1934 - St. Paul's United Church of Christ Confirmation Class

Information on individual classmates was given by Robert (and Doris) Wyss,
and other family members from this class

1) Norma Kalkwarf was married to 1) William Turner, 2) John Barth. Both are deceased, obit
2) Ruth Meils married a gentleman from Toluca (Clanon)
3) Berniece Schmillens married Alfred Baumann. He was born 29 Jun 1911 and died May 1981. Berniece died July 28, 2008, obit.
4) Lorraine Feken married Kenneth Weppler. Lorraine is deceased
5) Rev. Paul Buchmueller - He was installed as pastor in July 1920. He was qualified in Christian Education and music. Under his leadership, the Sunday School was re-organized, a program was included for the training of the teachers for Sunday School, the choir work increased and an orchestra was organized (currently disbanded). He was born 13 May 1878, died August 1966 in Marshalltown, Marshall, Iowa.
6) Emma Cremer married Eugene Petri. He was born 31 Jul 1917 and died 27 Dec 2004, obit.
7) Mildred Barth married Elmer Falk. He was born 24 Feb 1920 and died 2 Aug 1996
8) Irene Robertson married Leland Sommerfield
9) Ruth Heilcher is deceased
10) Ruth P. Kettwich married Gustaz 'Gus' Timmerman (1920-1971) on July 24, 1941 in Minonk.
11) Clarence Johnson married Lorene Folkerts (# 12). Clarence was born 24 May 1920 and died May 1981
12) Lorene Folkerts married Clarence Johnson (# 11). Lorene was born 21 Apr 1920 and died 24 Jun 1992, obit
13) Merle Smith
14) Zelda Seggerman moved to Davenport, Iowa. She married Kenneth Beal on Feb 24, 1939, obit
15) Elden Uphoff is deceased, married a Lutjens.
16) Pearl Marie Kleen was born April 7, 1918, died Jan. 31, 1965 and is buried at St. Joseph Cemetery in El Paso. She married Joseph Higgens in 1951.
17) Elmer Falk married Mildred Barth. Elmer was born 24 Feb 1920 and died 2 Aug 1996.
18) Zelda May married Robert Blough.
19) Donald Reeves lives in Chicago
20) Ann M. Kleen married William Herman in 1941. She was born Feb. 7, 1920.
21) Arthur Harms died in Florida, May 15, 1974 - obit. He married Lena S. Adams. She died October 1939 - obit.
22) Bernice E. Gerdes never married. Bernice was born in 1919. She is deceased
23) John Shuck married a Frances Peters. Frances was born to Harry and Elisa Woltzen Peters on Feb. 19, 1931.
24) Raymond Ruestman married Helen Cable.
25) Robert Wyss married Doris Janssen
26) Raymond Seggerman was born in 1917, married Elizabeth Moritz. In 2002 he hung himself after giving his ailing wife an overdose of insulin, obit
27) Elmer Stalter married Adel Dovey. Elmer was born 13 Nov 1919 and died 18 Oct 1997
28) Harold Meinhold married Gladys May


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