Williamson County, Illinois
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Grassy Township

Places in Grassy Twp

Section 8 -- Snyder

Section 16 -- Cottage Home was on the Jonesboro Franklin Post Road in 1839. William Spence built the first house made of lumber, the "cottage". This is where the name Cottage Home originated. The three Baker doctors opened a store in 1884 with $3600 in stock. John Wesley Thaxton was the PM in 1892. Griffin Jacob Baker was the local doctor. Today all that remains is the church. The gravel lane which leads to the church was once the main street of town with the other businesses on either side.

Section 17 -- Head

Section 20 -- Oak

Section 20 --  Baker's Crossroads was located where Sec 20, 21, 28 and 29 meet. This area was settled by three Baker brother's: Jonathon Aaron, Benjamin Jackson and Jacob David. A fourth brother Abel, settled in Sec 33 and a sister, Rachel settled in Progress in Union Co. All where born in Mecklenburg Co, NC, in the 1830's they moved to Benton Co, TN. Abel being the first to come to ILL by 1840. The other three brothers followed in about 1853. Jonathon Aaron Baker (1821-1875) married Matilda C Sanders in Benton Co, TN he first settled in Sec 33. His three sons, Alonzo Pulaski (1848-1826), Griffin Jonathon (1851-1913) and Miles David (1853-1932) all became doctors. The doctors bought over a 1000 acres in the area, there was a church, and school on their land. They also owned a store in Cottage Home. They practiced in Grassy Twp until the 1890's or so. Alonzo seems to be the first to move going to Herrin, Griffin followed his son Carl (also a doctor) to Herrin and helped to build the hospital. Miles first went to Anna and worked at the Mental hospital there, but later joined the family in Herrin. Today this area is complete wilderness.

Section 23 -- Meade: Not certain whether this was a village or not, but in Sep 1900 Nathan Mead closed the post office there and moved to Marion

Section 25 -- Wolf Creek was est by Eli Lance.

Grassy Twp Churches


Town or section

Caney sec 14 in 1908 on land of JD Clark, 1941 listed as Caney
Chapel Hill Baptist sec 25  
Freewill Baptist Cottage Home org in 1882
Grassy Creek sec 2 org abt 1800 by a group of settlers from Granville Co, NC, in 1842 had about 80 members, 1849 disbanded, as a new church founded in Chamnesstown
New Hope Baptist sec 7 est 1905, in 1908 on land of Peyton R Baker, on 1941 map shown in sec 7
Oak Grove sec 13 on land of Frank Childers
Old Pleasant Hill sec 28  
Palestine South Baptist Wolf Creek est 1864
Pleasant Hill sec 28 est before 1876, it was a Missionary Baptist
unknown sec 7 in 1908 on land of John Tygett
unknown sec 7 in 1908 on land of a Drury
unknown sec 30 on 1876 map, in use in 1908 on land of JD Brandon

Grassy Twp Cemeteries -- Transcriptions

Allmon Family sec 29 at Cedar Point
Baker Family sec 33  
Brannon sec 18  
Cana sec 15  
Cannon Family sec 16  
Chitty sec 25  
Clark Family sec 32  
Cole-Hess sec 2  
Gentry sec 20  
Howell sec 12 in 1908 on land of Calvin D Howell, on 1946 Ordnance map
New Grassy sec 7 aka New Hope
Oak sec 17  
Oak Grove sec 13  
Ogden sec 3  
Ogden-Cox sec 2  
Old Grassy Creek sec 2 sec 2  
Old Pleasant Hill sec 29 sec 29  
Pleasant Hill sec 28 A-G H-P R-W
Skinner sec 11  
Thaxton/Mann sec 16  
Wagnor sec 1 no markers remain
Watson sec 11 in 1908 on land of JL Howell, on 1946 Ordnance map
Wolf Creek sec 25 aka Palestine

Grassy Twp Schools


or section

Baker sec 20 closed 30 Apr 1900, final teacher was JLP Hartwell
Baker sec 28 closed 19 Mar 1879
Mann #107 sec 10 land donated by Jesse Mann, in use in 1908, on 1841 map, closed when lake went in.
Miller sec 15 in 1908 on land of JB Davis, on 1941 map
Mt Cana sec 16 closed Apr 1900, David R Sanders final teacher, poss in Cottage Home
New Hope sec 7 on 1941 map, closed for the lake
Oak #109 sec 20 est in Apr 1876, in 1908 on land of M Mann
Oak Grove #102 sec 13 1879 Miss Emma Perry was the teacher.  She was arrested for whipping some boys but was aquitted. in use in 1908
Odgen #101 sec 2 1876 teacher was Fanny Fellows, consolidated w Flatts, Cooksey & Crain in southern twp to form dist #100
Wolf Creek #101 sec 25 1879 Thomas J Throgmortin teacher
unknown sec 6 on land of BH Miller
unknown sec 7 on 1876 map
unknown Cottage Home sec 16 on 1876 map, in use Jan 1879
unknown sec 24 in 1908 on land of IN Walker
Rendlemen unknown in use 1879

Grassy Twp Mines

There are no mines in Grassy Twp


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