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The Parrot Staff wishes to express their appreciation to all those who helped, through their cooperation and support, to make the Parrot a success this year. We wish to thank the members of the faculty, particularly Mr. Maxey, our adviser, Mr. Schertz, our principal, and Mr. Ryan, our publisher. Also to our subscribers and advertisers, we extend sincere thanks...The Staff.

Principal, Science
Goshen College
University of Chicago

Girls' Physical Education
Illinois State Normal University


Coach, Manual Training, Mathematics
Northern Illinois State Teachers'

Latin, History, Dramatics, Declamation
Illinois State Normal University
University of Chicago

Home Economics, General Science, Librarian
Western Illinois State Teachers'

Agriculture, Biology
Eureka College
University of Illinois

English, Music
Parrot Adviser
Lombard College
Western Illinois State Teachers'

Betty Kern
Daniel Walters
Elmer Kiesewetter
Norma Mahoney

Virginia McLaughlin
Duane Schierer
Viola Obery
Gertrude Fagot

Benjamin Streid
Edna Mae Clark
Julia Rose Shea
Herman Nauman

Walter Anliker
Marguerite Roth
Eldon Christ
Betty Hodel

Roland Defenbaugh
Loretta Eichhorn
Edward Wernsman
Eva Belsly

Valedictorian - Loretta Kay Eichhorn
Salutatorian - Edna Mae Clark
High Scholarship Honors - Betty Ann Hodel, Elmer Leo Kiesewetter
American Legion Awards - Loretta Kay Echhorn, Elmer Leo Kiesewetter

Junior Class

John Voelker, Clifford Belsly, Bernadine A. Scheirer, Velda Regele, Joyce Gabber, Margaret Christ, Eugene Elbert, Austin Stivers. Ralph Schrock, Francis Kiesewetter, Dean Keintzinan, Arthur Schertz, Robert Pedrick, Donald Noe, Harold Grove. Bernadine M. Schierer, Mildred Anliker, Dorothy Roth, Dolores Klein, Dorothy Reynolds, Irnogene Robertson, Vincent Heinz, Arthur Kennel, John Glaub, Keith Zoss, Clark Giles, Lee Cross, Dean Robinson, Adviser Miss Malkus.

Twenty-seven jolly juniors are waiting to fill the place of the seniors on their leaving. The officers of this peppy group are-Pres., Arthur Schertz; V. Pres., Keith Zoss; Sec, Bernadine M. Schierer; Treas., Donald Noe. On October 28, 1938, the juniors gave their class play, "Girl Shy," which was a big success.

Many of the boys participated in sports. In baseball, Keith Zoss, Arthur Schertz, Austin Stivers, John Glaub, Arthur Kennel, and Donald Noe earned letters.

In basketball, Keith Zoss, Arthur Schertz, John Glaub, Donald Noe, and Vincent Heinz earned letters. In track John Glaub received his third letter.   Clifford Belsly has served as a great manager.

The Junior-Senior Banquet was held at the University club, Peoria, on April 29. The banquet .proved a grand success. The guests think the juniors are quite ambitious and good entertainers. In the county contest, Imogene Robertson placed in A Division in humorous reading.

The senior class gladly leave their footprints on the school steps to be filled by the future senior class.-Edward Wernsman.

Sophomore Class

Rita Elbert, Jean Kinhofer, Patty Murphy, Dororthy Mitchell, Agnes Stickelmaier, Melvin Sharick, Russell Schumacher, Harrison Belcher, Loren Leman, Miriam Gamble, Doris Goetz, Mayona Drennen, Ardetta Kern, Vida Kennel, Minerva Bachman, Mary Ehringer, Frank Murphy, Adolph Mau, Francis Giehl, Robert Molitor, Dick Hodel, Quentin Willman.

