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Carterville Township

ICRR depot, carterville township, il

Illinois Central Rail Road Depot
Carterville, 1910

Places in Carterville Twp

Section 3 -- Carterville was also called Smith's Folley. It was originally est by Laban Carter in 1863. 1876 map shows the Carterville PO in section 10. It wasn't until Mar of 1892 that it became a city. The town actually covers parts of sec 2, 3, 10 and 11 with a new subdivsion in sec 1. 

Section 4
-- Dago was est in 1889 on the Sprague farm about 1 mile southeast of Cambria about there Odum Concrete is today. 

Section 5 -- Fredonia was est in 1839 by William Ryburn. Fredonia is the French word for prairie. On the 1876 map is the Fredonia PO & Satation. 

Section 8 -- Russell's Corner was est in 1817 by Philip Russell and 4 sons. It was located at the Carterville/Cambria Crossroads

Section 11 -- Crainville was first est in 1834 by the Crain family and first called Crain City. 1876 map shows a PO. It was incorporated as a village in 1881.

Section 16 -- Foreville was located about where the old boat ramp made from Old Rt 13 (across from John A Logan College) The site is in the lake.  In the 1930's the whole town including the cemetery was sold to the Government. 

Sections 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23,  -- these sections are the Crab Orchard Lake at present, the Spillway is in section 18

Section 26 -- Hampton was a village whose location is now in the Wildlife Refugee.  The town was bought by the government for the Wildlife Refuge. The area is closed to the public.

Carterville Twp Churches

Name Town or section  
Eight Mile Prairie Presbyterian unknown est 1841 under the name Crab Orchard, named changed later that year
Hampton Hampton sec 27 1908 on land of EN Hampton, sold for wildlife refuge
Hayton Chapel sec 32 1908 on land of GJ North
Hurricane sec 1 est 01 Jul 1837, 1st minister James McCowen, burnt in Dec 1880, not rebuilt
unknown Christian Foreville on 1876 map, sold for the lake
unknown Christian unknown est 1846 on Eight Mile Prairie by elders AT Benson & Ulysess Heap

Carterville Twp Cemeteries -- Transcriptions

Beasley unknown original location but was moved for the lake to Carterville Community Cemetery
Bulliner sec 15 in 1908 it was on land owned by Monroe Bulliner, moved to Carterville Community Cemetery
Carterville Community sec 15 I don't know if this was an original cemetery, known moved here, Beasley, Bulliner, Foreville, Sisney, Williams and poss 2 other small cemeteries bought for the lake
Craig sec 34  
Dollar ?sec 23 moved for lake
Duncan sec 36  in 1908 on land of Thomas Chamness, 1946 Ordnance map
Elders ?sec 16 maybe Foreville
Foreville sec 16 maybe Elders or what became Carterville Community when all the smaller ones moved, land bought for the lake
Hampton sec 26  
Hillcrest in Carterville  
Hinchcliff  sec 4  
Hurricane sec 1  
Little Flock in Carterville  
McCown sec 24  
McKinney Hill sec 7  
North Family sec 29  
Oakwood in Carterville  
Russell sec 9  
Russell sec 5  
Sisney sec unknown moved to Carterville Community
Smith sec 33  
Stephens sec 26 in 1908 on land of SS Stephens, 1946 ordnance map
Chamness sec 24  
unknown sec 35 in 1908 on the land of JD Fly, found on 1946 Ordnance map
Williams sec 8 moved to Carterville Community

Carterville Twp Schools


Town or section


Carterville Grade Carterville in use
Carterville High Carterville in use
East Hampton #42 Hampton sec 26 1874 teacher LD Crain, burnt in Jan 1879 but rebuilt, sold for wildlife refuge
Eight Mile sec 5 1882 teacher AC Hentzin, in use 1908, closed for lake
Foreville #38 Foreville sec 16 land donated by Samuel Russell, in use 1908, closed for lake
Fredonia sec 5  
Gully unknown in use in 1877
Hayton #41 sec 32 est 1890 on land donated by George Hayton, in use in 1908, on 1946 map
Nelson unknown in use in 1877
North #40 sec 29 land donated by Abraham North, in use 1908, closed for lake
Stringtown #43 sec 24 est in 1884, 1908 on land of AY Yancy, closed 02 May 1941, 28 students, Bettie Chamness teacher
West Hampton sec 27 1908 on land of RP Hampton, sold for wildlife refuge
unknown sec 12 on 1876 map
unknown sec 14 on 1876 map
unknown sec 17 on 1876 map
unknown sec 18 1908 on land of FB Burns
unknown sec 35 1908 on land of JD Fly, on 1946 map

Carterville Twp Mines



02 unknown mile east of Carterville
05 unknown opened by OL Garrison & EA Hitchcock
  Hickory Hill NW of Carterville opened by Chicago & Carterville Coal Co
  Burr C  
  Madison #12  


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