Misc. News From the Past

Benson, Woodford County, Illinois

Woodford County Journal, July 5, 1917
Elmer Haig was a Minonk caller Monday.
Frank Harms was a Minonk caller Monday.
Mrs. Thomas Poppenga is visiting near Minonk.
Mrs. John Koch was a caller in Eureka Monday.
Mrs. Bart Woltzen spent Monday in the country.
R. C. Ficken and family visited near Minonk Sunday.
Miss Minnie Folkerts spent a few days in Minonk.
Miss Bessie Evey spent Sunday with some home folks.
Emory Forney of Roanoke spent Sunday at home.
F. N. Tallyn autoed to Eureka on Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Ernest Richardson was a Streator shopper Thursday.
Alfred Ioerger of Woodford was a visitor here Sunday evening.
Misses Mabel Ford and Myrtle Dye were Minonk callers Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Eckhart autoed to Streator Sunday afternoon.
Roy Forney of Pattonsburg spent Sunday here with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Haig spent a week with relatives in Hoopeston.
Miss Ida Redenius was a Minonk business caller the first of the week.
Miss Charlotte Nellinger of Minonk was a visitor here Sunday evening.
Geo. Nellinger and family of Minonk were visitors here Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Miller of Dana spent Sunday here with their son, B. J. and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Richardson were visitors near Cazenovia Wednesday.
Mrs. Ella Woltzen and Mrs. E. F. Eckhart were Streator visitors on Monday.
Mrs. Adam Haig and daughter Miss Pearl were Minonk shoppers the first of the week.
Miss Gladys Eckhart spent one day in the country at the home of Miss Lena Geiken.
Mrs. Andrew Ruffing and daughter Dora were guests of relatives in LaRose a few days.
Mrs. Anna Tallyn and Mrs. Charles Stimpert visited Mrs. B. E. Tallyn in Streator hospital Sunday.
Mrs. B. E. Tallyn was taken to Streator hospital on Friday morning where she submitted to an operation.
Mrs. Jesse Schneider of Woodford, who has been nursing at home of B. H. Kindig, returned to her home on Sunday.
Mrs. S. Bally and daughters Sarah and Hallie were Minonk visitors on Monday, Miss Hallie returning to her home in Eureka Monday evening.
A large crowd gathered at the M. E. church on Sunday evening to hear an address by Rev. Jones, a missionary from India and former pastor of the M. E. church here.
Misses Gertrude, Bertha and Irene Nellinger of Minonk and Mrs. C. Schiflbauer and daughter Gretchen were guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Kindig Friday evening.
A. H. Tallyn had the misfortune on Monday of falling on some concrete blocks striking his side and causing a fracture of the lower rib. At this writing he is recovering rapidly.

The Minonk Journal - March 4, 1882, Saturday
Wm. Harding left for Nebraska on Monday last. The Journal will visit them weekly in their new home and came to find them ever prosperous and happy.
Married: by Rev. Amerman, at the residence of the bride's parents, on the 1st inst., Miss Annie Peterson and Calvin Hoff.
Wm. Ryan has removed to Benson with his family. They will occupy the Burton house.
D. L. Zinser will go to Minonk in a week or two. Sol is good fellow and we wish him nothing worse than that our loss will be his gain.
Squire Brubaker went to Minonk on Monday last to help console those fellows who have "got the dumps".
Sheriff Wilkerson spent a portion of Monday and Tuesday this week, in our village.
Born to Peter and Mrs. Peter, a son.
Mrs. Sallie Tallman came to attend her sisters wedding last Tuesday.
Humphrey has sole out his store to a Mr. Gray.
Geo. Harms of Peoria, has opened a new hardware store in this town. He carries a full line of hardware, stoves, tinware and implements. Farmers will do well by giving him a call, as he sells his goods at bottom prices.
Geo. Harms & Co. have opened up a furniture store in this town. They have their warerooms on the second floor of G. Harms' hardware store. They have a very nice assorted stock, which they sell at living prices. Give them a call.

The Minonk Journal - Thursday December 31, 1874
Route Agent Zinser, is a man of great tenderness of soul. When he ? a way station tender afflicted with the blues, he offers to pour a vial of mucilage down his spine. If they will let Zinser alone the C. P. & S. W. R. R. will have the most dignified, stuck up set of agents in the whole country.
Ben Fisher left town for Peoria, last Monday. Ben says he wants an atmosphere where car links don't carom on a man's nose quite so frequently. The next thing they will throw whole freight cars at him, and that he can't stand.
Geo. Harding celebrated his Christmas by marrying Miss Rosa Patten, of Normal. The happy pair made their first appearance here on Christmas day.
Mrs. Dolph Forney received a gold watch on the Christmas tree, of the Clayton festival.

