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Williamson County, Illinois
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Civil War Muster Roll Information

Williamson County Men in 13th IL Cavalry, Co I  

Name & Rank



Baker, Beverly L--Pvt Makanda (lived in Grassy Twp) died at Mound City, IL 28 Oct 1864
Baker, Alora (Alonzo) P--Pvt Makanda (lived in Grassy Twp) MO 31 Aug 1865 as Corp
Carter, David J--Pvt Stonefort died at Camp Butler on 12 Feb 1864
Durfee, William P--Pvt Stonefort MO 31 Aug 1865
Durfee, Samuel S--Pvt Stonefort MO 31 Aug 1865 as Corp
Ellige, John P--Pvt Stonefort MO 31 Aug 1865 as Corp
Garris, Elias--Pvt Stonefort MO 31 Aug 1865
McDannel, Hezekiah--Pvt Stonefort died at Memphis, TN on 23 Jul 1864
Cassels, Thomas J--recruit Stonefort died at Pine Bluff, AR on 20 Sep 1864
Durfee, James--recruit Stonefort died at Pine Bluff, AR on 08 Sep 1864
Ketchum, Jesse M--recruit Williamson Co MO 16 Jun 1865

Williamson County Men in 18th IL Infantry

Company A

Adams, Eugene J--pvt Wmson Co 09 May 1861 disch. 29 Jan 1863

Company D

Stewart, Zedde Y--corp Marion 13 Jun 1861  
Dixon, Richard--pvt Wmson Co 13 Jun 1861 re enlisted as vet
Edwards, William J--pvt Wmson Co 13 Jun 1861 re enlisted as vet
Havies. Thomas J-pvt Marion 13 Jun 1861  
Shackleford, Garland W--pvt Wmson Co 13 Jun 1861 died at Cairo 09 Oct 1861
Weaver, William--pvt Marion 13 Jun 1861 trans to Co K 31 IL Inf

Company E

Peterson, Thomas Marion 16 Dec 1863  

Company I

Buckingham, Charles-pvt Blairsville 17 Jun 1861 deserted 23 Feb 1863
Dass, Gabriel-pvt Blairsville 17 Jun 1861 wounded at Shiloh
Lipsey, Eli-pvt Blairsville 17 Jun 1861 disch. 29 Jan 1863

Company K

Harris, Lee Sullivan-pvt Wmson Co 28 May 1861 died at home 28 Aug 1861
Louden, Oliver HP--pvt Wmson Co 24 May 1861  
North, Richard-pvt Wmson Co 24 May 1861 died 20 Mar 1862 of wounds
Tyner, William HH-pvt Wmson Co 24 May 1861 disch. 09 Oct 1861 disabled
Twyor, Joshua S - pvt
(NOTE: According to a researcher:  Joshua is brother to William H.H. Tyner - the last name should be spelled TYNER.
We (G.TRAILS) checked the IL State Archives, and they have the TWYOR spelling, while the national civil war database of soldiers and sailors has the correct spelling of TYNER)
Wmson Co 24 May 1861  


Beasely, George W Wmson Co 18 Jun 1861 disch. 01 Dec 1861 disabled
Chamberland, Wm D Wmson Co 18 Jun 1861 trans to Swartz's Bat 01 Sep 1861
Claxton, Thomas J Wmson Co 18 Jun 1861  
Fanner, William R Wmson Co 10 Jul 1861  
Jordon, Elias Marion 09 May 1861 disch. 09 Sep 1862 disabled
Russell, William Wmson Co 12 Jun 1861 KIA Ft Donelson 15 Feb 1862
Russell, Felix B Wmson Co 22 Jul 1861 disch. 05 Aug 1861, minor
Stocks, Reuben Wmson Co 18 Jun 1861  
Sprague, Philip Wmson Co 18 Jun 1861  
McDowd, James Marion 06 Feb 1864  

31st Regiment of Illinois Volunteers

The regiment was organized by John A Logan in August of 1861 with 1130 men, recurited 700. , going to Camp Dunlap, near Jacksoncille, IL. From there it went to Cario, Il, where it was mustered into service on 18 Sep 1861

