Misc. News from the Past

Woodford (Historical), Woodford county, Illinois

The Journal (Minonk) - Saturday, February 11, 1882

  • Jas. Gibbons, Sr., is building a fine dwelling house.
  • M. Heath was seen on his regular beat last Sunday evening at the usual hour.
  • Thos. Parnum, Jee Bixby and Wallace Brother's loaded 4 car loads of personal effects and are bound for the far west.
  • The big scholar and the school marm are having a pleasant timers this winter.
  • Chas. Trunk has bought an 80 acre farm near Chattsworth, Ill.
  • We very much regret the loss of some of our good old citizens, as Joseph Bixby and Uncle Tom Parnaham, who started for Nebraska last Thursday.