The Weekly Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) Aug 29, 1913
George Walschmidt was called to Metamora to attend the funeral of his brother on Mon.

The Weekly Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) Sep 19, 1913
Benson Business Man Loses Life in Automobile Accident Near Roanoke
Roanoke, Sept 14-Herman Woltzen, of Benson, was fatally injured Friday night at 10 o'clock when the car driven by John Tjarden [sic] struck a bank on the road three miles north-east of Roanoke, turning the car over and crushing Mr. Woltzen. He was taken into Harm Hendricks' farm home and died at 2 am Sat. Mr. Tjaden, the driver, escaped with a few bruises. Mr. Woltzen was 44 years old and is survived by his mother here, a wife and several children. He was engaged in the saloon business. He is a half brother to Sheriff J. E. Woltzen, of Woodford county. Mr. Woltzen was born near Benson, forty-four years ago, and was married to Miss Dena Uphoff. To this union were born five children, who, with the mother, survive. Mr. Woltzen has been in business here for twelve years.

The Weekly Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) Aug 15, 1913
Descendants of  Mr.  end  Mrs. James Huxtable  Met Thursday.
Benson. Aug. 14. (Special.) one of the largest reunions ever held in Woodford county, was participated In today when the descendants of Mr. and Mrs. .lames Huxtable, Sr., met at the  home of Mayor F. K. Learned of Benton. Mr. and Mrs. Huxtable were early pioneers of Illinois, having come to this state with six children from Devonshire, Eng., in 1851 For a few years they resided in Peoria county. where they spent the remainder of their days. Fifteen children were born to this union, twelve of whom are living and met today to enjoy this great gathering. There are forty-four grand-children, forty-two great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren living, nearly all of whom were present.
The  following  children   were present: Richard A. Huxtable, Benson. Ill.; Charity Rock. Hoopeston. Ill, Elizabeth Lee, Gilman, III.; Sarah Jane Peterson. Benson, Ill.; Phoebe Anderson. Kewanee, Ill.; James F Huxtable. Kansas City, Mo.; John H. Huxtable. San Antonio, Tex ; Ida Brubaker,  Wellington,  Kan.; Martha Learned, Benson, Ill.; Nora Younger, Nez Perce, Idaho; Morris Huxtable, Raymore, Mo.; Flora Memmen, Minonk, Ill.
Others present were: Thomas Lee, Newton Lee, Clarence Lee and wife,, Jennie Erwin and daughter Margaret and John Bock, of Hoopeston, Ill.; Mrs. George Champion and daughters Clara and Mamie, L. H. Learned, wife and daughter, Normal; Misses Lillie and Elsie Bock, Mt. Carroll; Mrs. Charles Johnson and son, Hampshire; Delos Huxtable, Champaign, Ill.; Winifred Huxtable, Kansas City, Mo.; William Lee, Gilman; Angie Lee, La Honge; Andrew Younger, Nez Perce, Idaho; Aaron Brubaker, Wellington, Kan.; Alma Roth and daughter Rachel, Pontiac; N. B. Memmen and children Beta, Loyd, Dean and Glen. James Ridge, of Minonk; May Brown and sons, Peoria; John Huxtable, wife and children; Fred Layman, wife and children, of Flanagan; Thomas Anderson and son Donald, of Amboy; Simon Peterson, Bert Peterson, wife and family, and F. E. Learned and daughter Elsie, of Benson.

The Weekly Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) Sep 19, 1913
Mrs. David Moritz is quite sick.
Antone Vogel of Grand Forks, N.D., is visiting relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vogel and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vogel, were Indiana visitors this week.
Gordon Tallyn, Virginia and Hawley Tharp, left on Tues. to attend college at Upper Alton.
William Behm will erect a residence on the property he purchased near W. C. Monk's place.
Rev. T. C. Moots gave his last sermon at the M.E. church on Sun. for this conference year. His many friends here hope that he may be returned.
The funeral of Herman Woltzen was held on Mon. at the Lutheran church, conducted by Rev. Mr. Seifert. Interment was at the Benson cemetery.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Balley entertained all their children Sun. for dinner. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Mary Whorrel of Meamen, Ia.; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bailey of Secor; Mr. and Mrs. Jansen of Cullom; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilson of Roanoke; Mr. and Mrs. Harry McMahon, Benson; Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Moore of Eureka; Sarah Balley, William and Abner of Benson.