Their first action was seen at Belmont, MO on 07 Nov 1861. They were at Fort Henry on 07 Feb 1862, then on to Fort Donelson, TN were on 15 Feb 1862 the regiment lost 260 men. The group went by steamer to Shiloh, TN then on to Corinth, MS which the rebels had left by the time the got there. So the 31st went to Jackson, TN and remained in Western TN during the summer of 1862 near Forked Deer River, guarding the railroads In late summer they headed back to Corinth, following the rebels to Ripley, MS. They were involved in skirmishes at Chewalla, MS and Tuscumbia, MS, these ended 06 Oct 1862. The Regiment was in the first campaign by Gen Grant against Visksburg in the fall of 1862. The trrops move with Gen Grant to Lagrange, TN on 15 Jan 1863 before moving to Memphis. From there they went to Lake Providence, LA, arriving about 19 Mar 1863, from there the fighting lead them to Miliken's Bend, through Waynesboro and crossed the Mississippi River on 30 Apr 1863 below Grand Gulf. They met the rebels at Thompson's Hill on 01 May 1863 (near Port Gibson) The Regiemtn continued to fight through Ingram Heights on 03 May 1863, Raymond on 12 May 1863 and Jackson, MS on14 May 1863. The next day, they left for the march for Vicksburg. They came through a battle at Champion Hills on the 16 May 1863. They arrived in the Vicksburg, MS area 22 May 1863. The Regiment was involved in the operations including blowing up Fort Hill on 25 Jun 1863. They marched into Vicksburg on 04 Jul 1863. After the Battle at Vicksburg, they moved to Monroe, LA before making a winter camp at Black River, MS. In the spring of 1864, they traveled to Meridan, MS. The veterans of the regiment went on furlough until 19 Mar 1864, returning, the regiment camped at Clifton, TN. At Ackworth's Station, they joined Sherman's army. There were in shirmishes at Big Shanty and Brush Mountain. A battle at Kenesaw on 27 Jun 1864. The Army finally arrived at Atlanta, GA and the Regiment was involved in the Battles on 21, 22 and 28 Jul 1864. They left Atalnta and went through Lovejoy Stattion and Jonesborough. They were also with Sherman in his the pursuit of Gen Hood. They returned to Atlanta, GA about 13 Nov 1864, going with Sherman on his march to the sea.They reached Savannah, GA on 10 Dec 1864. They left GA on the Harvest Moon steamer to arrive in Beaufort, SC, were they remained from 05-13 Jan 1865. On 30 Jan 1865, They began a 54 day march through the Carolinas, through Salkahatchie, Columbia, Winsborough, Cheraw, Fayetteville, Bentonville finally to Goldsborough, NC on 24 Mar 1865. They arrive in Raleigh, NC on 14 Apr 1865.The Regiment finally arrived in Richmond, VA on 09 May 1865. They went to Washington DC on 24 May 1865, for the grand review, from there they moved to Louisville, KY, on 11 Jun 1865. On 19 Jul 1865, they regiment was mustered out of service by Lt August P Noyes. It was also mustered out at Springfield, IL on 23 Jul 1865 with 25 officers and 677 enlisted

With Sherman they had marched 2076 miles, under Grant 2000 miles. The regiment was in 14 battles and 25 skirmishes.

Co A--org in Pinkneyville, Perry Co by Capt John D Reece
Co B--org at Harrisburg, Saline Co by Capt Thomas J Crain
Co C--org at Marion, Wmson Co by Capt WA Fooney
Co D--org in Massac Co by Capt James H Williamson
Co E--org in Union Co by Capt Irvin C Batson
Co F--org by Capt John W Rigby of Caledonia, Pulaski Co
Co G--org by Capt Willis A Stricklin of Harrisburg, Saline Co
Co H--org by Capt Oramus Greenlee of Cario, Alexander Co
Co I--formed by Capt Edwin S McCook of Pekin
Co K--org by Capt Alexander S Somerville of Centralia

