1878 Linn Township, Woodford Co. IL Taxpayers
(From the Past and Present of Woodford County, 1878)

  1. Aden, E.H., far.; P.O. Washburn

  2. Abens, Wait, Farmer; P.O. Low Point
  3. Aden, John, farmer; P.O. Washburn
  4. Arrowsmith, J., farmer; P.O. Washburn
  5. Alt, Jacob, farmer; P.O. Cazenovia
  6. Asay, S. E., farmer; P.O. Washburn
  7. Ashmore, R., farmer; P.O. Benson
  8. Ashmore, C. H., farmer; P.O. Benson
  9. Babcock, W. H., far.; P.O. Washburn
  10. Black, J. L, farmer; P.O. Washburn
  11. Bell, A. C., farmer; P.O. Washburn
  12. Brown, W. L.
  13. Bixby, M. N., farmer; P.O. Belle Plain
  14. Black, R. A., farmer; P.O. Washburn
  15. Black, T. S., farmer; P. O. Washburn
  16. Braun, B., farmer; P. O. Low Point
  17. Black, John, farming and stock: sec. 7; P.O. Washburn;
    Was born in Allegheny Co.,PA. Feb. 22, 1814. He married Miss Elizabeth Speer March 3, 1842. She was born in Allegheny Co., PA. They had ten children, eight living viz.:-- Sarah, Mary, Thomas S., John M., R. A. Elizabeth, William C. and Samuel J. He lived in Pennsylvania until 1865; followed farming, then came to Woodford County, Illinois and settled on his present place. He has been school director a number of years. He came here in fair circumstances. He owns 320 acres here, and 365 elswhere in the county; also, 165 acrs in Livingston County. He also owns Blacks Block and other property in Washburn, Illinois.
  18. Bark, Thos., farmer; P.O. Cazenovia
  19. Benders, C., farmer; P.O. Benson
  20. Birky, Jos., farmer; P.O. Benson
  21. Birky, Jacob, farmer; P.O. Benson
  22. Baltz, Dominque, far.; P.O. Washburn
  23. Benders, C., farmer; P.O. Roanoke
  24. Broers, J.B., farmer; P.O. Low Point
  25. Birky, J., farmer; P.O. Benson
  26. Birkit, Dan, farmer; P.O. Low Point
  27. Burnham, R.S., farming; Sec 5; P.O. Washburn;
    was born in Athens Co., Ohio, March 28, 1825. He married Miss P. J. Peabody March 12, 1848. She was born in McKean Co. PA., March 26, 1829. They had seven children, six living—Mary A., Ira V., Leonard W., William C., Charles A., Hubert E., Thomas B.—died Aug. 14 1855. Mr Burnham lined in Ohio until 1845, when he moved to Tazwell Co., Illinois, where he engaged in carpentering, and remained until 1856, when he came to Woodford Co., and settled on his present place. He has been school Director, and Road Commissioner, Collector and Assessor. He came to Illinois with less than $3.00, and now owns over 400 acres in his township, all of which he has earned by his own labor.
  28. Christoffer, John, farmer; P.O. Benson.
  29. Collman, Barnhart, farmer; P.O. Benson
  30. Corben, James, farmer; P.O. Washburn
  31. Crossfield, M. B., far.; P.O. Washburn
  32. Crossfield, Walter, far., P.O. Washburn
  33. Corben, Nancy, farmer; P.O. Washburn
  34. Combs, Alfred, farmer; P.O. Belle Plain
  35. Combs, John W., far.; P.O. Belle Plain
  36. Daub, Alex.,far.; P.O. Benson
  37. Davison, C. H. farmer; P.O. Washburn
  38. Davison, A. H., farmer; P.O. Washburn
  39. Davison, R. W., Farmer; P.O. Washburn
  40. Deibell, Jacob, farmer; P.O. Roanoke
  41. Deibell, L.J., farmer; P.O. Washburn
  42. Davison, S. R., Deceased.
    The subject of this sketch, and whose portrait appears in this Work, was born in Rensselaer Co., N. Y., Oct. 26, 1814. He married Miss Amanda West, in August, 1834; she was born in Rensselaer Co., N.Y., Feb 5, 1815. He, not being of age, purchased his time of his father, paying $100 for the remaining two years to his majority; in 1836, he set out on foot for the west, and bought a farm in Groveland, Tazwell Co., Ill.; he then returned east, and in 1838 he brought his wife and family by team to his home in the west. He engaged in farming and at his trade of mason and builder, and built many of the leading buildings in his neighborhood, the present Court House of Tazwell County being among the number. He also held a responsible position in the packinghouse at Pekin, Ill., during the winter months. In 1856, he came to Linn township, Woodford Co., Ill., and settled on a farm located in secs. 1 and 2, and engaged in farming; he also took a leading part in religious enterprises, and freely and liberally donated funds for their advancement; he also donated liberally to institutions which he deemed worthy, among others the Shurtleff College, at Upper Alton, Ill., and the Chicago University; he was a deacon in the Baptist Church, and Superintendent of the Sabath School for twenty years, and was a leader in all religious enterprises. He had a family of nine children, viz.: Ezra D., Diadema L., Asa L., Lois L.; the three latter have died. Such was his life that when, on the 18th of April, 1867, he died, he was mourned by many warm friends, and religious societies to which he was attached long went in mourning in memory of their departed leader. Throughout his life he was a liberal and kind father and  (unable to continue)

