1929 Honor Roll
Woodford County, Illinois Genealogy Trails
This 1929 Roll of Honor contains the locations of the burial places of Woodford County Soldiers.

You can request up to two entries per request from the Illinois Archives. They will send an uncertified and unofficial copy of the veteran's entry in the Roll of Honor. For each veteran the entries variously include name; war of service; rank; unit and company or naval vessel of veteran's service; date of death; names of county, city or township, and cemetery where veteran is buried; and location of burial in cemetery. Send your request to:

Illinois State Archives
Reference Unit
Margaret Cross Norton Building
Capitol Complex
Springfield, Illinois 62756
217-524-3930 (fax)

A - D

E - J

K - M

N - R

S - Z

Name War Company Unit Volume Page CemeteryAddtional Notes
Ackerman, WilliamCWK,B17 IL INF2709Kappa
Adams, Charles FCWI59 IL INF2719Washburn
Adams, J WCWI51 IL INF2710Methodist E
Adams, JohnCWI59 IL INF2719Washburn
Ahrens, GammonCW85 IL INF2716Spring Bay
Ahrens, JosephCW85 IL INF2716Spring Bay
Akers, CyrusCWC65 IL INF2709Low Point
Allen, William SCWA117 IL INF2713Olio
Allin, W S2717Unknown
Allison, James ACWA86 IL INF2713Olio
Andrews, CourtlandCWF18 IN INF2706Baptist
Aniker, JacobCWB11 IL INF2706Baptist
Anthony, John MCWD47 PA INF2713Olio
Arrowsmith, JohnCWF77 IL INF2706Baptist
Arrowsmith, WilliamCWF77 IL INF2709Low Point
Austman, D2710Minonk
Bachelder, ReubenCWK26 IL INF2711Morse Town
Bachelder, RubenCWK26 IL INF2712Oakwood
Bahlander, FredCW77 IL INF2712Oakwood
Baker, J H2717Unknown
Baker, JacobCWE108 IL INF2706Centennial
Baker, Jacob2709Hickory Point
Baker, John2710Minonk
Baldwin, J WCWC151 IL INF2710Minonk
Baldwin, James TCWE9 US INF, 133 PA INF2707Evergreen
Ball, Samuel ECWB23 IN INF2709Low Point
Bamman, John HenryWW 1CASUAL DET GUARD2710Lutheran
Band, WilliamCWE108 IL INF2712Oakwood
Barfoot, EdwCW2707Evergreen
Barnes, HenryCW108 IL INF2712Oakwood
Barnes, Henry CCWD108 IL INF2712Oakwood
Barnes, John WCWB108 IL INF2706Baptist
Barnes, LemuelCWE108 IL INF2712Oakwood
Barnes, SemmuelCWB108 IL INF2712Oakwood
Barney, Claude HCWE1 MA INF2713Olio
Bassett, Frazier MCWG17 IL INF2712Oakwood
Baumann, Henry JWW 1161 DEPOT BRIG2710Lutheran
Beach, Robert BCWF7 IL INF2719Washburn
Beal, William LCWB47 IL INF2710Minonk
Bell, Benjamin ACWK26 IL INF2713Olio
Bennett, William H HCWA35 IL INF, 12 IL INF2707Eureka
Bennett, William H HCWA35 IA INF, 12 IA INF2713Olio
Benson PhilipCWC33 IL INF2707East White Oak
Berg, JohnCWG82 IL INF2707Evergreen
Birkner, Anton FrankWW 1D341 INF2717Unknown
Blackmon, Charles ACWB11 IL INF2711Mt Vernon
Blair, L V2717Unknown
Blake, JabeyCWF7 IL INF2719Washburn
Blanchard, RobertCW77 IL INF2716Spring Bay
Blanchard, ThomasCWG108 IL INF2715Sand Ridge
Blanchard, ThomasCW77 IL INF2716Spring Bay
Blanchard, William1812BROWN'S COMMAND2715Sand Ridge
Blumenshine, Chester AWW 1E351 INF 88 DIV2707Evergreen
Bockler, Randolph FWW 12715St Mary's
Bocock, William NCWH77 IL INF2706Baptist
Bosworth, Francis WCW2707Evergreen
Bradburn, BinghamCWH23 KY INF2709Low Point
Brandon, Augustus2716Spring Bay
Brandt, Fred2710Minonk
Brannitzky, RudolphCW2715St Joseph's
Brant, HenryCWK11 OH CAV2713Olio
Briggs, F FCWE108 IL INF2712Oakwood
Britain, Van HiseCWAIN INF2706Baptist
