wren
Adj John T Davis*
Pay master Josiah Denning
SGM Moses Jourdon


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