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East Marion Township


Places in East Marion Twp

Section 3 - Franco was a mining camp on a RR line south of Pittsburg.

Section 4 - Newton (village)

Section 6 - Spillertown was first est in 1817 by Elijah Spiller. On the 1876 map, there is a coal mine. The village was not platted until Mar 1900 for Noah Payne.  The OVC & C coal mine was in town. Today about 250 people live there.

Section 18 - Monroe was est in 1837 on the farm of Johnson Wren. He never promoted the area, so know one ever lived there. It was located where the Marion Jr High now stands. Marion was est in 1839 on land donated by William and Bethany Benson. The first lots were sold on 07 Nov 1839. The first court house was built by Gabriel Sanders in 1839 for $108. The 2nd court house was built by Robert Hundly in 1858 and it burnt in 1875. The 3rd court house was built by Charles E Brush in 1886.  The 1876 map shows Marion as covering sections 18 & 19. The City of Marion actually sits on the line between East and West Marion Townships, to avoid confusion, I am just putting all the Marion things here as the court house is in the East. It covers in the East sections 7, 18, 20 and 21, on the West side sections10-16, 23 and 24.

Section 20 - Goodall's Bridge, there was a mill built here in the 1830's

Section 23 - Moller Crossroads was 4 miles east of Marion on Rt 13. It was first est by George Zachariah in 1833, it was just one house which is gone today.

Section 27 - Caplinger's Pond was est by the Caplinger Family, land entry in 1839.

Section 34 - New Dennison was est by Charles H Dennison on land he gave to the RR to build a station.  Now there are just some houses in the Ellis Community.


Group at Marion, IL

1st row: Mrs Dr Thomson, Mrs HN Boles, Mrs Shannon Holland, Mrs Mattie Bortree, Wetzel Bortree, Mrs Minnie Hall, Mrs George Goodall, Mrs Gus Brown, Mrs Dr Theo Hudson, Mrs RD Holland

2nd row: Mrs Charles Gent, Mrs Ephriam E Snyder, Mrs WH Warder, Mrs JD Hartwell,

3rd row: Mrs JD White, Mrs Wiley Cochran, Mrs WJ Aikman, Mrs WP Moore

Children: Sarah Augusta Snyder, Mary Louisa Gent, Charles Hay, and Harriet Goodall

Pictures of old Businesses

Pictures of County Buildings

Edwards Garage - garage owned by Fred and Gladys (Clayton) Edwards from collection of Robert Moake, donated by Betty Moake Williamson Co Jail in 1905
Goodall Hotel
On west side of square in Marion, 1920s
Marion, looking north, from top of court house in 1905

East Marion Twp Churches

Choir of ME church, Marion Illinois
Choir of ME Church South in Marion, IL
1st row: Loyd Hunter, SM May, Ed E Gill, JW Asbury, Earl Cline
2nd row: Fanny Davis, Fannie Hunter, Alice Samuels, Mrs Dora Evans w/o Dr Evans, Mrs Dr Baker, & Mrs Alice Cline (not pictured)


Town or section




org 1843 by Elders Briston & Hayes

Crossroads Cumberland Presbyterian

sec 9

org 1867 by Rev LG Simpson

Methodist Episcopal Church South


ME Church South, Williamson County, IL

 Methodist Episcopal Church in 1905
West Main St, Marion, IL

organized 1864 by Rev William Finley

New Dennison Baptist

sec 34


Sweet Gum Methodist


org 1845 by Rev Williams, today 1st ME Church

Zion Missionary Baptist

sec 23

org 1839, named changed to Davis Prairie Church



on 1876 map


sec 15

on 1876 map, possibly Bethlehem

unknown Baptist


org 1865, dissolved in 1870

East Marion Twp Cemeteries -- Transcriptions

AN Lodge ? sec 33 3 graves possibly moved to Rosehill
Aikman in Marion   aka Marion City
Allen-Willis ? sec 9 2 graves possibly moved to Rosehill
Barham complete in Marion
Bell-Davis ? sec 26  
Bethlehem sec 15  
Calvert sec 12  
Caplinger sec 27  
Crossroads sec 9  
Culbreath ? sec 13  
Cunningham Sec 18 was near Logan School, possibly moved to Old Marion or Rosehill
Davis Prairie sec 23  
Eaton sec 16  
Furlong sec 36  
Goodall sec 29  
Grisson sec unknown  
Hanks sec 33  
Jenkins sec 28  
Keaster ? sec 12 or 28  
Krieger sec 34 aka Ellis
Lindsey sec 26  
Maplewood   in Marion
Moore sec 34  
New Dennison sec 34  
Norman sec 5 Norman surname only, others
Odd Fellows   in Marion
Pulley sec 12  
Rains sec unknown  
Rex sec 6  
Rosehill   in Marion
Sacred Heart sec 6 Catholic
Sanders sec 8  
West-Dunn sec 15  
Worley complete  
Wright sec 8  
unknown sec 29  

East Marion Twp Schools


Town or section


Corley sec 25 or 36  
Crabtree #56 sec 22 in use in 1881
Crossroads #55 sec 9 in use in 1900, closed 1952
Marion Grade Marion  
Marion Jr High Marion  
Marion High Marion 1913 Graduating Class and Commencement Program
Moake sec 32  
Pulley sec 12 on 1876 map, Jack Keaster teacher in 1900, was 2 miles south of Marion, closed 30 Mar 1900
Ralls sec 6 1882 Ben L Washburn teacher
Spillertown #54 Spillertown  
Washington Marion in use in 1886
unknown sec 12  
unknown Marion est 1841, 1st school in Marion
unknown sec 20 on 1876 map
unknown sec 24 on 1876 map
unknown sec 31 on 1876 map
unknown sec 33 on 1876 map
Blankenship unknown 1 mile west of Marion

East Marion Twp Mines





mine #2

opened 1898 SI Coal Mining


mine #3

opened 1902 Washing CO


mine #1

opened 1893 CC Cox



opened by Big Muddy Coal & Coke



on 1876 map



opened 1901 Chicago Big Muddy Coal


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