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Williamson County, Illinois
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1883 Pensioners on the Roll

Source: List of Pensioners on the Roll January 1, 1883
Washington Government Printing Office, 1883

Transcribed for Genealogy Trails by Jeana Gallagher


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Adams, James L Marion wound head 24  
Adams, Richard Crab Orchard ch diarr 8  
Akin, Columbus C Lake Creek wound L shoulder 8  
Allen, James E Crab Orchard dis eyes and ears 12 Aug 1880
Allen, William Carterville bronchi, rheum, heart dis 8 Jul 1881
Anderson, Charlotte P Sulphur Spring widow 8 Apr 1868
Anderson, Francis M Sulphur Spring wound L lung 10  
Anderson, George W Sulphur Spring wound L thigh 12  
Armes, William L Corinth ch diarr 4 Nov 1881
Arms, Sarah A Corinth wdiow 8 Dec 1881
Armstrong, Fisher Cottage Home dis spine 4 Dec 1882
Baker, John R Attila wound R arm 8  
Barwick, Eliza J Crab Orchard widow 8 Oct 1872
Bearley, George W Carterville minor of 10 Mar 1877
Beasley, James D Carterville wound L fore finger, dis kidneys, scurvy, loss of teeth 8 Jan 1882
Bennett, Arthur Marion inj R foot 4 Feb 1881
Bennett, William JG Carterville ch diarr & results 6 Nov 1879
Bones, Thomas Crab Orchard wound L hand 18  
Boyd, William Corinth depnednet father 8 Aug 1876
Brewer, Jasper M Crab Orchard ch rheu, dis kidneys 6 Jun 1881
Brown, John Lake Creek frac tibia 12  
Brown, Mary Lake Creek widow 8  
Bryant, John W Marion minor of 14 Jun 1882
Cagle, Timothy Carterville rheum, liver dis 8  
Cain, Nancy Marion dep moether 8 Aug 1881
Campbell, Harriet Blairsville widow 8  
Carter, Bailey Marion effects impure vacine 8 Aug 1878
Carter, Serena Wolf Creek widow 1812 8  
Chadowins, Thomas B Marion wound body & effects 18  
Chamness, Michael M Marion wound L thigh 2 May 1882
Chitty, Benjamin F Pulley's Mill inj to abd 4 May 1882
Clark, Thomas J Lake Creek wound back of neck 2 Aug 1881
Cline, Mitchell Crab Orchard wound R forearm 18  
Copher, Lucinda A Marion widow 8  
Corder, Edward Crab Orchard wound L leg 12  
Corder, Joel F Marion dis lung 8  
Cox, Joshua Cottage Home dis lungs, chr diarr 4 Dec 1882
Cox, Martha J Cottage Home widow 8  
Crain, Louisa Wolf Creek widow 1812 8  
Crain, Silas G Carterville ch diarr, dis lung 8 Jun 1882
Cravens, John M Carterville dis lungs 4 Dec 1882
Creal, Edward Sulphur Spring inj abd 10  
Creath, George Carterville dis heart 8  
Davis, James A Crab Orchard Sunstroke 8 Apr 1878
Davis, John H Crab Orchard mal poison, dis liver, spleen 4 Jun 182
Davis, John M Marion inj breast 12  
Davis, Lucy Marion dep mother 8 Apr 1882
Davis, Thomas Crab Orchard ch diarr 4 Aug 1882
Davis, Thomas R Marion spinal irrita from typhoid    
Davis, William T Crab Orchard ch bronchi 8 Aug 1881
Davison, John F Marion wound R tinia 24  
Doering, Adolph Marion abd dropsy 8  
Dorris, James Corinth dropsy 8 Mar 1882
Dorris, Thomas M Corinth dis lungs 6 Mar 1882
Dorris, William A Corinth wound R arm 6  
Dougherty, Fanny Herrin's Prairie widow 8  
Dougherty, Sidney A Lake Creek widow 8 Apr 1882
Dressler, Elizabeth Corinth wdiow 8 Apr 1866
Dunihoo, James H Carterville wound R thing, inj abd 18  
Duty, James Crab Orchard ch bronchi, aphonia 8 Nov 1881
Eaton, Mariah Marion widow 10 Jan 1880
Edmons, James J Herrin's Prairie wound L shoulder 8  
Edwards, William H Marion wound L arm 6  
Ellis, George W Marion wound R heel 6  
Ennis, John Carterville wound R foot 5  
Fagg, Susanna E Corinth widow 8  
Felts, Benjamin R Lake Creek wound R arm 18  
