Williamson County, Illinois
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Lake Creek Township

Twp 8-3

Places in Lake Creek Twp

Section 1 -- Beasley's Branch is a creek where Samuel and Washington Beasley settled.
Section 2 -- Williams' Prairie is located here
Section 3 -- a large pond is on the 1876 map
Section 11 -- Dwina was est by Millard Williams. There was a post office est in 1886 and store. The name was made up. It was still a village in 1900.
Section 13 -- Pinchoff was located where sections 13, 14, 23 and 24 meet. It was est by Rev John Walker. He est a post office in 1900 along with a store, church & school. This was a rural meeting place rather than a town
Section 17 -- Shakerag was first a tavern in the 1860's named for the practice of flying a red rag when a new shipment of whiskey was in. It was east of Johnston City near where the water treatment plant is located. Diamond Lake was formed on the east side of town from an old strip mine. Jeffersonville had a post office est in 1852, as the village sprang up the name was changed to Lake Creek, now the eastern side of Johnston City. On the 1876 map the Lake Creek PO & Jeffersonville are located in sec 20.
Section 18 -- Johnston City spills over into sec 17 & 19 and part of Herrin Twp. It was named for Ben F and PM Johnson who owned the RR firm. Lake Creek post office was moved here in 1896 from Jeffersonville, but didn't change its name until 1903. In 1925, about 8000 people lived here.

Johnston City, 1946
Johnston City, Main street 1946
©Jeana Gallagher

Section 25 -- Halfway had a post office est in 1895 by Joseph Williams in his store. There were still people living here in 1900. Oak Hill had a post office est in 1871 by Vancleve Hendrickson, on the 1876 map.
Section 31 -- White Ash was a mining camp est in 1905.
Section 35 -- Prairie Hill was located here, one of the original prairies which was left off the maps. It had a post office est in 1854.
Pittsburg was a mining town est in 1909, named for the Pennsylvania city.

Pittsburg, IL             Pittsburg, IL

Pittsburg 1930's
Submitted by ©Betty Moake

Unknown Locations -- Fitts Hill Post Office might have been near the county line with Franklin Co as it is also listed on census records for that county too.

Lake Creek Twp Churches


Town or section

Harmony Freewill Baptist

sec 4

Jeffersonville Christian

sec 17

est 1864 by Elder MF Wilson
Lake Creek Baptist

sec 29

est 1852
Liberty Baptist

sec 13

est by Rev John Walker

sec 36

est 1819 by Oliver, David & James Davis
Union Grove

sec 35

est 1859 by Horton K Hendrickson, a mile SW of Squat Church
William's Prairie Baptist

sec 11

est 1861
unknown German church

sec 8


sec 30

on 1876 map

sec 33

on 1876 map

Lake Creek Twp Cemeteries -- Transcriptions

Baiar sec 17
Becker sec 16
Casey Family sec 30
Doty sec 32
Everett sec 26
Frank Brown Farm sec unk
Grant sec unk
Harmony Churchyard sec 4
Harris sec 15
Hartwell sec 28
Hendrickson sec 26
Hendrickson sec 25
Huck sec 17
Jacob Hunter Family sec 30
Johnson City  
Lake Creek Churchyard sec 29
Lakeview sec 17
Murphy sec 15
Old Weaver ? sec 23
Pike Family sec 19
Sanders sec 35
Sanders sec 31
ShakeRag sec 17
Stilley sec 11
Strunk sec 19
Struth sec 11
True Family sec 22
Union Grove sec 35
White Ash sec 31
Williams' Prairie sec 11

Lake Creek Twp Schools


Town or

Fowler #18

sec 22


sec 15

Hickory Thicket


in use in 1877
Liberty #6

sec 13

at Pinchoff
Liberty #16


Pittsburg High School


Union Grove

sec 35

on 1876 map
Walker #8


in use in 1871
William's Prairie #10

sec 11

on land donated by Wm Stilley, burnt in 1875, new one built in Aug 1876

sec 28

on 1876 map

sec 26

on 1876 map

sec 8

on 1876 map

sec 5


Lake Creek Twp Mines



01 unknown opened by W C & C - not worked
08   opened 1903 WCM Co
12   opened by Madison Coal Co
14   opened 1904 by BMC & I Co
18   opened by Concolidated Coal St Louis
19   opened 1902, closed 1930 due to flooding
19 4 C's opened 1900 by Chicago & Carterville Coal
23   opened 1904 by Anderson Coal Co
24   opened 1897 by Williamson County Coal
25   opened 1901 by SS Coal
26   opened 1903 by Daniel K Coal Co
28   opened by RD Coal Co
29 Old Ben #17  
30   opened by Williamson County Coal
31   near White Ash, opened 1903-1922; Charles Agent operated
32 Mine #1 opened by Standard Collieries Co
33 New Ohio #2 opened by Big Muddy Coal Co
33   opened 1890 by Chicago & Herrin Coal Co
34 Mine #2 opened 1899 by CC Coal
34 Mine #3 opened 1903 by CC Coal
35   near Pittsburg, opened 1906 by Colp Coal Co; sold in 1918
36 New Ohio #3 opened 1915 by Big Muddy Coal Co
  East Side Mine Winter of 1924, 33 miners died


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