Company B

organized at Harrisburg, Saline Co by Capt Thomas J Cain

1st Lt Robert Lewis--Stonefort--resigned 17 Mar 1863 as 2nd Lt

2nd Lt George W Youngblood--Stonefort--died 26 Feb 1862 of wounds rec at Ft Donelson

Sgt Jacob S Stucker--Stonefort--disch. 20 Apr 1862, disabled

Cpl Augustus E Drayer--Sarahville--m/o 21 Sep 1864

Cpl Wm Allen--Sarahville--disch. 30 May 1862 order of Gen Halleck

Cpl David M Farthing--Stonefort--re-enlisted as a veteran, killed 21 Jul 1864 at Atlanta, GA

musician Thomas J Lynch--Stonefort--deserted 20 Feb 1863

Pvt Wm H Allen--Marion

Pvt Benjamin H Brown--Stonefort, died 09 Nov 1862

Pvt Shelton W Camden--Stonefort, disch. 02 Apr 1862 disabled

Pvt John D Choate--Stonefort, promted to Cpl

Pvt Jonathon C Cocherhan--Stonefort, died 04 Nov 1862p

Pvt John Carrier--Stonefort, died 29 Mar 1862

Pvt James Cassels--Stonefort, died 13 Jan 1862

Pvt Isaac W Hall--Stonefort, disch. 02 May 1862 for wounds

Pvt Frank Cline--Stonefort, m/o 19 Jul 1865

Pvt Wm E Kirby--Stonefort, disch. 20 Apr 1862 disabled

Pvt Lawson F Lewis--Stonefort, m/o 19 Jul 1865

Pvt Benjamin D Lewis--Stonefort

Pvt Thomas L Lynch--Marion, trans to Co C

Pvt Irby Pankey--Stonefort, died 05 Mar 1863 at Lake Providence, LA

Pvt John Purnell--Stonefort; Pvt John Harvey Parks--Marion, deserted 31 Dec 1862

Pvt James H Rushing--Stonefort, disch. 06 May 1862 for wounds

Pvt Isaac Robinson--Stonefort, m/o 19 Jul 1865 as Cpl

Pvt Jasper Sisk--Stonefort, m/o 19 Jul 1865

Pvt Asa Davis Smith--Marion

Pvt Riley Tolbert--Stonefort, disch. 20 Apr 1862 disabled

Pvt Lewis H Weld--Stonefort, disch. 23 Jul 1862 disabled

Benjamin S Young--Stonefort, disch. 20 Apr 1862 wounds.


Andrew J Eaton--Sarahville, disch. for long absence 30 May 1862

Joseph N Parks--Sarahville, m/o 09 Jun 1865

John A Raney--Stonefort, died 19 Nov 1863

George M Stucker--Stonefort, died 14 Feb 1863

Alexander R Willis--Stonefort, disch. 10 May 1862 disabled

Samuel T Willis--Stonefort, disch. 22 Feb 1862 wounds

James HF Williford--Marion, disch. 20 Apr 1862 disabled

Joseph W Williford--Marion, disch. 20 Apr 1862 disabled

John Webb--Marion--died 02 Mar 1862

Jonathon Webb--Marion, disch. 14 Oct 1862 disabled

31st IL Infantry
Co C

Date of enlistment was 19 Aug 1861, Date of Muster was 18 Sep 1861,
All men who were listed as mustered out did so on 19 Jul 1865 unless otherwise noted,
VET=re-enlisted as a veteran