Step aside-here they come! Twenty-two sophomores out to prove they were no longer the timid little souls they seemed to be! The class officers are: Pres., Dick Hodel; V. Pres., Robert Molitor; Sec, Doris Goetz; Treas., Adolph Mau. Three new members, Robert Molitor, and the Murphys, Patty and Frank, were added to the class this year, but Ruth Sager, Leonard Waldschmidt, Lyle Schertz, and Walter Obery didn't return to school.

Early in November, the sophomores were hosts at the all school party. This party was in the form of a scavenger hunt. The sophomores convinced the other students that they could successfully give a party.

The sophomores are represented in various school activities by several individuals. Russell Schumacher and Loren Leman were on the Ag. Judging team.

In the field of sports, the sophs are proving to be great athletes. Adolph Mau and Francis Giehl won letters in basketball. Bob Molitor, Melvin Sharick, and Adolph Mau received their letters in baseball. Dick Hodel was also a member of the .school baseball and basketball teams.

In literary work, Patty Murphy placed second in girls' humorous-in the preliminaries.   In the county vocal contest, Doris Goetz placed in Division B. Vida Kennel was chosen as a sophomore delegate to attend the District Student Council Convention at Delavan, Illinois.

The class musical talent and interest were displayed by five members joining the high school band.   They entered the contest at Poria [sic] with the band.

Keep your great ambitions, Sophomores. At the rate you're going you'll leave a record to be proud of.-Betty Hodel.

Freshman Class

Margaret Ebinger, Loretta McLaughlin, Ruth Minger, Evelyn Schumacher, Robert Paluska, Lyle Wernsman, Norman Robertson, Dale Schertz, Frederick Uftring, Dwayne Wernsman, Edith Kern, Grace Robinson, Rosemary Elbert, June Zoss, Carol Sehertz, Rodney Ranney, Doris Dyar, Maynard Durst, Richard Springer, Franklin Kern, Milton Schrock, Melvin Rohman, Eugene Giehl, Eldon Stivers, Mary Nauman, Mary Gries, Imelda Rohman, Anna Minger, Ruth Sehertz, Delphine Finley, Mary Rohman, Arlene Theobald, Junior Grob, Eugene Schertz, Generose Stickelmaier, John Schierer, Burton Ranney, Roger Bachman, Russel Schumacher, Bertram Rohman, Richard Thompson.

Forty-one scared freshmen entered M. T. H. S. this year. To begin their high school career, they chose the following officers: Pres., John Schierer; V. Pres., Junior Grob; Sec, Loretta McLaughlin; Treas., Mary Gries.

Two girls entered declamation-Loretta McLaughlin and Doris Dyar. All have improved their talent by joining the Dramatic, G. A. A., and Home Economics Clubs.

Looking into sports, we see great possibilities for both boys and girls. There are a large number of athletic boys who have entered all fields of sports. They are expected to show some real action for M. T. H. S. next year. The girls showed great competition in the intra-class tournament, too. Not only did they show a record as a class, but as new members of the band and glee clubs. Several showed exceptional talent in the glee club minstrel show. Members of the class participated in the annual band contest which was held at Peoria, Ill.

Freshmen were active in social affairs.   Their first big social event of the year was the freshman party, held in the form of a roast in nearby woods. Even the seniors didn't know the when's and where's of the event. All members of the class also attended the various parties given during the year.

If the cooperation and energy of the class continues as it has been, the graduating class of '42 will be the kind of people that the world needs and wants.-Walter Anliker.

1936, '37, '38, '39

Dear Diary-
Today thirty-four of us crowded together on the high school campus. There were two groups, the boys and the girls. We tried to act nonchalant, but were we scared! Since the upper classmen weren't here today, it wasn't half as horrible as we had imagined.   There is a tomorrow though, what then?

It has taken us several weeks to be able to get to the right class rooms at the given time and to get acquainted with each other. Now that this last formality has been broken, we have chosen as our president Muriel J. Ranney.

The party of all parties tonight was dampened by the rain, so it had to be held in the gym. We had a good time even if the seniors insisted on getting wet just to torment us.

