George Arrowsmith
Tax-Payers of Woodford County
Cazenovia Township
Source:  Past and Present of Woodford County, Illinois, 1878, pg 627

transcribed by Dena Whitesell

Arrowsmith, George, retired farmer; P. O. Box Cazenovia; Methodist; Republican; born April 17, 1807, in Highworth, Wilshire Co., Eng.; married Lucy Hall June 7, 1830, of the same place; she was born June 12, 1810; had thirteen children born to them, only eight of whom are living, Sarah, born March 10, 1831, died in this county in her 20th year; Esther, born Jan. 16, 1833; Jane, born Sept. 16, 1834; John, born Aug. 28, 1838; Ann, born June 24, 1839; Mary, born Jan. 28, 1841; Ellen, born Jan. 17, 1843; James, born Jan. 16, 1845; Edward, born May 4, 1851; William Thomas, born Dec. 18, 1854; died in his 3d year; Richard, born Oct. 19, 1846; Maria, born May 8, 1848.  The two latter died in infancy.  Mr. A. arrived in this country from England Sept 28, 1852; John served his country three years int he 77th I. V. I., and participated in the numerous battles that the regiment was engaged in; was taken prisoner at the battle of Red River, and sent to Tyler, Tex., where he was held thirteen months.  He now resides in Linn Tp., and is engaged in farming.  Sarah, the eldest, was deaf and dumb; was educated in the asylum at Bath, Eng.; she was a fine scholar and a good Christian, and very  fond of her books; she was a great favoritie in the family, and her loss was severely felt by all who knew her.

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