All persons residence was listed as Marion except where noted

Capt Wm A Looney of Sarahville resigned 03 Jun 1862
Capt George W Goddard disch. 19 Oct 1864
Capt SC Mooneyham M/O
1st Lt Daniel R Pulley resigned 18 Apr 1862
1st Lt Philander Jones resigned 13 Aug 1863
1st Lt William S Morris M/O
2nd Lt John H White pormoted Lt Col, killed at Ft Donelson on 15 Feb 1862
2nd Lt James M Askew resigned 18 Dec 1862
2nd Lt Allen H Wilson M/O as Sgt
Sgt William P Jones killed near Atlanta, GA 22 Jul 1864
Sgt James F Corder died 20 Mar 1862
Sgt Alfred Hendrickson VET
Sgt Daniel Richey transfer to Corps 02 Nov 1862
Cpl James M Jewell  
Cpl John F Carter died 17 Dec 1868
Cpl Joseph L Franklin VET
Cpl Allen W Wilson VET
Cpl John H Davis VET
Cpl John W Chitty killed at Atlanta 21 Jul 1864
Cpl Thomas F O'Neal died 25 Mar 1862 from wounds
Cpl Sneed H Fulk  
musician-William Rex  
musician-John West disch. 16 May 1865, sentence if Gen court marshall
wagoner--James T Saunders disch. 02 Nov 1863
Abner, William M died at Memphis 04 Feb 1863
Abner, Paul died 08 Apr 1862
Askew, Elisha H disch. 19 Apr 1863 disable
Arnold, Samuel disch. 07 Jun 1862, order of Gen Halleck
Burns, Elisha W  
Burns, William W VET--deserted twice
Balley, Isaac  
Baker, Milo died 16 Aug 1862
Bently, Francis A transfer to Co E
Cripps, James killed at Ft Donelson on 15 Feb 1862
Crutrell, Charles W disch. 09 Dec 1862
Corder, John VET-killed at Atlanta 21 Jul 1864
Corder, Willis VET--M/O
Colboth, George W VET-M/O
Chitty, James VET-M/O
Davis, Elisha H  
Davis, John H VET-M/O
Davis, Oliver  
Dufer, James L m/o 21 Sep 1864
Edwards, William H VET-M/O as Cpl
Edwards, Charles A VET-M/o as Cpl
Ferrell, William W VET-killed at Atlanta 21 Jul 1864
Franklin, Joseph L M/O
Gasaway, Thomas M  
Gasaway, John died 21 Mar 1862
Gunter, Nathan VET-M/O
Gill, Martin V died 21 Mar 1862
Gill, Stephen T VET-M/O
Gill, Archie B died 15 Mar 1863
Gill, William T  
Groves, Levi  
Huett, Robert T disch. 07 Jun 1862
Henson, George W VET-died at Andersonville Prison 22 Aug 1864, Grave #6489
Henson, James L transfer to 1st IL Battery
Hendrickson, Andrew B VET--M/O
Hendrickson, Hillery VET-M/O
Hill, James W deserted 14 Sep 1863
Houston, Richard died 22 Apr 1862
Houston, John W  
Jenkins, Joseph of Wmson Co disch. 03 Nov 1862 disabled
Lewis, Gulford T died 26 Jun 1862
Marks, Abner VET-M/O
McDonald, James R died 25 Feb 1862
McCormick, George W transferred to Co H
Moseley, John H  
Meskil, John captured at Belmont, MO
McGowen, Silas H VET-M/O
McGowen, Alfred died at Memphis 16 May 1863
Morris, William S VET--promoted Sbt, then 1st Lt
McCoy, Milton B died 27 Oct 1861
Owens, David N VET-M/O
Owens, Thomas F killed at Ft Donelson 15 Feb 1862
Odum, Martin VET-M/O as Sgt
Odum, Edward killed at Ft Donelson 15 Feb 1862
O'Neal, Rolley S disch. 19 Apr 1862 wounds
Palmer, William disch. 07 Nov 1862 disabled
Pulley, Anderson G  
Pulley, William C  
Patterson, George W disch. 07 Jun 1862, order of Gen Halleck
Perry, Oliver H disch. 07 Jun 1862, order of Gen Halleck
Polston, Thomas J M/O 29 Sep 1864
Parsons, Charles disch. 19 Oct 1862 disabled
Rex, John  
Shrieve, Thomas MR disch. 07 Sep 1862 disable
Schafer, William VET-M/O as Cpl
Schafer, Lewsi F died at Memphis on 04 Feb 1863
Simms, John J VET-killed at Atlanta 21 Jul 1864
Stanley, Elias  
Stanley, Mark disch. 16 May 1865, sentence of a Gen Court Marshall
Simpson, John B VET-deserted 31 Aug 1864
Scott, Martin V VET--killed at Atlanta 21 Jul 1864
Staton, George A  
Simmons, William AJ disch. 07 Jun 1862, order of Gen Halleck
Stone, William R  
Teal, William died 02 Jan 1862
Teal, John died 08 Jan 1862
Turner, William L disch. 07 Jun 1862, order of Gen Halleck
Uselton, John W VET-M/O as Cpl
Violet, Seldon A killed at Ft Donelson 15 Feb 1862
Wislon, Allen M/O
Wilkins, James Y  
White, George W VET-M/O as Sgt
White, James  
Williamson, Henry died 12 May 1863
Whitaker, William VET