Fevash, David Corinth scurvy, dis gums, lower ext 6  
Fly, Isaiah L Wolf Creek wound L hand 4 Dec 1881
Fowler, James M Marion dis lungs 4 Jul 1882
Fowler, William T Marion bronchitis 10  
Franklin, Elizabeth Z Crab Orchard widow 8  
Frasier, William A Corinth wound face 4 Jul 1881
Gaskill, James Marion dis L leg 4 Oct 1880
Gasnell, Eliza A Blairsville widow 8  
Gentry, Martin Cottage Home wound neck 2 Apr 1878
George, Jennette Sulphur Spring widow 8 Jul 1870
Gibbs, Emily R Marion widow 8 May 1880
Gray, William Marion dis L foot and ankle 12 Oct 1881
Gregory, John Crab Orchard wound L arm 4  
Grisham, Sanders Corinth wound R hand 8  
Groves, Levi Marion wound L hip 18  
Haller, Israel Crab Orchard wound L arm 8  
Harris, Hester Carterville dep mother 8 Mar 1880
Hartwell, John L Marion deafness L ear 1 Oct 1880
Hartwell, Joseph W Marion loss L arm 24  
Hastings, William Crab Orchard wound L leg 8  
Hawkens, James M Marion wound R tigh, inj abd 4 Jun 1880
Hedges, Daniel Corinth wound R leg 2  
Henderickson, Eliza C Marion widow 8  
Henry, Louisa B Crab Orchard dep mother 8 Aug 1872
Henry, Wilson Corinth dis heart, lungs 6 Nov 1881
Hess, Perry Carterville wound L hand, loss 2 fingers 4  
Hunter, Mary Marion widow 1812 8 Sep 1878
Isaacs, Harvey Corinth wound R arm, side 6  
Jenkins, Joseph Crab Orchard ch diarr, rheu pains 14  
Johnson, Asenath Corinth Dependent mother 8 Apr 1876
Johnson, James T Sulphur Spring heart dis, enlarged spleen 12  
Johnston, James O Corinth scurvy 4  
Jones, Bivin U Crab Orchard dis lungs 8 May 1882
Jones, Scott Corinth ch diarr, dis lungs 8 Jul 1882
Jones, Willis J Carterville ch erysipelas 2  
Kidd, William R Crab Orchard ch diarr, dis lungs 8 Nov 1882
King, James Crab Orchard wound L hand 6  
Kirk, Ulysses Cottage Home dis abd 6  
Lamaster, George W Marion Atrophy of muscles 18  
Lambert, John Attila widow 8  
Lasley, Eliza Corinth dependent mother 8 May 1880
Leach, Jane A Blairsville widow 10  
Locklear, Lovett Corinth ch diarr 6 Dec 1882
Loer, Margaret J Corinth minors of 10 Mar 1871
Luckey, James M Marion dis lungs, heart, atrophy L arm & leg 12  
Lundy, Richard P Sulphur Spring id lungs, heart, kidneys 18 Jun 1882
Mandrell, Alfred D Crab Orchard wound R thigh 8  
Mann, William Cottage Home wound R foot 12  
Martin, John Crab Orchard inj to abd, bronchi 14 Jun 1880
Mathews, John N Crab Orchard loss 3 fingers R Hand, 2 fingers, thumb L hand 24 Apr 1869
McAnnelly, John Marion ch bronchi, dis heart 6  
McClintock, Thomas E Corinth dis lungs 4 Jun 1882
McCown, Leny A Marion widow 8  
McIntosh, Susannah Carterville widow 8  
McIntwiff, ALfred B Marion chr diarr 4 Mar 1882
McKeon, Robert L Marion wounf L leg 6 Mar 1878
McKinney, James H Marion scurvy 8  
McMillan, Elizabeth Wolf Creek widow 1812 8 Mar 1879
Moeser, Joseph Lake Creek wound R leg 12  
Mooningham, Solomon H Marion wound R leg 15  
Moore, John T Carterville wound L jaw, L breast 6 Jan 1880
Moseley, Elizabeth E Crab Orchard widow 8  
Motsinger, Felix J Crab Orchard ch diarr, bronchitis 8  
Motsinger, Howell J Crab Orchard dis lungs 12 Apr 1880
Neal, Early, BO Corinth rheum 8 Nov 1878
Norman, Francis M Marion loss R eye, inj abd 20  
Odom, Archibald Marion inj R for & scurvy 6 Oct 1880
Odom, Nancy FE Corinth widow 8  
Ollis, Daniel W Marion inj L hip 4 Jun 1882
Ouley, Mary Carterville widow 8 Apr 1867
Owen, John Marion wound head, R shoulder & thigh 8 Nov 1881
Parks, Felix M Crab Orchard ing R arm, wound R leg, ch diarr 6 Jun 1882
Parks, Jasper N Crab Orchard dis kidneys, spine 14  
Parks, William R Crab Orchard dis lungs 8  
