John W. January

Marshall County Republican Newspaper
Henry, Il
January 31, 1867

A short article about his capture and cruel treatment at Andersonville during the Civil War

Upon our first page we give a short sketch of the capture and cruel treatment by the rebels of Corporal John W. January, formerly of Whitefield township, but now a resident of Minonk, Woodford County. John was patriotic and enthusiastic for the cause of the Union, and was deterred from enlisting for a time on account of being under age and not getting the consent of his parents. But the call for men, and the inspiration that was guilding the people to the defense of the flag was too strong for young January to withstand, and he left home unbeknown to his parents and enlisted at Tonica in company B, 14th Illinois cavalry. John was captured by the rebels, and unfortunately was a sufferer at Andersonville prison, and though not losing his life as many of his comrades did, yet he was fed on such scanty rations, and of such poor quality; was so neglected and frozen by exposure, that he wasted to a skeleton, and was one of those pictured out in Harper's Weekly two years ago, whose feet rotted and fell off by the nurse nearely cutting the cords that held them. He has now recovered so as to be able to navigate with artificial "trotters" and looks robust and hearty. He is now on this side of the river visiting amoung his friends, who will all be glad to see him. His case will ever stand as monument of the barbarity and desperation of the rebellion.

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