Woodford County, Illinois Misc. Death Certicates

Lucinda Palmer Huff  --- Female (Cherokee), Age 90 yrs, 11 MOS.  Born in Virginia July 20, 1819.  Lived in Illinois for 50 years.  Died July 1, 1910.  Buried in Sand Ridge Cemetery on July 3, 1910.  Undertaker Henry Heininger of Metamora.  Cause of Death Chronic Interstitial Nephritis  (Dropsy.  Witnessed by H. G. Eichhorn, M.D. (contributed by Sharon Hodge McClellan)

May Williams, female, born in Indiana on August 7, 1854.  Died at age 59 on September 10, 1913.  Place of Death - Spring Bay, Woodford Co,  Place of Burial - Sandhill (SandRidge) Cemetery on September 12, 1913.  Undertaker Henry Heininger of Metamora.  Name of father-Bushrod Huff, Name of Mother-Lucinda Palmer Huff  Both born in Virginia.  Cause of Death - Pulmonary Tuberculosis.  Witnessed by H. G. Eichhorn,M.C. of Spring Bay.(contributed by Sharon Hodge McClellan)

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