Woodford County Misc. Death Listings

(courtesy Candi Horton)

These are the death certificates recorded by the Illinois IRAD departments. The listing is Last Name, First and MI (if listed)DOD, Place of Death( Which will be a City, Township or Village in Woodford County.)

ARENDS, Foepr, 1.9.1926, Linn Twp.

CAMP, Anna H. 4.30.1939, Not Listed

DISTLER, Fredericka M., 8.29.1931, Worth Twp.

HARMS,Alje W., 11.9.1925, Clayton Twp.

HARMS,Antke I.,10.23.1924, Minonk

HARMS, Gerhard H., 10.26.1935, Wasburn

HARMS, Harm W., 11.3.1924, Clayton Twp.

HARMS,Harry Albert, 1.15.1918, Benson

HARMS,Jurgen, 8.27.1935, Minonk

HARMS, Lena M., 1.16.1928, Linn Twp.

HARMS,Maude A., 7.23.1942, Minonk

HARMS,Minnie J., 11.13.1942, Greene Twp.

HARMS,Heye P., 2.6.1931, Roanoka Twp.

HARMS,Johana, 7.21.1931, Minonk

HARMS,Johann H., 12.17.1924, Minonk

HARMS,John R., 7.7.1935, Clayton

HARMS,Jurgen, 8.27.1935, Minonk

HATTEN, Jacob, 12.19.1942, Partridge Twp.


OBERT, Katherine Sophia 02.05.1936, Cazenaria

OBERT, M.G. 02.28.1935, Cazenaria

OBERT,Vincent, 03.01.1919, Benson

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