Owen Holmes and Lynn Bachman, we are sorry to see you leave our merry group. We will expect to hear about you in Lowpoint and East Peoria High, respectively.

Hasn't the time passed quickly? Now we are called "Silly Sophs" and Miss Mohn and Mr. Painter take Mr. Dyar's place as our class advisers. We welcome Miss Koehler and Miss Mohn, our new teachers. This year Eva Belsly is our president.

Our second entertainment was one we will never forget. Quite a success was that all-school party we gave.

This year we miss the faces of Richard Collins, Vernon Gries, Wilma Seckler, Alvin Schupp, Pamell Rocke, Herman Stickelmaier, Richard. Rocke, Ivan Leman, Virginia Adami, Andrea Nolan, Eleanor Fehr, Muriel J. Ranney, and Robert Schneider. Some of these people are continuing their studies in other schools and a. few, who left in the course of the year, prefer other occupations.

Another year has gone by and we find ourselves less green and Juniors. Jolly describes us these days and very appropriately, too, since we feel this is our best year in school. Sharing our opportunities and enjoyments we have four new classmates: Jane Moore, Norma Mahoney, Roland Defenbaugh, and Nelson Tate, The two girls who left our number this year are Beulah Belcher and Margaret Kern. Presiding as president at our first meeting to decide on class rings was Ed Wernsman. Miss Koehler and Miss Malkus are our advisers this year.  We greet and make members of us, Miss Malkus and Mr. Lakin, who are replacing Miss Johnston and Mr. Painter.

A big night tonight-as a class we made our debut on stage. "Wedding Spells" was the title of our junior play. What a humorous conglamoration and what a success!   Miss Malkus, we ask you to take your bow. Last night we entertained the seniors at the Creve Coeur club. This, the Junior-Senior banquet, was a great success.

This evening as we watched this same senior class receive their diplomas, we became the seniors of '39 and we wonder what the future holds for us. As "dignified seniors" we began this year by presenting a second successful play.   It was "Heart Trouble," directed again by Miss Malkus.

Absent from our group is Jane Moore, who is a senior in Iowa, and added to our group is Daniel Walters from Peoria.

Two of our popular teachers, Miss Mohn and Miss Koehler, now Mrs. Floyd Nuhn, are with us no longer. Very capably filling their vacancies are Miss Bean and Miss McCutcheon.

We appreciate the opportunity of being represented in the first Student Council formed at the beginning of the year.

We thank the Juniors for the splended banquet they gave us at the University club.   We did enjoy it to the last minute.

This year we edited a school paper. We have tried to make it better and hope it was the best.

Our advisers are Mr. Schertz and Mr. Maxey and our officers are Herman Nauman, president; Ben Streid, vice president; Betty Hodel, secretary, and Walter Anliker, treasurer.

Never to be forgotten are the school days we spent together. As we turn proudly, yet regretfully, from the doors of Metamora Township High school, we look toward and reach for our individual goals remembering our class motto "Honor Awaits at Labor's Gate."-Virginia McLaughlin.

Metamora School Band

When school opened last fall, Mr. Thompson, the director, had both grade and high school students who were interested in band to meet with him and find out which instrument they would like to play. From this experiment, approximately twenty-five members were added to the band, making a membership of fifty musicians. A great interest has been taken by all members and Mr. Thompson feels that the band is off to a good start. A number of selections are* being worked on at present for the summer concerts.

The band entered in the district band contest at Peoria on April 1. This year M. T. H. S. was included in Class C. Division, because of the enrollment of the school being over one hundred.   The band placed in third division.

In October, the band played and marched in the band festival parade in Peoria. Norma Mahoney, a band member, was chosen to represent Metamora as band queen. She was chosen as one of the attendants for the festival queen.

During the basketball games, the band added a great deal of pep and enthusiasm to the players and spectators.