Recruits, Drafted and Substitute Recruits
(these men where mustered in mostly in 1864 as they were needed)

Burns, Roberts of Wmson Co died at Oxford, MS 14 Dec 1862
Brown, James W M/O
Corum, Wilson A M/O
Caplinger, Leonard T  
Chitty, Alfred P of Grassy Creek M/O
Chitty, Andrew J of Grassy Creek M/O
Dodds, Richard P M/O
Dodds, Joseph B deserted 06 Feb 1863
Eoff, William J died at Lagrange, TN 02 Dec 1862
Edwards, James P M/O
Gregory, John M/O
Gunn, Alexander Ellis M/O
Henson, Oliver P of Wmson Co Cpl M/O 06 Apr 1865
Hendrickson, Frederick H of Wmson Co VET
Hendrickson, AGW M/O
Harrison, Christopher J M/O
Hendrickson, Hollady M/O
Jewell, George WC of Northern Twp M/O 26 Jun 1865
Keaster, William F of Crab Orchard killed at Ft Donelson 15 Feb 1862
King, John deserted 10 Jul 1865
King, James M/O
King, William R deserted 30 Mar 1863
Mathis, William killed at Atlanta 21 Jul 1864
Niles, Ambrose B of Rock Creek M/O 29 May 1865
Rich, Thomas C died Memphiis 03 Aug 1863
Scott, George W died at Lagrange, TN 18 Nov 1862
Spiller, John B of Wmson Co died at Young's Point, LA 03 Aug 1863
Squires, Omer D M/O
Sanders, John T M/O
Sanders, Cyrus W M/O
White, Amzie (from Cottage Home) M/O

31st IL Infantry
Co E

Sanders, Capt James N Marion MO 19 Jul 1865
Oakes, Cpl Ily W Marion deserted 20 Apr 1862
Baker, Cpl Jonathon A Marion  
Baker, Cpl William J Marion  
Rodden, Cpl Jonathon U Marion re-enlisted as Veteran


Bush, John W Marion re-enlisted, MO 19 Jul 1865
Cox, Joshua Marion re-enlisted, MO 19 Jul 1865 as Sgt
Cook, Asa Marion re-enlisted,MO 19 Jul 1865 as Cpl
Dixon, Reuben M Marion re-enlisted
Dixon, (Dickson) William A Marion re-enlisted, MO 19 Jul 1865
Gentry, Thomas G Marion killed at Belmount 07 Nov 1861
Hawk, Frank Marion killed Burnt Bridge, TN 05 Sep 1862
McCoy, William P Marion disch. 02 Apr 1862 disabled
Mann, Albert G Marion  
McMillan, Hamilton W Marion re-enlisted, MO 19 Jul 1865
Perhamous, Thomas Marion re-enlisted, MO 19 Jul 1865
Rushing, James Marion disch. 01 Aug 1862 disabled
Tope, Frederick Marion disch. 26 May 1862 wounds
White, Thomas P Marion  


Bentley, Francis A Marion promoted 2nd Lt 9th LA Inf AD
Davis, William H Marion  
Mann, William R Marion killed Ft Donelson 15 Feb 1862

31st IL Infantry
Co F

1st Lt Goddard, George W Marion resigned 19 Apr 1862
2nd Lt Hartwell, Lorenzo D Williamson Co MO 19 Jul 1865 as Sgt
Cpl King, Robinson Williamson Co killed Ft Donelson, 15 Feb 1862
Cpl Grant, Andrew J Williamson Co died 31 May 1862