The Weekly Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) Aug 8, 1913
Julius C. Silldorff Dies
Well known resident of Benson succumbs to Cancer of the Stomach
Benson, Aug 3-Julius Carl Silldorff was born in South Northfolk, Cook county, Illinois, on Dec. 4, 1857, and died at his residence here at 2:30 pm today, after an illness of several months with cancer of the stomach. He came to Washburn in 1874 and to Benson in 1876, where he has lived since. He was married Jan. 3, 1884, to Alvina Neason who, with one daughter, Miss Amelia Eckart, and five sons, Louis, Joseph, Simon, Edward and Clarence, survive. He was a member of the Lutheran church, Knights of Pythias, Court of Honor and M.W.A. He has been justice of the peace of Clayton township for twelve years.

The Weekly Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois) Aug 1, 1913
Gerdes & Heineke at Benson, missed a box of tobacco. Search was made and the missing tobacco was found in the possession of John Smilie. Mr. Smilie was given a hearing and bound over to the grand jury. He was taken to the county jail Wed. night and locked up.

The Pantagraph [Bloomington, Illinois,Oct 26, 1947]
War Dead to Dock Today
Central Illinois Men Among First From Europe
Bodies of three Bloomington men will be aboard the army transport, Joseph V. Connolyl, due to dock in New York Sunday, with the first of the European war dead to be returned to the United States.
Local men being returned include Corp. Merle W. Leach, son of George O. and Ethel Leach, both of Bloomington. Pfc. James G. Moews, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moews, 905 West Taylor street, and S. Sgt. Jack D. Roemer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Roemer, 1106 East Monroe street.
Corp. Leach had been buried in Belgium where he had died of a kidney ailment. Pfc. Moews was killed in action in Germany and S. Sgt. Roemer was killed in an explosion of an ammunition dump near Aachen, Germany. Other Central Illinois war dead to be included in the first shipment together with next of kin and addresses follow:
Pvt. Marion F. Harpster, Henry Harpster, Heyworth;
Pvt. Richard Ingram. Charles H. Ingram, Lincoln;
S. Sgt. Joseph Kasnar Jr., Joseph Kasnar Sr., Lincoln;
Pfc Leonard G. Kiger, Lewis E. Kiger, Fairbury;
Aviation Machinist Mate Oliver L. Leininger, Mrs. Mary A. Leininger, Mason City.
Corp. Kenneth E. Bayston, Chester A. Bayston, Chatsworth;
Sgt. Andrew L. Benz, Arthur W. Benz, South Pekin;
S. Sgt. Paul Brown, George L. Brown, Lincoln;
S. Sgt. James L McKeon, Mrs. Verda McKeon, Minonk;
Pfc. Milton G. Petro, Dewey G. Petro, Lincoln;
Pvt. Melvin Green, Alvin H. Green, Minonk;
Pfc. Otis V. Travis, Lester E. Travis, Fairbury;
Technician Fifth Grade Louis E. Tucker, Lewis Tucker, Rutland;
Lt. LeRoy A. Wallas, Henry G. Wallis, Benson;
Technician Fifth Grade Roy V. Wittmer, John G. Wittmer, Eureka;
Sgt. Simon E. Wonderlin, Mrs. Adelyn M. Wonderlin, Atlanta.

The Pantagraph [Bloomington, Illinois, Dec 11, 1944]
Benson-Mr and Mrs. Albert Moritz received word that their son, Pfc. Ernst Moritz had arrived in England, and is hoping to meet his brother, Pfc. Wolbur Moritz, who is doing office work in the medical corps in England