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1912 Patrons Reference Directory, Woodford County, Illinois - Linn Township (Standard Atlas of Woodford County, Illinois 1912)

Arends, Wilke  		Feeder & Stockman 	Washburn
Bachman, Henry		Grain & Lumber		Cazenovia
Banta, A.D.		Merchant		Lowpoint
Banta Bros. & Co.	Bankers & Merchants	Lowpoint
Beavers, Ege.		Farmer & Stock Raiser	Cazenovia
Bohlander, John		Land Owner		Cazenovia
Bratt, Thos. H.,	Farmer			Washburn
Braun, Levin		Farmer			Lowpoint
Buckingham, Morgan	Farmer			Lowpoint
Clark, George M.	Drainage Engineer &
			Land Owner		Lowpoint
DeBolt, V. J.		Farmer			Lowpoint
Drennen, R. W.		Merchant		Cazenovia
Fitschen, C. A.		Telephon Manager	Washburn
Foster, Henry A.	Land Owner & Farmer	Lowpoint
Foster, Wm. J.		Farmer			Lowpoint
Geiken, John H.		Farmer			Lowpoint
Heck, Fred.		Farmer			Lowpoint
Hoover, Martin		Farmer, Horse breeder	Lowpoint
Ireland, Chas. H.	General banking		Washburn
Ivins, John Jr.		Farmer			Cazenovia
Jury, C. L.		Farmer			Washburn
Jury, F. O. 		Farmer			Lowpoint
Lesch, Henry & Co.	Contractors & Builders	Washburn
Loscher, Albert		Threshing Machine Op.	Washburn
Motley, Wm.		Farmer			Lowpoint
Parkin, Thos. D.	Farmer, Duroc Jersey
			Hog Breeder		Lowpoint
Peoples Bank		General banking		Washburn
Ranney, Mark J.		Farmer			Cazenovia
Rediger, Lewis		land owner		Lowpoint
Rehner, Mrs. E. B.	Farmer			Cazenovia
Robertson, Mrs. Mary H.	Land owner		Cazenovia
Seckler, John		Farmer			Cazenovia
Speas Bros.		General merchandise	Cazenovia
Steffen, Dan		Farmer			Lowpoint
Taylor, W. E.		Meat, Ice, Gravel,
			Fruits & Vegetables	Washburn
Trump, J. L.		Farmer			Cazenovia
Tweddale, John R.	Farmer			Cazenovia
Washburn Bank		General banking		Washburn
Wissel, Andrew		Farmer			Cazenovia

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