Corder, Edward P Williamson Co died 19 Apr 1862 wounds
Grant, Thomas Williamson Co killed Ft Donelson 15 Feb 1862
Hawklins, James M Williamson Co MO 07 Nov 1864
Hartwell, Riley S Williamson Co  
Lewis, George W Williamson Co dropped for long absence
Newman, John Williamson Co disch. 19 Apr 1862 disabled
Nouman, Amos Williamson Co dropped for long absence
Oglesby, George D Williamson Co disch. 27 Jul 1862 disabled
Perry, Gilbert Williamson Co  
Rose, William S Williamson Co died 04 Mar 1862 of wounds
Stovall, Miles A Williamson Co MO 31 May 1865
West, Joseph Williamson Co MO 31 Dec 1864


Hartwell, Joseph W Marion disch. 06 Mar 1865 for wounds
Lynch, Thomas Marion disch. 29 Mar 1862 disabled
Lynch, Thomas Marion MO 19 Jul 1865 as Cpl

31st IL Infantry
Co G

1st Lt Blackman, William S Stonefort MO 19 Jul 1865


Newman, Cyrus Williamson Co supposed killed at Atlanta, GA 22 Jul 1864


Dees, William H of Marion Williamson Co died 26 May 1865
Hutchinson, John H of Stonefort Williamson Co MO 19 Jul 1865
McMurphy, John Williamson Co died 02 Sep 1863
Parks, Samuel M D Williamson Co disch. 11 May 1862
Stucker, Green of Stonefort Williamson Co disch. 18 Dec 1864
Webb, William P Williamson Co disch. 27 Dec 1861

31st IL Infantry
Co H

all persons were mustered out on 19 Jul 1865 unless otherwise noted

VET=re-enlisted as a veteran

2nd Lt William A York Williamson Co M/O as Sgt
wagoner--Axom Farmer Williamson Co  
PRIVATES Williamson Co  
Arnold, James M Williamson Co  
Bowles, James W Williamson Co VET
Buckner, David B Williamson Co VET-M/O
Crane, Jasper N Williamson Co killed near Vicksburg, 22 May 1863
Cannon, Jasper N Williamson Co disch. 30 Jun 1862 disabled
Crane, Elias Williamson Co transferred to Inv Corps 27 Oct 1863
Crain, Henry H (recruit) Williamson Co discharged
Deaton, George W Williamson Co killed at Atlanta, GA 22 Jul 1864
Deaton, Joseph Williamson Co killed at Atlanta, GA 22 Jul 1864
Deaton, Dixon Williamson Co died 06 Apr 1862
Dickson, Nathaniel R Williamson Co deserted 31 Oct 1863
Joyner, William L Williamson Co disch. 27 Dec 1861 disabled
McCormick, George W of Marion Williamson Co transferred from Co C
McCormick, James Williamson Co died 06 Sep 1864
Robinson, Stephen Williamson Co  
Skipworth, Joseph Williamson Co VET-M/O
Stone, Michael Williamson Co VET
Tipp, Levi B Williamson Co VET-M/O as Cpl
Williams, James Williamson Co  
York, William A Williamson Co VET-M/O as Sgt

31st IL Infantry

Co K
2nd Lt Morris, Levi E Marion resigned 16 Apr 1862


Robinson, William Marion MO 19 Jul 1865 as Sgt
Weaver, Thomas B Marion died 10 Dec 1864
Weaver, James Marion re-enlisted, MO 19 Jul 1865
Weaver, William Marion killed by a mob


Burnes, James E Marion re-enlisted as veteran
Ginn, James Marion died 29 Jun 1862
Gibbons, Marion Marion killed near Vicksburg, 21 May 1863
Hopper, Thomas J Marion  

Unassigned Recruits

Booth, John C Marion deserted
Davis, William B Blairsville deserted
Neely, Thomas J Sulpher Springs  

