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Herrin Township

Places in Herrin Twp
[Data supplied by Jeana Gallagher from her research and first hand knowledge]

Section 4 - Dell'Era was a mining camp est in 1900 by Louis Dell'Era and Paul Herrin. Orville and Dillard were also mining camps est about 1900. All three became a part of Freeman Spur in 1903. The mine here opened in 1908 by James R Freeman. It became a village in May 1913.

Section 8 - Chittyville was orginally settled by William Chitty.

Section 12 - Stritiz was a mining camp named for Albert C Stritiz. The mine was closed in 1938 and the towns people moved away. Today there are a few houses left.

Section 13 - a part of Johnston City (See Lake Creek Twp)

Section 17 - Mine B was located here

Section 20 - Row #7 was a mining camp located east of Herrin at 6th street for the Mine #7. There are still building foundations in the woods

Section 21 - Bandyville was est in 1836 by Perrine and John Bandy. It was also called Payneville. There are just a few houses there now

Section 24 - Prosperity was on the Herrin road just outside of Johnston City, there was once a RR Depot and mine houses.

Section 25 - New Virginia was a mining camp est in 1902 on what is now Rt 37 were the Revco Battery factory is now.

Section 26 - Fergestown was first settled by Dr Fletcher Ferges. It was locally known as Fudgetown.

Section 27 - Jefferies was a mine camp from 1904 until 1952.

Section 30 - Herrin has been called many names. Beginning with Herrin's Prairie est about 1816 by Isaac Herring along with his son in law, David Herrin. Isaac settled the prairie northwest of present day Herrin just off Herrin Street where the sewage treatment plant is now located. George H Harrison built the Harrison House in 1874, the house is all that remains of the settlement. The RR station was opened in 1895. The Post Office was first moved to what is now West Cherry Street. In 1896 Mine #7 was opened in Sec 20, in 1920 it was ran by Consolidated Coal Co. On 21 Mar 1898, Herrin was officially a city. By 1900 there were 30 mines within 6 miles of Herrin. Albert and Edward Ellis opened Ellis' department store on the corner of Main and Cherry. The 1stNational Bank opened in 1900. Malcom Zwick opened a clothes store and Vince Walker had a men's store. Joseph Berra and Louis Dell'Era ran the opera house. All the buildings are still standing, and the names and dates can still be seen. Herrin covers sections 7, 18, 19, 20, 29 and 30, it also spills over into Blairsville Twp in sections 24 & 25. The city in resent years has annexed sections 7 & 8 in West Marion

Ly-Mar Hotel, Herrin, IL
Ly-Mar Hotel in 1923

Section 31 - Pope's Highland was a mining camp est by Charles Pope for the Taylor #1 and #2 mines, it became incorporated into Energy. Energy itself, was est in 1907, and was the first mine opened by Hebert Taylor as his coal was called Energy Coal. The mining camp for the Taylor mines was called Fordville and Energy used this name for some years.
Section 33 Moake was a flag stop on the old trolley line. Mine Superintendent CR McDowell was murdered here during the Herrin Mine riots in 1922. Moake school was in this section. In 1900 there was a place called Ridge Top near the school, I think this was a mine.

Section 35 - Big Muddy was a mine camp, it was also called White Row for the mine houses.

Section 36 - Carterville Mine District was a mining camp located about where Edwards's Trailer Sales is today. In 1927 Charlie Burger's gang murdered Ethel Price and put her body in the mine shaft there.
Halfway was west of Rt 37 in the same area. It was not really a town but 3 saloons. At one time Charlie Burger owned one of them.

Unknown Location -- Dale was on the RR line in sec 21 or 28.

Herrin Twp Churches


Town or section


1st Baptist


1st Baptist Church, Herrin, IL

1st Baptist Church, Herrin, IL

Was in the 200 block of S 14th street. The church was torn down in the 1980's for a parking lot for the hospital

Energy Baptist




sec 26


St Mary's Catholic


St Mary's Catholic Church, c. 1920's

St Mary's Catholic Church, c. 1920's
W. Monroe St.



est 01 Dec 1865, on 1876 map, on Park Ave


sec 28

on 1876 map




Herrin Twp Cemeteries -- Transcriptions

Allen Hunter sec 34
Bandy ? sec 28
Bethany sec unk
Boyd sec 25
Duncan sec 11
Emerson sec unk
Ferges sec 26
Follis sec 2
Freeman Spur sec 5
Hart sec 11
Herrin City  
Jefferies Mine sec 27
McCormick sec unk
Moake sec 34
Perry Farm sec 29
Ralls sec 35
Reed sec 27
Sanders sec 35
Sanders-Stilley sec 36
St Carlos sec 19
Stritiz sec 12
unknown sec 24

Herrin Twp Schools


Town or section

Bandyville #24 sec 21 est 1868, closed 1936, across from Herrin Cemetery
Chittyville #21 Chittyville used until 1980's
Energy Grade Energy closed, students sent to Herrin
Ferges #23 sec 26 est in 1877
Herrin Grade Herrin all 4 former grade schools in town consolidated here.
Herrin High Herrin original High school built in early 1900's, New one built in 2000's
Lincoln Grade Herrin closed
Moake sec 33  
North Side Grade Herrin closed
Perry unknown in use in 1877
South Side Grade School Herrin began as Stotlar school, about 1900 housed K-8, torn down to add on to the Jr High
South Side Jr High Herrin formed out of the grade school for 7th & 8th grades in 1940's
Stotlar #25 Herrin est 1844 on land donated by Samuel Stotlar
West Side Grade School Herrin closed
unknown sec 25 on 1876 map
unknown sec 27 on 1876 map

Herrin Twp Mines

Section Mine  
04 Possium Ridge opened in 1908
08 unknown  
11 Stiritz #1 & 2 closed in 1938
12 Old Ben #18  
17 Mine A  
18 Old Squirrel  
20 Mine #7 opened 1896-1939 by Big Muddy Coal & Iron Co
22 Jefferies opened 1904-1952 by Carterville & Herrin Coal Co
24 Unknown opened 1903 by Johnston City & Big Muddy Coal
25 Unknown opened 1902 by New York Coal Co
29 unknown opened 1904 by St Louis & Carterville Coal Co
30 Nubbing Ridge opened 1900 by Alexander Coal Co
30 Taylor #3 Hemlock  
31 Taylor #1 opened by Carterville Coal Co
31 Taylor #2 opened by Carterville Coal Co
31 Walnut Ridge opened by Carterville Coal Co
32 Taylor #4 Oak Ridge opned by Carterville Mining Co
35 Big Muddy Mine opened 1910-1929
26 Carterville Mine District opened 1901-1915
  Blue Blaize #20  
  unknown Herrin Mine  


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