Williamson County, Illinois
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Crab Orchard Township

(Rock Creek, T9-4)

Places in Crab Orchard Twp

Section 4 Attila was founded by William Mitchell, who named the town for the King of the Huns. The town was also known as Poor Do.

Section 6 Paulton was a mining town.

Section 12  There was once a place called Nixville in this section but it is now farmland

Section 18 The Burn's Settlement was 1 mile NW of Crab Orchard. It was est in 1819 by William Burns. The area was later strip mined and nothing remains.

Section 19 Crab Orchard was est about 1854 when James Furlong and Robert P Erwin opened a mill. The mill had no door making it easy to steal from, so the town became know as Steal-Easy. 

Section 24 Cawthon was est by Vincent B Cawthon. There was a post office here. People still lived here in 1900. This location has been strip mined.

Section 25 Allenby

Section 26 (village of ) Hampton

Section 28 The old Delta mine was located here.

Section 35 Absher was est by William A Absher. The name was changed to Dykersburg in Sep 1898.

Crab Orchard Twp Churches


Town or section


Church of God Paulton  
Coal Bank Springs Baptist sec 22 org 1823 by Lewis & Mary Corder
Ferrell sec 32  
Free Baptist sec 26  
Indian Camp sec 35  
Mt Pleasant Freewill Baptist sec 30 org 1839 by James E Alexander, known as "The Shed"
Pleasant Grove Methodist sec 18  
Pleasant Ridge unknown  
unknown Attila  

Crab Orchard Twp Cemeteries -- Transcriptions

Allen  sec 27
Angel farm (?)  sec 8
Attila  sec 4
Barwick (?)  sec 30
Beasley  sec 36
Campbell  sec 13
Chaney (?)  sec 32
Cline-Park (?)  sec 17
Coal Bank  sec 22
Dahmer farm (?)  sec 23
Edwards  sec 19
Farris  sec 19
Ferrell  sec 32
Henry  sec 1
Indian Camp  sec 35
Motsinger  sec 31
Mt Pleasant  sec 30
Neely sec 35
New Springs Grove sec 12 - aka Barter
Pleasant Grove sec 18
Spain sec 33 - possibly moved to Coal Banks
Thomas Pully's Farm  
Turner farm (?)  sec 27
unknown Cemetery  sec 5

Crab Orchard Twp Schools


Town or section


Arnold unknown  
Black sec 35 est 1866 Rock Prec
Crab Orchard Academy Crab Orchard est 1889 by James W Turner, opened in 1890, burnt in 1937, not rebuilt
Motsinger #63 sec 31 land donated by Jefferson Motsinger
Park's #64 sec 28 est 1862 on land donated By CL Parks, in use May 1877, 4 miles SE of Crab Orchard
unknown Attila on 1876 map, in use in 1900
unknown sec 9  
unknown sec 16  
unknown sec 23  
Saline unknown north of Crab Orchard

Crab Orchard Twp Mines


Coal Mine


on 1876 plat map


on 1876 plat map


on 1876 plat map


Old Delta


on 1876 plat map


on 1876 plat map


on 1876 plat map


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