Again this year, one of the outstanding members, Leland Cross, entered in solo cornet at the district, placing in first division. This honor made him eligible to enter the state contest; he placed in second division. We hope more students will enter in solo work in the coming year to bring back honors for good old M. T. H. S.

Mr. Thompson urges that anyone who is interested in playing in the band should not hesitate in coming and joining.-Eva Belsly.

Student Council

On November 10, 1938, delegates from the classes at M. T. H. S. attended the district student council convention at Delavan. The delegates presented various plans to the students at an assembly several days later.

The first student council at Metamora Township High School was elected November 17, 1938. The seniors elected Betty Hodel, Edna Mae Clark, and Ben Streid to represent their class. Joyce Garber, Keith Zoss, Dean Heintzman, and Arthur Schertz were selected as junior members. Dean Heintzman was elected to fill the vacancy made by the election of Arthur Schertz to the presidency. Sophomores elected Vida Kennel and Francis Giehl. Richard Thompson and Rosemary Elbert were freshman representatives. Miss Malkus acted in the capacity of faculty adviser.

A constitution was written by a special committee composed of Edna Mae Clark, chairman; Joyce Garber, and Francis Giehl.

A Christmas party on December 23, was the first social affair sponsored by the council.

During the District Basketball Tournament sessions the council members sold refreshments.   This was the first financial drive. Members of the student council attended the State Student Council Convention at Peoria Central High School, March 31 and April 1.

Though the council was only in its first year, by the outstanding activities performed in such a short period of time, a very strong student council in years to come has been indicated.-Edna Mae Clark.

Dramatic Club

Diversified directed drama! This is the offering of the Dramatic Club sponsored by Miss J. Agnes Malkus. Guiding the talents of those interested in speech activities is the purpose of the group.

The high light of the year's work was the Christmas Program, the presentation of which is an annual custom. The entertainment was centered around a brief play "Children of the Inn." Those participating were Robert Pedrick, B. M. Schierer, Loretta Eichhorn, John Voelker, Jr., Doris Dyar, Duane Schierer, Dean Heintzman, Vida Kennel, John Schierer, Herman Nauman, Ben Streid, and Harrison Belcher. Supplementing this was a vocal duet by Doris and Grace Mary Volz, who were accompanied by Helen Volz. Julia Shea read a Christmas story, "The Fir Tree."

Home Economics Club

A large group of M. T. H. S. girls met, early in September, 1938, to reorganize the Home Economics club. The officers chosen at this meeting were Betty Hodel, president; Bernadine M. Schierer, vice president; Doris Goetz, secretary, and Ruth Schertz, treasurer.   An officer was selected from each class.

The girls were very happy to welcome Miss McCutcheon, the new home economics teacher, as their adviser. Filled with great ambitions and many new ideas, the Home Economics club started the new school year off with a bang!

The members planned to have various social gatherings sprinkled in with the business meetings. The first of these social meetings to be held was in honor of the new members of the club. The formal initiation of the freshmen was given by upper classmen in the form of a candle light service.

What an excited group of girls awaited the bus on the day of the Home Economics Convention in Peoria! These representatives who attended the convention, gathered interesting information for the other club members. These girls had an enjoyable time while they received helpful hints of ways to improve their Home Economics club.

Throughout the year, the girls received excellent training and had many delightful experiences preparing menus for various occasions. The girls served at several banquets and dinners at high school.

As the grand climax of the year's work, the girls sponsored a Mother-Daughter banquet. The auditorium at M. T. H. S. was converted into a beautiful garden. Over one hundred guests were present to enjoy the gay event.-Betty Hodel.

Literary and Music Meet

Prior to the county literary and music meets, preliminaries were held at M. T. H. S.

In girls' vocal, Bernadine M. Schierer, Joyce Garber, and Doris Goetz were entered. Doris received first place, Joyce was awarded second, and Bernadine third place. Dan Walters was the only contestant in boys' vocal. Eva Belsly and Velda Regele were entered in piano. Eva was selected to represent the school at the county meet.

