History of the Baptist Churches 
of  Woodford County, Illinois

By  A.F.Marshall,  A.B. (Shurtleff College 1879),
who has been closely identified with the history of the Baptist Churches of this county for more than fifty years, 1913

CHAPTER IX. The Clayton Baptist Church.

The Clayton Baptist church was organized at the home of Deacon Huxtable about 1862, by Rev. M. L. Fuller, one of the pioneer Baptist preachers of Illinois, assisted by Rev. Sampson and Rev. Hedlock. The meetings were held in the home of Deacon Huxtable until the building of the church in 1866. The dedication took place under the pastorate of Elder William Parker, who served as pastor for three years. He was followed by George Reed, who remained pastor four years. He was followed by Elder Regan, who served as pastor the next year. Rev. A. L. Colby was pastor two years. During the time intervening before the calling of Brother G. E. Dye, in May 1879, the church was supplied by different preachers, having no settled pastor. Brother G. E. Dye was ordained while pastor and remained with the church until October 1880. Elder Ammerman served the church as pastor until the church called Elder Samuel Breakwell in June 1883. The next pastor was Rev. I. C. Hall, who closed his labors when the church called Brother L. R. Banks on March 21st, 1885. He was ordained at Benson November 12th, 1885, resigning June 27th, 1886. On March 12th, 1887, Brother Neyman was called as pastor and ordained at Benson May 19th, 1887. This closes the connection between the Benson and the Clayton churches as one church and on February 17th, 1888, a new organization was formed from members of the Clayton church, to be known as the Benson Baptist church.

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