Williamson County, Illinois
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West Marion Township

Saline (T10-4)

Places in West Marion Twp

Section 1 -- Cedar Grove & Dog Walk
Section 2 -- There was a place named Pollard at one time and an unknown cemetery is in this section.
Section 3 -- Crenshaw, site of 22 Jun 1922 riots at Lester Mine
Section 7 -- Eden Park is located on several maps but I don't know if there was ever a town there. What ever was there gave way to the Egyptian Drive-in which was open until 2000.
Section 12 -- Scottsboro was north of Marion on what is now N Carbon St, it was later incorporated into Marion. There was an unknown church here in 1876.
Section 13 -- Vicksburg was more like a neighborhood, it was later incorporated into Marion
Section 16 -- Bainbridge was the first real village in the county. There was a buffalo trail that came through as well as the trails from Ft Massac, Lusk's Ferry and the Shawneetown trail, all met here before going to Kaskaskia. Bainbridge was the first county seat until 1839 when it was moved to Marion. In 1839 the Jonesboro Frankfort Post trail came into the village. 1876 map has the Bainbridge PO & Station in section 17. As Marion grew Bainbridge declined and today nothing remains but a few houses.
Section 18 -- Gent City was on the RR line, probably a station.
Section 26 -- Timmons was on the RR Line, probably a station.

Sections 20, 21, 22 and 29-36 are all in the Wildlife Refuge

West Marion Twp Churches


Town or section

Bainbridge Missionary Baptist sec 16  
Cedar Grove Methodist sec 1  
unknown sec 3  
unknown sec 11 on 1876 map
unknown sec 36 on 1876 map

West Marion Twp Cemeteries -- Transcriptions

Bainbridge Cemetery sec 16 aka Dunaway
Cagle ? Cemetery sec 19  
Camp Ground Cemetery sec 11 aka Perry
Cedar Grove Cemetery sec 1  
Chamness Cemetery sec 31  
Chenoweth ? Cemetery sec 25  
County Farm ? Cemetery sec 12  
Crain-Pike-Vick ? Cemetery sec 22 near old golf course
East Lawn Memorial Gardens sec 8  
Holeman ? Cemetery sec 15 near Moore Park
J Chamness Cemetery sec 29  
Jasper White Cemetery sec 9  
Lawrence  Cemetery sec 9  
McAlpin Cemetery sec 17  
McIntire Cemetery sec unk  
Pigeon Creek Cemetery sec 19  
Robert Cemetery sec unk  
Samuels Cemetery sec 30  
Skaggs Cemetery  sec 35  
Sparks Cemetery sec 2  
Spiller Cemetery sec 9  
Stroud Cemetery sec 3  
Vernon ? Cemetery sec 15  
W Chamness Cemetery sec 20  
Watson Family Cemetery sec 14  
Wiggs Cemetery sec unk  
Wilson-Frick Cemetery sec 18  

West Marion Twp Schools


Town or section

Chamness #45 sec 19  
unknown sec 10 on 1876 map
unknown sec 21 on 1876 map
unknown sec 26 on 1876 map
unknown sec 29 on 1876 map
Moake unknown  

West Marion Twp Mines



01 Mine #2 opened 1898 by SI Coal Mining
01 Mine #3 opened 1902 by Washing Coal
02 CC Cox #1 opened 1893 by CC Cox
02 unknown opened by Big Muddy Coal & Coke
03 Watson #1 opened 1904
12 Mine #3 opened 1910
32 unknown opened 1901 by Chicago Big Muddy Coal Co


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