Patricia Murphy, Loretta McLaughlin, Robert Pedrick, Imogene Robertson and Doris Dyar were the contestants in humorous reading. Imogene was selected for first place; Patricia and Robert receiving second and third places respectively. Julia Shea was the sole contestant in the dramatic reading contest.

Edna Mae Clark was the only contestant in extemporaneous speaking. Edna Mae and Loretta Eichhorn were the essay contestants.

At the county essay contest in Eureka, Edna Mae and Loretta both ranked in C division. Edna Mae received a place in C division at the County extemporaneous contest held in Lowpoint.

M. T. H. S. was host to the county humorous and dramatic reading contestants. Imogene Robertson was rated in A division in humorous reading.

In dramatic reading Julia Shea was placed in B division.

In the county music contest at El Paso, Doris Goetz was placed in B division in girls' vocal; Dan Walters was rated in C division in boys' vocal, and Eva Belsly in C division in piano.

Each year we have expected to see Metamora at the top of the list with the winners; however, we won't give up. We'll be there some time and it may be next year.

Future Farmers of America

The officers of the F. F. A. axe Francis Kiesewetter, Pres.; Duane Schierer, V. Pres.; Roland Defenbaugh, Sec.; Herman Nauman, Jr., and Adolph Mau, reporter.

This has been one of Metamora's most successful years in judging. With a new ruling, only the winning teams of the Sectional Contests, may go to the state, held at the University of Illinois on June 9.

Last fall the grain and poultry teams went to Normal to the Section Seven Contest. Francis Kiesewetter won first among individual scores with a score of 392 out of a possible 400. Clifford Belsly placed 14th. The team placed in A division, with Ralph Schrock rating 10th.

This spring the Fat Stock and Dairy team went to Normal and ranked in A division.   Arthur Kennel won 10th in fat stock.

All four teams will help represent Section Seven in the state contest June 9th.-Ben Streid.

Girls' Athletic Association

The girls of the G. A. A. started the year out by welcoming the new members and the freshmen. The "Big Sister" plan, organized last year, was carried out again this year. The seniors gave their little sisters, the freshmen, an evening of entertainment in addition to a wiener roast.

The new officers of the year were-President, Bernadine M. Schierer; vice president, Norma Mahoney; secretary-treasurer, Minerva Bachman, and Miss Bean, adviser.

In the basketball season the inter-class tournament was held in the new gym. The seniors held the honors they won last year as juniors by winning another victory this year.

Our ping Pong players, Betty Kern and Marguerite Roth, participated in the tournament in Eureka.

The girls played kittenball during the warm days. The freshmen certainly showed the upper classmen that they know how to play. They're good!

The girls took part in activities such as kittenball, basketball, volley ball, kick ball, tumbling, badminton, ping pong, and tennis, throughout the year.
-Norma Mahoney.


Dale Schertz, electric guitar; Eva Belsly, piano; Joyce Garber, cornet, E. D. Maxey, director; Robert Pedrick, violin; Lee Cross, drums; Robert Molitor, saxophone; Daniel Walters, clarinet.

Glee Clubs

The glee clubs are closing another year which the seventy-five members, under the direction of Mr. Maxey, have worked very diligently in making a success. In February, an old time minstrel show, the first of its kind undertaken by the glee clubs, was the outstanding performance of the year.

Virginia McLaughlin and Arthur Schertz, Jr., presided over their respective clubs, with the help of Eva Belsly and Ed Wernsman acting as vice-presidents, Mildred and Walter Anliker as secretary-treasurers, Vida Kennel and Dean Robinson as property managers, and Julia Shea, and Dean Heintzman as librarians. There was a membership of thirty-seven girls and twenty-seven boys.   Eva Belsly accompanied both glee clubs.

A selected chorus rendered several numbers for the senior play, while a cantata, "Rip Van Winkle," was given for the final appearance on Commencement evening.