The El Paso Journal, Jan 4, 1940, pg 6

S. E. Tallyn of Minonk was a caller here Thursday.
Miss Mildred Brubaker returned to her school work at Yorkville Tuesday
Ira Stine is still suffering with an infected knee, the result of broken glass.
Edward Woltzen and family spent Monday with Mrs. Maude Ioerger and family
Misses Amy and Linda Faw of Chillicothe called on friends here one day last week.
Misses Fannie, Ruth and Mary Beer of Roanoke called on friends here Sunday evening.
Edgar Graffleman and family visited Sunday afternoon with relatives near Metamora.
The high and grade schools resumed work Wednesday following their holiday vacation.
Carol Ann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Woltzen, was on the sick list several days.
Mr. and Mrs. Bart H. Woltzen were Sunday dinner guests in the Mrs. O. M. Dye home.
P. N. Tallyn spent two days last week in Alton with his son and daughter and their families.
R. C. Ficken visited from Saturday until Tuesday in Peoria with his sister, who is very
The W. C. T. U, will meet next Wednesday, January 10, in the home of Miss Clara Eckhart.
Harry Faulkner of Peoria visited his brother, Keith Faulkner, and-family Sunday and Tuesday.
Mrs. Jacob Geiken and Infant son, Jacob Fred, came home from St. James hospital In Pontiac Sunday.
A family dinner was held Sunday In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Carrels with twenty-three present.
Mrs. Grace Evey returned to Decatur Friday after spending several weeks in the S. M. Evey home.
Martha, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Hafermann, has been ill a week but is improved at this writing.
Charles E. Rupert and son Max were business callers in Kewanna, Ind. from Wednesday until Saturday.
George Folkers returned Wednesday from Rock Falls where he had spent a week and a half with relatives.
Samuel Bowman has gone to Glendale, Cal., where he will take a three months course in. an aeronautical school,
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Tallyn of Chicago spent the week-end with the former's mother and family Mrs. Sarah Tallyn.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Vogel are parents of a son born Saturday, December 30, in St. Joseph's hospital in Bloomington,
A family dinner was held Sunday with twenty-three present in the home of Mrs. John Moritz Sr. and Mr. and Mrs. John Barth.
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Wilson of El Paso and Harold Stine and family of Eureka were Wednesday visitors in the B. H. Woltzen home.
Joseph Tallyn and family accompanied a group of friends to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marten Mehlberg on Thursday to spend the day near Dana.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Faulkner returned on Thursday to their home near Mt. Vernon after visiting two days with their son Keith and family.
The men's brotherhood of St. Peters Lutheran church will have a New Year's party for the ladies at the parish hall on Friday evening. January 5.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Underwood, Mrs. Boyer, Misses Mary Boyer and Pauline Sullivan of Minonk were visitors during the past week in the Dye home.
Farwell Pope has sold his grocery and meal market to Harold Schrock of Washburn, who took possession January 1, Mr. and Mrs. Schrock will occupy an apartment in the third home.
Mrs. Anna Tallyn accompanied Truman Overby and family of Gary, Ind., and Mrs. S, K. Tallyn of Minonk to Elsa, Tex., Friday for a two weeks' visit with Frank Herbal and family.
Mrs. Kenneth Vogel visited relatives In Huntington, Ind., the past two weeks, Mr. Vogel and Ben Fischer drove out for the week-end and were accompanied home by the former on Monday evening.
The Bridge club met Wednesday evening in the C. S. Reeser home. High prize wont to Mrs. B. B. Tallyn and L. B. Meischner; low to Mrs. C. E. Thompson and Ray White; travel, John K. Heineke.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Jochums celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary by entertaining at dinner on Thursday evening Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brubaker, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Leinweber, Misses Mildred and Verda Brubaker and Esther Imm.
Relatives in the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Koerner on Monday to help the latter celebrate her birthday were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Woltzen, LaRose; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Stimpert, Shiloh; Mr. and Mrs. Dan Knapp, Toluca; Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Woltzen and Ambrose Paris and family, Benson.
A New Year's dinner was enjoyed Monday evening in the home of Robert and Joseph Leinweber. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hoff and son, Mr. and Miss Jack Newsome, Miss Gretchen Schiffbauer and Frank Clift, all of Henry; Henry Fitchen and family, Washburn; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Leinweber, Joseph Reiter and Misses Laura Gries and Elsie Reiter.
The Eckhart family dinner celebrating December and January birthdays was held on Sunday in the w. H. Brubaker home. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Eckhart and daughter Ila, Peoria; Henry DeFreese and family, Arden Tallyn and family, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Eckhart and Miss Clara Eckhart, Benson. Birthdays celebrated were those of Mrs. W. H. Brubaker, Miss Mildred Brubaker, Mrs. E. F. Eckhart, which occurred on Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Arden Tallyn; also Mr. and Mrs. John Heiken of Chatsworth, who were unable to attend on account of the illness of the latter.