Confederate Army, Co G 15th TN Infantry

Thorndike Brooks organized this unit at Marion in May 1861

They were called to service for the Confederate states 05 Jun 1861 at Union City, TN

Name and Rank


Discharged, Died (d) & other info

Bell, Pvt James VA disch. Tupelo, MS 20 Jul 1862
Brooks, Lt Col Thorndike Baltimore, MD 11 Mar 1828 wife named Mary, 3 children. Parents Chauncy & Marilla(Phelps) Brooks, He was a merchant & Planter

Lt Col Brooks' family left Marion and moved to Dalton, GA in the Spring of 1864. This was his wife, Mary, their 3 children and the children's nanny, Amanda Barrow. He was granted a pardon by president Johnson. Brooks died in 1893 in Baltimore, MD
Brown, Pvt W J KY disch. Tupelo, MS 20 Jul 1862
Cunningham, Capt Hibert A VA 08 Feb 1836 Single, Irish, Planter. Brother in Law to Gen John A Logan (see below)

Capt Hibert A Cunninghamwas on Furlough from Jun to Sep 1863 but he did not return. From Sep 1863 to Feb 1864 he was declared AWOL, in Feb 1864 listed as a deserter. He come over to the Union Side with Gen Logan. Cunningham died in 1895.
Davis, Pvt W J OH d 06 Apr 1862 at Shiloh
Dodson, Sgt G H KY deserted 28 May 1862 at Corinth, MS
Finnegan, Pvt John VA Irish, Captured Perryville, KY then served as Union Nurse
Gifford, Pvt Henry KY deserted 08 Apr 1862
Hays, 2nd Lt Harvey L KY 11 Apr 1828 Married, Irish, Planter due to drinking casheried 15 May 1862 Records are missing
Hopper, 1st Lt Henry C Brentwood, TN 26 Jan 1824 Telegraph operator widower with 5 children, resigned 14 Mar 1863 His wife died during the war.
Jent, Pvt Flemming KY 01 Jul 1862 made a teamster, deserted
Kelly, Sgt Robert R Marion, IL 26 Dec 1842 Married, Irish, Farmer Resigned 18 Aug 1861, wife ill
Kyle, Pvt J C VA disch. 14 Jul 1862 due to obesity and old age
Loew, Pvt A J TN deserted 28 Apr 1862 near Corinth, MS
McKensie, Pvt Alex Cape Giradeau, MO 19 May 1824 Stonemason 6'3" Green eyes, blond hair. disch. Tupelo, MS 20 Jul 1862
McKenelley, Pvt A R TN wounded Belmount, disch. 20 Jul 1862 at Tupelo, MS
Patterson, Pvt G L VA d 06 Apr 1862 at Shiloh
Perry, Corp G W VA deserted 01 Aug 1862
Randall, Pvt Calvin KY 24 Oct 1836 Wagonmaker 5'7" Blue eyes, Blond hair. Wounded 06 Apr 1862 at Shiloh d 22 May 1862 at Lauderdale Springs, MS
Randall, Pvt Ronald M KY 02 Jan 1836 Wagonmaker 5'6" blue eyes/blond hair wounded. disch. Tupelo, MS on 20 Jul 1862
Sherman, Pvt Gardner Jefferson Co, IN 11 Sep 1822 Farmer, 5'4" Blue eyes/blond hair disch. Tupelo, MS 20 Jul 1862
Tinker, Pvt W R TN disch. Tupelo, MS 20 Jul 1862
Walker, Pvt R L KY wounded at Shiloh disch. as a deserter 01 Jan 1863
Wallace, Pvt William MD Resigned 15 Sep 1861 at Columbus--Personal
Wandell, Sgt G W AR did not see battle. disch. 20 Jul 1862 Tupelo, MS
Wilkerson, Pvt A J TN deserted 03 Apr 1862 at Corinth
Witt, Pvt J K P AL captured 27 Jun 1864 at Kennesau MT then transfered to Camp chase in Columbus, OH
Wortham, Pvt E J J TN transferred to Capt Valentine's Cav Co 11 Oct 1861


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