Williamson County, Illinois
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Schools in Williamson County, IL

Source: GNIS

Typically, Illinois State law required a school for every 2 mile square or a sc hool house in close proximity of where the four corners of a township section met.  Since each township has 36 sections, rule of thumb by state law is that there would be 9 school houses per township.




(**this is a GNIS Map Designation,
not necessarily the name of the town
the school was located in.)

Armstrong School (historical) 374010N 0890148W Crab Orchard Lake
Arnold School (historical) 374012N 0884652W Crab Orchard
Black School (historical) 374202N 0884335W Carrier Mills
Brainate School (historical) 374323N 0885917W Marion
Cambria Elementary School (historical) 374656N 0890722W Herrin
Carterville Elementary School 374552N 0890448W Herrin
Carterville High School 374512N 0890429W Herrin
Center School (historical) 374911N 0884548W Pittsburg
Central School (historical) 374406N 0884545W Crab Orchard
Chamnesstown School (historical) 374311N 0890135W Crab Orchard Lake
Cherry Valley School (historical) 374147N 0885228W Crab Orchard
Chittyville Public School (historical) 375001N 0890117W Herrin
Concord School (historical) 374726N 0884801W Pittsburg
Cooksy School (historical) 374009N 0885904W Marion
Corley School (historical) 374200N 0885011W Crab Orchard
Crab Orchard High School 374334N 0884823W Crab Orchard
Crabtree School (historical) 374323N 0885227W Crab Orchard
Crain School (historical) 373905N 0890113W Crab Orchard Lake
Crainville Elementary School 374504N 0890359W Herrin
Creal Springs Elementary School 373702N 0885011W Creal Springs
Donelson School (historical) 373754N 0885135W Crab Orchard
Douglas School (historical) 374332N 0885549W Marion
Dykersburg School 374144N 0884456W Carrier Mills
East Hampton School (historical) 374151N 0890332W Crab Orchard Lake
Energy Elementary School 374624N 0890133W Herrin
Flat School (historical) 374107N 0890100W Crab Orchard Lake
Fountain School (historical) 373851N 0885651W Marion
Free Silver School (historical) 373637N 0884804W Creal Springs
Goodhope School (historical) 373637N 0885711W Goreville
Hayton School (historical) 374144N 0890723W Crab Orchard Lake
Herrin High School 374834N 0890119W Herrin
Herrin Junior High School 374746N 0890133W Herrin
Howerton School (historical) 373644N 0885229W Creal Springs
Hurst Elementary School (historical) 375014N 0890815W De Soto
Jefferson Elementary School 374919N 0885558W Johnston City
Jefferson Elementary School 374414N 0885506W Marion
John A Logan College 374452N 0890520W Crab Orchard Lake
Johnston City High School 374936N 0885528W Johnston City
Kimmel School (historical) 373810N 0885405W Marion
Lantz School (historical) 374010N 0885645W Marion
Lincoln Elementary School 374903N 0884719W Pittsburg
Lincoln Elementary School 374338N 0885611W Marion
Lincoln Elementary School 374828N 0890116W Herrin
Longfellow Elementary School 374321N 0885635W Marion
Mann School (historical) 374003N 0890544W Crab Orchard Lake
Marion High School 374255N 0885640W Marion
Marion Junior High School 374348N 0885634W Marion
Mayhew School (historical) 374344N 0884336W Carrier Mills
McKinley School 374414N 0885602W Marion
Menes School (historical) 373637N 0885900W Goreville
Miller School (historical) 373845N 0890455W Crab Orchard Lake
Mission Ridge School (historical) 374339N 0885722W Marion
Moak School (historical) 374029N 0885404W Marion
Motsinger School (historical) 374202N 0884813W Crab Orchard
New Hope School (historical) 374022N 0890801W Carbondale
North School (historical) 374256N 0890732W Carbondale
North Side Elementary School 374831N 0890149W Herrin
Oak Grove School (historical) 373653N 0884620W Creal Springs
Oak Grove School (historical) 373909N 0890321W Crab Orchard Lake
Oak School (historical) 373834N 0890712W Crab Orchard Lake
Odumburg School (historical) 373857N 0884957W Crab Orchard
Ogden School (historical) 374041N 0890317W Crab Orchard Lake
Parks School (historical) 374212N 0884549W Crab Orchard
Pendleman School (historical) 373646N 0890604W Lick Creek
Pittsburg High School      
Pleasant Valley School (historical) 373653N 0884418W Stonefort
Poplar Grove School (historical) 373639N 0890129W Lick Creek
Robinson School (historical) 373827N 0885904W Marion
Saint Marys School 374814N 0890147W Herrin
Saint Pauls School 374909N 0885537W Johnston City
Sarildia School (historical) 373735N 0885542W Marion
School Number 38 (historical) 374425N 0890634W Crab Orchard Lake
Shelton School (historical) 374037N 0884352W Carrier Mills
Skaggs School (historical) 374134N 0885658W Marion
South Side Elementary School 374747N 0890133W Herrin
Southern Illnois University 374407N 0890317W Crab Orchard Lake
Stone School (historical) 374424N 0890820W Carbondale
Stringtown School (historical) 374324N 0890311W Crab Orchard Lake
Sunnyside Public School (historical) 374813N 0890306W Herrin
Thorn Thicket School (historical) 374139N 0885441W Marion
Tulley School (historical) 374520N 0885009W Pittsburg
Union Grove School (historical) 374724N 0885010W Pittsburg
Washington Elementary School 374915N 0885522W Johnston City
Washington Elementary School 374352N 0885525W Marion
Washington School (historical) 374358N 0885545W Marion
West Hampton School (historical) 374204N 0890449W Crab Orchard Lake
West Side Elementary School 374801N 0890203W Herrin
Whiteoak School (historical) 373643N 0885425W Goreville
Wilson School (historical) 374322N 0885011W Crab Orchard
Wright School (historical) 373815N 0884709W Crab Orchard


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