Peebles, Ann Crab Orchard widow 8  
Perrine, Nimrod G Lake Creek wound R thigh, hip 6  
Peterson, Elijah Carterville scurvy 8  
Peterson, Monroe Marion inj R hip, sciatica 8 Apr 1882
Phelps, Theresa C Sulphur Spring widow 8  
Pike, Cynthia Ann Marion dep mother 8 Jan 1871
Pool, Ephriam Crab Orchard wounf L arm 18  
Potter, Susan E Crab Orchard widow 8 Jun 1870
Price, Elza Corinth result sunstroke 8  
Ptivett, Isaac N Marion chr diarr, dis of abd 8 Jan 1882
Pulley, Amanda Marion widow 30  
Pulley, Anderson G Marion chr rheuma 8 Apr 1882
Ray, Mary P Marion widow 8  
Reed, William H Crab Orchard wound R thigh, L leg 10  
Reed, William R Wolf Creek wound L hip 12  
Reel, Jacob Lake Creek anch both ankle joints 8  
Reisinger, Jacob Lake Creek gun shot wound L hip 8  
Rex, William Marion chr diarr 4 Nov 1882
Richardson, John H Wolf Creek dis lungs 4 Jun 1880
Robertson, Malvinah Sulphur Spring widow 8  
Robinson, Malinda C Marion widow 10 Jun 1876
Robinson, William Corinth wound R side 2 Jun 1879
Rodman, John A Carterville epilepsy 8  
Rogers, Elizabeth Corinth widow 8  
Russell, Philip T Blairsville nerv prostrat from typhoid, ch diarr, dis abd 6 Apr 1882
Sanders, James M Marion loss R Arm 24  
Sanders, James N Cottage Home wound L ankle, shoulder 12  
Seay, Jesse Marion serv 1812 8 Jun 1872
Shackleford, Harvey W Marion anch R elbow joint from small pox 8 May 1880
Shaw, Charity Marion dep mother 8 Jul 1872
Shaw, Francis W Corinth widow 8 Mar 1869
Shaw, John M Carterville sunstroke, nervous prostra 6 Aug 1880
Sims, Mathew D Crab Orchard loss L index finger, dis lungs 12  
Sinks, Elizabeth Lake Creek widow 8  
Skinner, Nelson Wolf Creek wound R ankle 4 Jun 1882
Smiley, James A Corinth wound L middle finger 6  
Smith, Joseph M Marion wound R forearm 6 May 1878
Smith, Peter Carterville loss L Leg & effects 24  
Southerland, Thomas Herrin's Prairie ch diarr 8  
Springs, Moses Marion scurvy 6 Jan 1882
Stanley, Sarah A Pulley's Mill widow 1812 8 Nov 1880
Starrick, Charles F Marion part blindness 24  
Stephens, David Herrin's Prairie dis eyes 6 Jul 1882
Sterns, Thomas E Carterville dis lungs 4 Jun 1882
Stotlar, Bennett H Carterville wound L leg, inj chest 14  
Stottlar, Thomas Carterville wound L arm 18  
Stroud, Nancy J Ward's Mill dep mother 8 Jun 1871
Tarpley, Charles C Crab Orchard ch diarr, vari veins 8 Aug 1880
Taylor, James Sulphur Spring inj L hand, arm from erysip 12 Oct 1878
Thomas, Mary Wolf Creek widow 1812 8  
Thompson, Samuel Attila dis lung 8 Aug 1880
Thompson, Solomon Crab Orchard epilepsy 8 May 1880
Tippy, Levi Carterville wound R chest 4  
Travelstead, Daniel W Crab Orchard inj spine 4 Apr 1882
Trout, Cornelia Marion widow 8  
Waldron, Catharine Carterville widow 8  
Ward, Jospeh R Marion gen debil, result of scurvy 12  
Watson, Martha Pulley's Mill widow 1812 8 Sep 1880
Weaver, Benjamin S Corinth inj abd 8  
Weeks, William Attila dis lung, ch diarr, dis abd 12 Oct 1880
West, Obediah Crab Orchard surv 1812 8 Jul 1871
White, James Marion wound L hand 8  
White, Thomas C Carterville wound R thigh 4 Oct 1879
Whitlock, Mary EJ Marion widow 12  
Wicks, James Marion wound R tibia 12  
Williams, James Corinth ch diarr, dis abd 4 Jul 1882
Williams, Noah L Marion loss index & lit finger L Hand 6 Aug 1878
Wilson, Allen H Crab Orchard ch hepatitis 6 Mar 1880
Winters, Edmund H Crab Orchard rheu, wound thigh 10  
Wyatt, Francis M Carterville dis lung 6 Mar 1882
Yancy, Richard K Marion dis eyes 24 Dec 1881
Youngblood, James H Marion minor of 2  


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