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Davenport Elementary, Eureka
source: Archive, Fall 2010, Vol. VI, #3
Woodford County Historical Society

The following is from "An Illinois Village, 1873 and 1923." by Frank Richard Hall published in the Journal of Illinois Slate Historical Society, Oct., 1927. Vol. XX. #3 pp. 402-403

Eight or ten years ago a new, up-to-date grade school was built, and the high school was left to shift for itself in the old building. The grade school was called Davenport school, after the man who donated the site. It had eight recitation rooms, a superintendent's office and a nurse's office. Each room is equipped with an organ; there is a piano in the hall and a victrola with about 25 records. There is no domestic science equipment, but there is a plan to put domestic science into the curriculum, making use of the apparatus in the high school. This would mean that some of the high school work should then be done in the college.

There is a total registration of 286 pupils and the average cost per pupil is $61.19. There are 8 teachers, with salaries ranging from $1,035 to $1,125. The grade school shares with the high the services of a music teacher, a gymnasium director, and the principal.
Under the direction of the principal the junior high school plan was inaugurated in 1924, each teacher in the upper four grades taking a special subject or two and teaching it to all four grades.

The salaries of the teachers [in the high school] run exceptionally high, the average being $2,106 leaving out the principal, but including the Smith-Hughes teacher of agriculture. This is slightly over the average for the college teacher, which is $2,066. For the four plays given during the year, the college gymnasium is used because there is none at the high school.

There are 8 rural schools around Eureka, all of the one-room variety, with a total enrollment of 197,-105 boys and 92 girls. There are 8 teachers, with the average salary of $777. The average cost per pupil in the year is $45.47.

Davenport First Grade - 1946-47

Front row: Pat Riley, Gary Lightfoot, Terry Klaus, Bob Myers, Bill (Kinder?), Darell Eastman.

2nd row: Jan Gabriel, DeAnne Major, Sharon Hefner, Lynne Faubel, Joy Myers, Beth Berry, Susan Nickel, Joyce Blinder Mary Lou Orth, Marilyn Zimmerman. Dick Eastman.

3rd row: Margaret Scheid, Keith Cable. Mike Waldeck, Jerry Zimmerman, Janice Blumenshine, Carol Brown, Lydia Leman, Naomi Bowald, Lynne Tweddale.

4th row: Dan Sullivan, Jim Riddle, Jeanne Norton, Jane Moreland, Miss Workman, Donna Salmon, Steve Colburn, Ellen Barrett, Pat BurrelL Sam Harrod.
source: Woodford County Historcal Society "Archive", 2013

Versailles School #92, circa 1912
One-room school southeast of Eureka, Olio Twp.

Left to right:
Front row: Hanna Holliger, Martha Bradle, Ralph Ulrick

Second row: Emma Holliger, Elizabeth Bradle, Onida Lewellyn, Oleta Moreland, Melvin Hallam.

Third row: Phoebe Roth, Clarence Wertz, Loren Ulrick, Bill Lucas, John Roth.

Fourth row: Mrs. E. J. Reynolds, Ben Roth, Elizabeth Thrailkill, Ella Roth, Fannie Bradle, Elizabeth Holliger.
(There's an extra unaccounted boy in there somewhere)

(source: WCHS, "The Archive", Winter 2006-7, Vol 3, #1)

1930 Cruger School, #90

Back row, L to R: Miss Amy Mickens, teacher, Helen Wuethrich, Samuel Blunier, Vernon Blunier, Aldean Bienaman,
Robert Moreland, Howard Wuethrich, Ronald Moreland.
Middle Row: John Gabein, John Wuethrich, Margaret Reinholtz, Davis Moreland, Ruth Blunier, Edith Wuethrich, Genevieve Blunier, Marguerite Schumacher.
Front Row: Lloyd Armstrong, Raymond Armstrong, Edward Moreland, Edith Armstrong, Velma Beinaman, Norma Reinholtz, Pearl Beinaman, Homer Blunier, Benjamin Blunier, William Schumacher.
Note: This is how the names were listed on the back of the photo. Some of them may not be correct. Source: Woodford County History Society, "Archive", Fall 2014.

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