Britt, Thomas2715Sand Ridge
Broch, Adly2710Minonk
Brown, J G2717Unknown
Brown, John GCWK40 NJ INF2713Olio
Brown, John TCWA86 IL INF2716Secor
Brown, WarrenCWG4 IL CAV2707East White Oak
Brubaker, AaronCWE108 IL INF2714Roanoke
Brubaker, H HCWH47 IL INF2714Roanoke
Brubaker, Peter2717Unknown
Bryan, JohnCWK88 IL INF2707Evergreen
Buck, RayWW 1C123 MG BN2716Secor
Buckingham, EnochCWC77 IL INF2711Mt Vernon
Buckingham, JohnCWC77 IL INF2711Mt Vernon
Buckingham, MorganBLKHWKCPT BURN'S CO2706Buckingham
Buckley, R F2710Minonk
Buehr, BernardCW2715St Joseph's
Bullman, Elija DodsonCWI152 IL INF2719Washburn
Bullock, Winfield2707Eureka
Bumeter, Edward CWW 1L129 INF 33 DIV2712Oakwood
Burger, George BCWF88 IL INF2707Evergreen
Burgoyne, GeorgeMEXICAN2713Olio
Burns, JamesCWCOGSWELL'S IL BATT2706Catholic
Burns, RobertCWF33 IL INF2710Minonk
Burson, Joseph CCWC77 IL INF2706Baptist
Burt, Abraham2716Spring Bay
Burt, Willis2716Spring Bay
Cable, Paul HaroldWW 1HQ124 FA 33 DIV2707Evergreen
Calender, DavidCW2707Evergreen
Calkins, Lyman SCWK77 IL INF2707Evergreen
Campbell, James MCWH128 OH INF2713Olio
Campbell, ThomasCWF27 IL INF2719Washburn
Cannon, JamesCWM1 PA CAV2707Evergreen
Carrithers, W GCWH83 IL INF2706Baptist
Carver, DavidCWA150 IL INF2707Evergreen
Carver, JohnCWG4 IL CAV2707Evergreen
Cash, SamuelCWH44 IL INF2707Evergreen
Cash, Samuel HCWH44 IL INF2711Mt Vernon
Causey, James H2714Roanoke
Causey, Joseph M2714Roanoke
Causey, Thomas ACWE138 IL INF2712Oakwood
Cavan, Norman HMEXICAN2707Evergreen
Chamberlain, J H2717Unknown
Charles, Thomas WCWF33 IL INF2706Baptist
Childress, Thaddeus2714Roanoke
Childs, Edwin ACWA86 IL INF2707Evergreen
Chittock, RobertCW86 IL INF2713Olio
Clark, Henry I1812IN CAV2713Olio
Clark, Ira2713Olio
Cleaver, WilliamCWI59 IL INF2719Washburn
Clegg, JosephCWH77 IL INF2710Minonk
Clevy, Henry Thomas2707Eureka
Close, AbrahamI45 US INF2713Olio
Cloud, WilliamCWK8 IL INF2707Evergreen
Clure, John2710Minonk
Coker, JohnCWI47 IL INF2709Low Point
Constantine, CharlesCWA2 NY CAV2719Washburn
Copp, Jacob BCWK108 IL INF2713Olio
Cox, John M2714Panther Creek
Cox, RobertWW 1C3 FA2716Secor
Crawford, JamesCWC5 IL CAV2707Evergreen
Cripps, JamesCWD8 IL INF2713Olio
Crosby, H N2717Unknown
Crosman, A N2717Unknown
Crowder, William HCWI59 IL INF2719Washburn
Cushing, G WCWC133 IL INF2710Minonk
Cutler, ClarkCWE45 IL INF2706Baptist
Dague, Robert L2715Rutland
Darst, H R2717Unknown
Davis, William HCWE47 IL INF2713Olio
Dawson, William ACW2707Evergreen
De Long, HenryCWB17 IL INF2706Baptist
De Long, William2715Sand Ridge
Dearth, TaylorWW 1B13 FA2716Secor
Debolt, JacobCWC44 IL INF2706Baptist
Delph, Charles DCWD17 IL INF, 139 IL INF2712Oakwood
Demott, T H2717Unknown
Denning, B VCWG4 IL CAV2708Evergreen
Dickinison, Charles RCWG17 IL INF2713Olio
Dickinson, E WCWC139 IL INF2713Olio
Dickinson, Roger BCWG17 IL INF2713Olio
Diecker, John GCWH10 MD CAV2713Olio
Diker, J G2717Unknown
Dixon, Manuel2706Centennial
Dorsey, William HCW114 PA INF2708Evergreen
Doyle, LawrenceMEXICAN2715St Mary's
Dunham, C ECWH77 IL INF2710Minonk
Dunn, David DCWE132 IL INF2708Evergreen
Dutton, HoraceCW108 IL INF2712Oakwood
Dutton, HowardCWE108 IL INF2712Oakwood
Dyar, Eber C ECWA59 IN INF2711Mt Vernon

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