For the annual glee club party, the boys entertained the girls with a banquet on the evening of May 12 in the high school auditorium. The reason for the boys giving the party was that they had lost in the ticket selling contest for the minstrel show. The banquet was prepared by Miss McCutcheon and the Home Ec. girls.

Doris Goetz and Dan Walters entered in the vocal county contest at El Paso, placing in B and C Divisions, respectively. Eva Belsly entered in piano, placing in C Division.

An orchestra, which was suggested by an enthusiastic freshman, Dale Schertz, made its first appearance in the minstrel show. Later they made an audition over radio station WMBD. There are seven members in the orchestra consisting of Joyce Garber cornet; Bob Pedrick, violin; Bob Molitor, saxophone; Dale Schertz, electric guitar; Dan Walters, clarinet; Lee Cross, drums; Eva Belsly, piano, and Mr. Maxey, director.-Eva Belsly.


During the basketball season of '39, Metamora's team played twelve conference games-winning four of the scheduled games and losing eight. The boys also played several non-conference games, numbering five, of which they won four. The squad has progressed considerably, although they plan to do much better next year. They retain three of the first team men, losing only two because of graduation.

Metamora entered tournament games, such as the Washington Invitational and County Tournament, of which they won one game in each. In the District Tournament, they succeeded in winning two games. However, the squad has high hopes of being champions next year.

Those comprising the first team and having the honor of receiving letters this year are Captain Ed Wernsman, Keith Zoss, Donald Noe, John Glaub, and Roland Defenbaugh. Others who received letters are Arthur Schertz, Adolph Mau, Dean Robinson, Francis Giehl, Elmer Kiesewetter, and Vincent Heinz. Most of these fellows will be seen on next year's squad, so watch their progress!-Roland Defenbaugh.


The battery was composed of Arthur Kennel, catcher, and Keith Zoss, pitcher. The infield positions were filled by: Nelson Tate, 3d base; Arthur Schertz, 2d base; Bob Molitor, 1st base; Donald Noe, shortstop. The out-field: Austin Stivers, left field; Adolph Mau, center field; Ed Wernsman, right field. Other players, who put in many innings, were John Glaub and Melvin Sharick.

While Metamora did not get off to such a good start, they made it look good at the finish. The fifth game, they spanked Washburn 16 to 5, their sixth game, they defeated that hard hitting team from Toluca, and their seventh game, they won over Eureka. We must not forget to give credit to our star pitcher, that fellow from Cazenovia, Keith Zoss.

Metamora has an eye on the championship next year. The team will lose only two men, Tate and Wernsman. Arthur Schertz acted as captain this year.-Edward Wernsman.

Mason Funeral Home
New Food Market, E. F. Harmon
Shell Service, F. J. Lkein
Wiedmans Hatchery and Hardware
Turley's Grocery
W. J. Schierer Insurance
Washburn Cheese Factory, Christ Krahenbuhl, Prop.
Metamora Shoe Shop, Carl O. Villiger
Massey Tractors, Ben P. Martin
Schrepfer & Martin Lumber
Wm. Hess Real Estate
Rohman's Service
Lightfoot Oil
Eureka Greenhouse, Francis Flanagan, Prop.
Cliff Slonoeger & Son
The Isch Shop
Edw. Waldschmidt
Garber Motor
Hybrid Seed, W. S. Dyar
George Hodel
Dick Pedrick Ins.
Schierer's Dairy
A. L. Wargo

Washington Greenhouse, Rex R. Martin, Prop.
Metamora Trucking, Roy Eishhorn, Prop.
J. W. Theena
Thompson's Barber
Dr. F. W. Nickel
J. F. Walden, Jeweler
Herbst Home Bakery
Star-Lite Service, Geo. Wernsman & Sons
George Ebert
Zimmerman Implem't.
Michael's Sweet Shop
Helen's Beauty Shop
Dr. H. W. Riggert
Willmans' Store
Emil Grob

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